by Joanna D'Angelo

Welcome to popculturedivas. We're a new entertainment blog bursting with witty and useful (of course) opinions about the "pop" in popular culture. Now, this blog may be new but we are quite "used" thank you very much! Our previous blog was called missmakeamovie but we felt the need to expand our horizons so to speak. So we moved to our swanky new digs (right here) where we can dish about what we love in an environment that befits our inner-diva-ness.

In addition to movies we write about TV, music, books, ourselves...well anything and everything popular that is. We offer a wide range of views and opinions from mainstream to alternative culture. And we publish all this wonderment 5 days a week. (That would be Mondays to Fridays - give or take).

So tune in, stop by and take a peek at our popculture musings. We'll be ever so happy that you did and really quite miffed if you didn't! After all we are divas (in the best sense of the word, mind you). Divas are distinguished and celebrated - in short women of rare, and outstanding talent. (and if you don't believe us then take it up with Wikipedia!)

Thank you and happy reading!


  1. I'm going to have to start wearing my tiara more often.

  2. Happy launch day! The new format looks great, Joanna!

  3. Yay, Team! Love the new-look blog. Thanks to Jo and Michelle for the hard work and the design!

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