Chasing Fame

by Jacklyn Craft

I recently watched Confessions of a Teen Idol. It’s a new reality show where former male stars are trying to recapture the fame they once had. The first episode had the group standing on stage behind a curtain while wild applause sounded on the other side. Once the curtain was opened though, they faced a room with only two people – Scott Baio (Happy Days / Charles In Charge) and Jason Hervey (The Wonder Years) who are two of the Executive Producers along with being the ones that are going to guide them in their quest for recapturing their lost fame.

It seemed like a rotten thing to do. Making this group think they were facing adoring fans, only to discover that none were there, was a slap in the face. David Chokachi (Baywatch) packed up his belongings and headed off into the night. He changed his mind when a couple of the guys followed him and convinced him to come back and stick it out. Adrian Zmed (TJ Hooker / Dance Fever) seemed to have the best perspective on it. His take on the curtain trick was that it was meant to teach them how elusive fame can be. Tough lesson!

Future episodes had the former stars doing challenges such as trying to get the attention of the paparazzi. It’s kind of sad to watch as these people who once were all over the tabloids now have to struggle to get someone to take their picture.

Some of the others in the show are Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon), Bill Hufsey (Fame), Jeremy Jackson (Baywatch), Eric Nies, and Jamie Walters. I have to admit that I don’t know who some of them are.

Growing up, I had my own teen idols – David Cassidy, Donny Osmond, Leif Garrett. The list is endless. But… as much as I idolized so many of them, they’ve faded away from the TV/movie screen and off into the distance.

It does make me wonder what the purpose of the show is. It’s one thing to want the fame, but I personally don’t see the point in it. I’d rather be working successfully in my field than spending my time getting my picture taken just for the glory of it. To me that’s the true sign of success. However, having never experienced what they've gone through, that's only my opinion. I imagine it would be different to be walking in their shoes.

How about you? Who were your idols growing up? And did you like them for their looks or their talent?


  1. I do admit to a crush on David Cassidy. Not only was he a cutie-face, he sang and played guitar! *gasp!*

    Although I was a sucker for a pretty face, my obsession with music did trigger a focus on talent. Michael Jackson as a kid was adorable and amazing, despite the sad sight he is today. They were a little old for me *laughs* but I still obsessed over the Beatles. Mick Jagger too.

    Celebrity based only on fleeting fame never much appealed to me, so I'm often the one with the blank expression wondering who the heck that person was. *smile* But I do remember feeling faint at heart at the sight of a youthful Sting dressed in not much but a speck of cloth wrapped around his hips. *laughs*

    Nowadays, of course, I'm much more sophisticated and sedate, not likely to... WAIT! Is that Jon Hamm???? *pant* *drool*

    Gotta run!



  2. Fun topic Jackie! For me it was Duran Duran all the way! I ADORED Simon LeBon. Not so much actors - but musicians and singers. I find that a lot of young stars get a lot of flack andcriticism for not being "serious" talent but for every generation there are idols - some go on and become genuine artists with long careers and others just fade be future stars of reality TV ;)

  3. I'm not one for shows like Confessions of a Teen Idol - I get all my news about them through Popculturedivas. Honestly!

    As a tween (before that was a term) I was gaga over the Bay City Rollers. I'm a maniac for everything Scottish, so you can see the draw. I was head-over-heels for the lead singer, Leslie McKeown. I have some Bay City Roller compilations on CD that my cousin made for me, and I still love the sound of his voice. He wrote a very interesting autobiography about his experiences, and he still sings, though he hit a rough patch in his personal life for awhile there. Not surprising - he was a Bad Boy and still is!

  4. I've been obsessed with Alan Rickman since I was a teenager and saw him in Die Hard. Certainly not the teen idol type, but I love him still and while I find him (and come on, his voice) extremely sexy, his versatile talent does it for me.

    Can't say I'll be watching that show, sounds a bit painful actually. :)

  5. Hangs head in shame - My idols were the boys bands... Take That, Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, oh my...

    Lol. Well, the sight of pretty boys did it in a time when hormones were running rampant. But some had talent, like Ronan Keating. Never was a fan of Robbie Williams though.

    Another one who to me combined looks and talent was the golden-blond, bearded and long haired Gibbs brother from the Bee Gees (can't for the life of me recall his name!)

    But, like Chiron said, Oh My Gawd, is that John Hamm???? *wink*




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