Our House...

by Christine Wells

My husband and I are soon to undertake a renovation of our house. And while I wrestle with planning and ideas for what we want to do with our Queenslander, for some reason I keep recalling all the houses in popculture history.

Who could forget the Brady Bunch house, with its shared bathroom between the girls' and boys' rooms, Greg's 'bachelor pad' when he converted the den and then later, his move to the attic. I always thought that was a fun house but of course it looks amazing. And of course it had to be--Mike was an architect, after all.

Remember the gorgeous apartment in "Mad About You", where Paul (Paul Reiser) and Jamie (Helen Hunt) lived with their golden retriever? All open and airy with lots of light and honey-brown polished floors. I never could work out how they afforded it on their modest salaries, but it was a great apartment.

The witchy sisters in Charmed lived in a beautiful, historic mansion, but I suppose it comes with a downside when the book of shadows lives in your attic.

Do you remember any houses from television series with admiration, loathing or just plain nostalgia? Gilligan's Island grass huts? Maxwell Smart's gadget laden apartment? Ahh, brings back memories...


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  2. Maxwell Smart's apartment was so cool! I loved that it had a second floor and what a great staircase! But I loved the family homes - The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie - so cozy and welcoming! And the homes on the family sitcoms - "The Cosby Show" and "Family Ties" were welcoming and made us feel like we were coming home every week. As an adult of course i loved Monica and Rachel's hip (and huge) rent controlled apartment in NYC - but I adored the more realistic but no less appealing bachelor apartment where Carrie Bradshaw lived and wrote. But my most favourite TV home is Jerry Seinfeld's apartment. I had a lot of laughs in that one! ;) Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Good luck with your home renos.

  3. I did love Maxwell's apartment! But of course, who could forget the houses belonging to the Munsters and The Addams family? *grin* Talk about crazy!!

    I also loved Monica and Rachel's apartment, very cool indeed. *grin*

    It's always astounding just how spacious places can be on television. There's so many cool homes, it's hard to pick just one!

    Have fun with the renovation and remember... Breathe!!


  4. Jojo, yes, I did get the feeling Carrie's shoebox was a lot more realistic than the girls' apartment on Friends! Oh, and those lovely homely homes. I LOVED Family Ties, although when I watch it these days I can't quite get past the preachiness!

    Thanks for the good luck! I think we're going to need it!

  5. Chiron, intersting about the spaciousness of TV houses. It's quite disconcerting when you see a 'making of' show and see these three-walled sets they use, isn't it?

    Loved the Addams Family. I hope we don't end up with that kind of house, though I must admit our kids can be pretty scary sometimes.

    Thanks for reminding me to breathe--I think it will be all-out panic stations over here when the building starts!

  6. Absolutely loved the mansion in Charmed, especially the stained glass windows which were simply gorgeous!

    I get my dose of house-gazing on the soaps - who can compete with those amazing, posh and so well-decorated places in The Bold and The Beautiful?

    Also thought the apartment in Will & Grace was cool. Would've loved such a place.

    Oh, and the mansion in Dynasty? The ranches of Dallas?

    Also loved the Walsh household in Beverly Hills 90210. Rivaled only so much by the apartment complex of Melrose Place.

    Lol, trip down memory lane!

    True though to see the sets on the making-of programs completely crush the illusion!



  7. I'm with Joanna - the Ingalls' house from 'Little House on the Prairie' with Laura's and Mary's loft bed, and the sprawling farmhouse packed with a multigenerational family on 'The Waltons' are definitely my favorites. Actually, the King family home on 'Road to Avonlea', too (a Canadian series from the 90s) was a big fave. Can you tell I have a love affair with Victorian homes? But believe it or not, I always had a fascination for Mary Richards' all-in-one apartment on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show.'

  8. Oh! I forgot about Mary Richards' apartment - that's a great one too! And I loved the King family home in Avonlea ;)

  9. As I was reading the post, the first place that came to mind was Rachel and Monica's apartment. I see I'm not alone in that thought.

    One of my all-time favourite houses is Diane Keaton's beautiful huge beach house in Something's Got to Give.


  10. Oh yes, the beach house on Something's Gotta Give. That was indeed gorgeous! How could I have forgottren that one?



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