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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

She's falling in love with him. But she can never find out who he really is. MOON DARK by Patricia Barletta #only99cents #amreading #romance

Moon-Dark-453-x-680The man she's falling for is also the mysterious man who saved her life. Lush. Captivating. Dark. Historical romance.
 MOON DARK by Patricia Barletta
Book 1 Auriano Curse Series
Lady Sabrina Dunfield is desperate. Widowed and destitute, she must rely on the dubious benevolence of her secretive uncle, an art collector living in Venice. Determined to make her way and provide for her young son, Sabrina is forced to take on clandestine and dangerous errands for her tyrannical relative. But when a mysterious shadow man saves her from an assassin’s blade, she knows she must do everything in her power to keep her son safe.
Alessandro D’Este, Prince of Auriano, is cursed. Doomed to live a life half in shadow, he is determined to free himself and his family from the evil that stalks them. When Alessandro saves the English woman’s life, he is captivated by her beauty and shocked at her ability to touch him in his shadowy form.
When Sabrina meets Alessandro in his human form, heady attraction sparks between them. She has no idea he is her shadowy savior, and she wonders what her life might be like with this charismatic man. Alessandro has never met a woman who affects him this way. Although life has taught him to trust only family, Sabrina might be the key that could deliver him from the diabolical darkness.

Monday, June 6, 2016

A second chance to make everything right. Change his life. Save his town. All he has to do is kill a few undead. #amreading #99cent

Ghosts-of-Glory-453x680-300x450All he wanted was a second chance. Now, he's got one. GHOSTS OF GLORY by Morgan Chalfant. Get it for only .99 cents! This week only at Lachesis Publishing. All formats
‪#‎amreading‬ ‪#‎urbanfantasy‬ ‪#‎paranormal‬ ‪#‎vampires‬ ‪#‎undead‬ ‪#‎fiction‬‪#‎books‬ ‪#‎99centdeal‬ ‪#‎LachesisPublishing‬
#4 and #5 Stars!!!
Jersey “The Brawler” Romero is dying. Slowly. Tediously. Not the way he thought he would go out on the savage streets of Glory, the Twilight City. But all of that is about to change when Jersey is granted his youth again by a messenger of the Twilight Goddess, the Spirit of Glory. He’s also given a mission: save Glory from the dark forces that are bent on destroying her.
Jersey’s been a fighter his whole life, whether it was on the streets where he struggled to survive, or in prison where he fought to stay alive. Glory never gave him anything without a battle, and that’s what he’s always loved about his beloved city. But nothing has prepared him for the war that’s coming. Monster-like creatures masked as humans are bent on exterminating him. Their leader is a mysterious man named Templar. He’s been amassing an underground army called The Black Crux. Templar wants to make Glory his, by laying waste to everyone who stands in his way. Possessing an almost otherworldly vision, Templar knows everything about Jersey, including an explosive secret that will blast away everything Jersey has ever believed.
But Jersey isn’t called “The Brawler” for nothing. He’s determined to fight Templar with everything he’s got. Because he’s not just fighting for his life, he’s fighting for Glory’s very soul.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

He wasn't looking for love. But love came looking for him. #WidowWoman #PatriciaMcLinn #western #amreading #romance

Widow-Woman600TODAY'S REVOLVING BOOK is the western (historical) romance WIDOW WOMAN by USA Today bestselling author PATRICIA McLINN.

Two yards into the pond, a man crouched so the water hit him just below the armpits. His face was to her, but his body was sideways, narrowing the target. His extended arm paralleled the water, along with the revolver aimed straight at her.

That didn’t concern her much, since she had a rifle aimed at him.

WIdow Woman Oct 2015
1880s Wyoming territory:
Nick Dusaq’s painful past has kept him apart from people, until the day he signs on at the widow Terhune’s Wyoming Territory ranch. But Rachel Terhune is like no widow woman the Texas cowboy has encountered before.

Rachel's every thought is devoted to her ranch and the people who work it, until the day she sees Nick Dusaq rising naked from the creek like some ancient river god. Now the passion that flames between them threatens to destroy them both.

