Gotta get that GUY!

By Katherine Bing, author of Singleholic!

We’re all trying to get that guy, keep that guy, seduce that guy, even trap that guy… aren't we? And some of us are better at it than others. We in England are always a little behind North America with the films. So He's Just Not That Into You has only just been with us. Hoards of women, eager to learn when a guy isn’t worth chasing, lined up to see the film. And they weren’t disappointed: it is fun, informative, and a real laugh.

You’ll remember the film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Again, lots of light-hearted amusement, showing us girlies the worst possible mistakes to make if you want to keep your guy interested. And while none of us has likely made such enormous blunders as Kate Hudson‘s character, I know that we have probably come close…

So inspired am I by these ‘How to’ films, that I’m going to a seminar this weekend called ‘The Secrets of Attraction’. The seminar is run by Matthew Hussey, who looks so scrumptious himself, it may be worth going to the seminar just to meet him! And here are some of the things the seminar promises to teach:

‘How to stop the relationship from "going cold" and re-ignite his desire.’ ‘How to make playing "hard to get" really work for you.’ ‘How to get him to pay even MORE attention to you NOW than he did even before you slept together.’ ‘How to get any guy to commit to you - without having to manipulate him.’

So what do you think? Is it all a learnt skill? Or is it, as we all hope it is, ‘if it is meant to be’, ‘if he is the One for you’, ‘if he’s a good guy’ then all that stuff will simply happen? Matthew Hussey thinks otherwise. And I’m not sure he isn’t right.

Dating is all a bit of a game. Some of us are better at playing it than others. I guess I’m hoping this seminar may just make me an Olympic medalist! I can’t wait to find out. And then I can’t wait to try out what I’ve learnt. I met this delicious 28-year-old guy last week. He will make the perfect guinea pig. Is that bad? :)

Is love really a mystery? Seems not. Maybe it is more of a science. I’ll let you know next month whether these new found scientific tricks help me get that guy…

Katherine x


  1. Fun post! Can't wait to hear what happens with your new guy - and if your new-found scientific approach works! ;)

  2. If nothing else, watching and listening to Matthew Hussey should be fun.

  3. Joanna & Julia
    Indeed! This old dog can certainly learn some new tricks!

  4. Be careful in the game. If you are gaming, anyone you find worth keeping, not looking for the game, will duck out. Anyone playing the game is only in it for the game ( or lets be honest..the sex). Woman often don't go for the sex until thier heart is some what involved. So sex with a game player equates to heartache for you.

    It's a fine line. It comes to this. If a man is truly interested in you ( all game playing aside), no one will exist in the world but you. Every spare moment of his day ( when he isnt working) will be with you. The phone will constantly ring, he will constantly yearn to hold you, be near you, love you.

    If you are with someone more than a month and its not like this.. then its not right. Time to move on before you waste to much time on Mr. wrong, while Mr. Right is walking by.

    ( just my two cents...)

    Good Luck!!!

  5. Katherine,

    just got around to reading this, on a Sunday late evening, upon returning from a dinner where I tried out some of the techniques of "woman of mystery" I have been dying to experiment with. It was an interesting evening, with a guy/girl ratio of three to one... but your post is truly fascinating!

    Let us know how it worked out next month! Meanwhile, we'll be eagerly awaiting your post, here at the Divas' website!

    Great piece!! Best, Nina


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