Where is the "pop" in pop culture

Where is the “pop” in pop culture? What happened to it? Where did it go???

Last night I was feeling nostalgic, so I popped in my old (and I mean old) vhs tape of “Valley Girl” starring a very young Nicolas Cage. Yes, I came of age in the crazy 80’s, and I remember them fondly. I think they were the last “fun” decade, and we are in dire need of one (listen up all you kiddies who will be teens in 2020…we need another “roaring 20’s”). The 90’s were all about grunge, depression and coffee…the “naughty oughties” were anything but. Yes, American Idol was fun, but in the George W. Bush decade, we were all too squeaky clean to really get down and wild. So, anyway, on with my rant. The 80’s were the last decade of true “pop” culture, that means there was a certain innocence about that sexy and crazy time. In a pre 9/11 world (which also put a huge damper on the naughty oughties, of course) people seemed to have a more care-free attitude about the world and each other. The 80’s were free, hot and (dare I say it) all about sex, drugs and rock & roll. Ok, so I compare the 80’s to the 60’s with glitter lip gloss, but that was the reckless and fun attitude of the times. People were not afraid to express themselves in a Madonna-esque world. There were scandals back then (real ones, too….not the pr ‘I’ve got a movie to promote’ fabricated ones…we can see right through that.) and of course, wars big and small raged or were being planned worldwide, but still there was an air of optimism and carefree fun-seeking. New technologies were rapidly emerging, and fashion trends seemed limitless and, despite the gloom and doom of “Reaganomics”, it was actually a very prosperous time in America.
Anyway, as a new decade approaches with a cautious feeling of hope and optimism, I feel that we are in dire need of a ‘fun’ decade! Come on, pop-culture, give us another Madonna or some new “hair bands”, something for us to sink our teeth into. We need some pop in our pop culture!

Until next time, have fun.
Lindy S. Hudis


  1. I haven't seen Valley Girl in ages - although I did catch Fast Times at Ridgemont High on tv the other day and waxed nostalgic as I still remembered all the great lines.

  2. If there's something that I've never really had much patience for, it's the incredibly jaded teenager. They're too young to be that jaded. Lighten up!

  3. The '80s is back in music and fashion - but with that modern jaded edge. It's hard to believe that the '80s is now a decade that we can reflect upon - heck so is the '90s - but alas the '80s stood out more for me - I did feel optimistic - I think watching music videos - which took off in the '80s made us all feel connected as well - everyone of a certain age - I mean teens - now we're all "Older and wiser" have we lost that optimism? maybe. I hope I can always look at the glass half full!

  4. People take themselves too seriously now, I think. Just look at out kids, pushed to over-achieve from preschool itself!!

    We need to loosen up, shrug the serious and just roll!

    Then again, didn't really 'know' the 80s as I was a little kid back then, but when I look back at it through pop culture, I know we're missing on a lot today. Sad, innit...?



  5. What I remember more than anything about the 80's is the beginning of MTV. How they persuaded (with much effort) Mick Jagger to be their first spokesperson, "I want my MTV."

    Band Aid and the amazing Secret Policeman's Other Ball struck a chord (so to speak) by bringing together music and causes.

    It would be great if we can reconnect with that same spirit of hope and accomplishment. And a few optimistic, fun movies like Back to the Future would be fabulous!!

    Chiron O'Keefe


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