Good vs Evil in a Pretty, Pretty Package

by Kathryn Smith

(This is my second time posting this. The first time everything crashed and I turned the air around me blue.)

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the CW's Supernatural (Thursday @ 9:00 pm EST). I have been since the first season when it was about little more than two estranged brothers looking for their missing father and fighting ghouls, ghosties and all manner of mythical baddies along the way. Back then we had only the barest hint that there was something bigger planned -- something that hinged on the fact that the youngest brother Sam (Jared Padalecki, left) had a visit from a demon as an infant. A visit that resulted in his mother's death. As you can see from the promotional poster here, older brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) is looking at Sammy like he's not to be trusted. To be honest, I think Dean has reason to be paranoid. The writers of the show seem to agree with me as they build slowly, if not subtly, toward a show down that my heart anticipates so strongly my ribs are bruised.

Over the first couple of seasons more of Sam's demonic connection was revealed. Finally all became clear last season when we discovered that Sam was amongst a few chosen by the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Ultimately, Sam became the Chosen One. Chosen for what? We're not quite sure. We're told that he was supposed to be the leader of a band of demons with a higher sense of morality than the others, but I'm not convinced this is true. The demon Ruby has proven herself an ally in the past, but what if it's all been a ruse to get Sam? I mean, Ruby got out of Hell again pretty easily it seems. And Sam is sleeping with her. Right there you know nothing good can come from it. This is, at its heart, a buddy show, and romantic connections only cause problems in a buddy show. Sam's not only sleeping with Ruby, but he's taking her blood as well. That's right, Sammy's jonesing for demon-juice. It feeds his power -- and he's got a lot of it. He can kill demons, and I'm pretty sure the people responsible for him having such power have plans for it.

Then, there's Dean. Dean's the oldest and my favorite of the brothers (and not just because Ackles has the loveliest mouth I've ever seen). I've always been a sucker for a slightly insecure smart ass. Anyway, up until the beginning of season 4, it's always seemed that Dean was the weaker of the brothers as far as paranormal abilities go. Even as far as intelligence, but what Dean lacks in power or smarts, he makes up for in sheer heart. As one demon put it in a recent episode, Dean is a 'righteous man.' He went to Hell in the end of season 3 and was plucked out of it by an Angel in season 4. See, there's an apocolypse coming (isn't there always?) and Dean's the only one who can stop it.

Which leads me to that sinking feeling in my stomach. Because I have a feeling that Sam is going to pull an Anakin and fall to the Dark Side, and that the ultimate battle of Good vs Evil is going to come down to brother against brother. I know this because while Sam is knocking boots with Ruby, Dean recently shared a back seat experience with an Angel. And you don't get much more obvious than that -- do you?

Right now, the balance of power is still tipped. Sam is still the more powerful of the two. The stronger, if you will. And Dean came back from Hell fractured. But I think that's all about to change. See, one thing Supernatural has always been about is the relationship between these brothers. They've sacrificed themselves for each other, especially Dean. And you know that he will destroy himself to stop his brother from being used for evil. I think he just might destroy Sam as well, if he has to. That's where Dean will find his strength again -- in doing what has to be done to protect his little brother. And I have to tell you that I absolutely cannot wait to see it. I'm dying to see these two take sides, both convinced they're doing the right thing. I cannot wait to see Sam go dark and I cannot wait to see Dean pull it together and kick his brother's butt! But most of all I'm waiting for what happens when the two of them come together again to fight for the greater good, because that's when the Winchester boys are at their best.

So, any other Supernatural fans out there? Where do you think the show is heading? And if you don't watch the show (gasp! shudder!), what are some of your favorite good vs evil pairings? Or better yet, who are your favorite duos of delicious men-folk in TV or film?


  1. Yikes! I never watched Supernatural, but now I'm thinking I might just need to rent Season 1 and give a go. Sounds delicious!

    Current favorite "guy team" is on Burn Notice. I'm a quirky gal and I adore Bruce Campbell and "Michael Westin" is one hot super-spy!


  2. I love Burn Notice! And here's a bit of Supernatural trivia for ya -- originally the guys behind Supernatural wanted Bruce Campbell to play the boys' father! Scheduling wouldn't permit it, which is just as well considering Bruce has a much bigger part on BN!

  3. Heya Kathryn welcome to popculturedivas! Love your review on Supernatural! I've watched various episodes of Supernatural but I confess I haven't been a regular watcher (mea culpa) there's just too much good stuff on TV ;) But wow! they're definitely developing a wallop of a story. Kinda has a Harry Potter thing about it too doesn't it? Bruce Campbell (LOVE LOVE LOVE!) I adored him on Xena and Hercules. And all his wonderfully delicious B-movies. I think if BC had lived in the 1930s he would have been a huge Hollywood film star.

  4. Okay, fellow Bruce Campbell fans, here's what I know. Bruce did an independent movie which is in my Netflix Que titled, My Name is Bruce.

    It was filmed in my town, and I can't wait to see it. He's a local! *gasp* And people have told me of seeing him at the local video rental place. *woot!*

    A friend of mine has a bit part in there, so I can't wait. *grin*

    So the Supernatural people wanted him too, eh? Yes, he scored with Burn Notice. What a perfect fit!!

    And I agree with you, Joanna, he's 30's material!

  5. Kathryn, I'm a huge Supernatural fan! I even used the boys as a reference in my novella Witches Anonymous (released last month). The good vs evil theme is a favorite of mine and I've been waiting for the writers of the show to finally get down to the brother face off. Ruby - the demon who seems to have a conscientious, and Dean's guardian angel - who seems to be questioning the greater good - are so beautifully juxtaposed, I loved them both. I'm glad they brought Anna back to kick butt in last week's episode. She's my kind of angel.

    I hope you post more about the series. I think you're right on target about what's going to happen this season. Gives me shivers too!

  6. Love, love, love Supernatural. I'm always glad to find a fellow fan! I'll be following your posts on the show for possible inclusion in my weekly Visions of Winchesters blog carnival.

  7. I've seen 'Supernatural' briefly but haven't watched it from start to finish. Often my husband and I will take home the boxed set of a series and devour it all at once. This sounds like one of those shows.

  8. Hey Kathryn

    Sorry this is late, but better late than never!

    I have caught a few episodes of Supernatural, but haven't really been able to become a loyal follower as it airs rather late here (around midnight) on a family-kind channel (all the monsters and ghouls and the killing, not exactly kid stuff so it airs late). By midnight I'm usually dead to the world!

    I loved the premise and the conflict though, if I get this one on DVD, I'm definitely renting.

    On the Good v/s Evil front, not really sure this fits in but I loved the play of good v/s demons in Charmed, when Cole (the delicious Julian McMahon) was the demon who however fell in love with Phoebe, the good witch.




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