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Sometimes love will take you by surprise. CALLIOPE CREEK by DeAnn Smallwood #amreading #cowboyromance #western

TODAY'S REVOLVING BOOK IS THE NEW RELEASE  - CALLIOPE CREEK by DeAnn Smallwood. GET IT ON AMAZON Trent is a loner, a man of few words. All he wants or needs in his life is his ranch: Calliope Ranch. That is, until Riley stumbles into his life. Riley, who owns Calliope Falls. Riley, a city slicker who’s been left the Circle S by a father she thought dead. Riley, who needs a lesson to even make coffee. Riley, who is unloved, controlled and ridiculed by a demanding grandfather and a selfish mother. Riley defies them by moving to Meeker, Colorado, and fighting to show she can make it on a working ranch, her ranch. Resenting her at first, Trent comes to realize there’s a void in his life and darned if Riley doesn’t fill that void. He wants her beside him, loving and living in the beautiful Colorado Mountains. Riley’s unexpected injury only strengthens Trent’s determination to give her all his love. DeANN SMALLWOOD AUTHOR BIO: I live in Colorado with my husband and…

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