Lesser of the Evils

Last week as I lay in bed unable to fall asleep....again....I was clicking through the 9000 channels and happened upon one of my favorite movies of all time---True Romance. I love all of his films, but that one's my favorite. For all of it's violence, it still had an underlying innocence. Quenitin Tarantino is a master at mixing those two qualities into a bitter-sweet confection. Arquette's innocent hooker and Slater's mentally ill two bit hood make a perfect match. Who cares that he thinks Elvis is talking to him and telling him what to do? By the end of the movie...you think he's really there too.

Quentin Tarantino is an incredible film maker and creates some of the most memorable characters ever seen on the big screen. They are loud, vibrant, brash and often....majorly messed up. In True Romance, as with most of his films, the characters you're rooting for are really ...well...they're bad. The "good guys" are usually just not quite as bad as the bad guys. Ok...she may be a hooker and he may have shot a pimp...but hey...they're not as bad as the drug dealers, mobsters or even the ruthless FBI agents. He still has us hoping the hooker and her mentally ill hubby win in the end.

Pulp Fiction is another one. The two lead characters are hit men. They murder people with the same casual attitude most of us would get money from the atm. Yet....we end up being sucked in to their story and feel empathy for them....we root for the bad guys yet again. Of course...I'm partial to any movie that gets John Travolta dancing.

If you're a big Tarantino fan then you may want to check out this website for tons of great info on Quentin and his movie masterpieces.


  1. Love Tarantino! He's also great at reviving careers! We'll always love him for what he did for John Travolta. :)

  2. Hey Sara

    I simply adore Tarantino! His movies and his treatment of the visuals always astound me. If I recall properly, the scene with Josh Hartnett in Sin City was shot by Tarantino, and I loved how the whole thing was dark and grey but with splashes of vivid color on the woman in the shot. Brilliant!

    Tarantino hasd also worked as a guest director on CSI, and his slightly off-kilter take on stories is totally refreshing.

    Nice post!




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