“A richly textured Western about a strong woman, a dark tormented man, and a love as fierce and irresistible as the Wyoming wind.” -- Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author 
"Patricia McLinn makes her romance a moving confirmation of the healing power of love." -- Romantic Times

"Wow! ... From beginning to end, Ms. McLinn enchants and draws in readers through her skillful use of dialogue, description, characterizations and action, which combine to create a romance that sizzles! ... Powerful love story... Excellent!" -- Rendezvous

"McLinn gives readers a wonderful story of the life and dreams of the frontier era. Splendid! 4 ½ Bells." -- Bell, Book and Candle

"If you like books with smart, determined heroines who also have a good dash of common sense and enigmatic, loner heroes  with hearts ready to give, this book is tailor-made for you." -- The Romance Reader

USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn’s novels -- cited by reviewers for warmth, wit and vivid characterization – have won numerous regional and national awards and been on national bestseller lists.
In addition to her romance and women’s fiction books, Patricia is the author of the Caught Dead in Wyoming mystery series, which adds a touch of humor and romance to figuring out whodunit.
Patricia received BA and MSJ degrees from Northwestern University. She was a sports writer (Rockford, Ill.), assistant sports editor (Charlotte, N.C.) and -- for 20-plus years -- an editor at The Washington Post. She has spoken about writing from Melbourne, Australia to Washington, D.C., including being a guest-speaker at the Smithsonian Institution.
She is now living in Northern Kentucky, and writing full-time. Patricia loves to hear from readers through her website, Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter: @PatriciaMcLinn

Friday, May 27, 2016

She's determined. She's stubborn. She's Unconquerable Callie. #romance #western #historical #amreading

Unconquerable CallieTODAY'S REVOLVING BOOK is the historical romance UNCONQUERABLE CALLIE by DeANN SMALLWOOD.
Sometimes a lie can lead to love.

Callie Collins, a proud woman in the late 1800’s, is a liar and a darned good one, a master of the dubious art. She is also a dreamer. Her greatest hope is to reach a new life in South Pass City, Wyoming, where she can open a bakery and live an independent life. To be successful, she will need her greatest deception to date, a mythical fiancĂ© who waits at the end of the line. As a woman alone, she has to prove to Seth McCallister, the wagon master, that she has the wherewithal and the stamina to survive months of drought, dust, hardships, and even the risk of death.
Seth McCallister is mystified by the audacity and determination of Callie Collins. His initial distrust and concern for Callie, a woman traveling alone, begins first as admiration, then friendship, then love, a love that he is forced to hold at bay. What he doesn’t realize is that there is no fiancĂ©. To make matters worse, Callie develops feelings for Seth McCallister, too. Yet she feels certain that once he realizes her deception, he’ll turn away, ashamed of his love and trust in her.

Extremely well written. I found myself in the west, riding along on the wagon train with Callie struggling right along with her. Experiencing her every emotion, forging friendships,and falling in love I recommend this book to anyone with an adventurous spirit.
UNCONQUERABLE CALLIE is an enjoyable and entertaining love story. DeAnn Smallwood exhibits her talent for words with her tale of love, hardship, relationships, and determination. She does an excellent job of crafting a romance with the historical backdrop of a wagon train. Her depiction of the adventurous spirit of settlers, as well as the dangers and hardships they endured on their journey for a better life, was fascinating and excellent.
The heroine, Callie, a courageous woman determined to forge a life for herself, embarks on a treacherous excursion through Indian country, despite the obstacles or the dangers she must face. Along the way, her courage and giving nature wins the hearts of her fellow travelers, including the wagon master.
UNCONQUERABLE CALLIE is a sweet romance that will draw you in from the beginning to the end. It is resplendent with history, well-drawn characters, and vivid descriptions. The plot flows unfettered and solid with an engaging story line. This novel is for anyone who loves romance and history without sexual complications. A must read.

DeAnn Smallwood lives in Colorado with her husband, Marvin and two Yorkies, Eli and Stormy. She is a native of Colorado, but has lived in Montana and Wyoming. Historical romances are one of her favorite genres to write. Recently, she branched out into the suspense/thriller genre and wrote the first novel in her death series: Death Crosses The Finish line. This is written under her pen name of D. M. Woods. Her second book in this series: Death Is A Habit has just been completed. You can find her contemporary romance: Tears In The Wind, and two additional historical romances, Sapphire Blue and Montana Star at and SoulMate Publishing. Another historical romance: Wyoming Heather will be out in May. Her greatest pleasure next to writing is having her books read and enjoyed. Many more stories are just waiting to be written and shared.