My Life As A Trekkie

By Michelle Miles

Hi, my name is Michelle. And I’m a Trekkie.

I was originally going to write my post on superheroes seeing as how Wolverine (purr) is out and I’m actually working on my own collaborative superhero story with my super-agent writer-pal. But I just saw the new Star Trek film and I’m moved to write about My Life As A Trekkie.

So, without further ado…

I have a confession to make. Long before the days of ST:TNG (that’s Star Trek: The Next Generation for those of you who don’t know), I was into Star Trek. I watched the original series with humble devotion. Back then, there was no such thing as a DVR (horrors) and I set my VCR to record every episode of the old three-season show.

Was it cheesy? Yes, of course it was. We always expected at least one Red Shirt to get killed during the show. Because, as we all knew, Captain Kirk, Spock and Bones would never get a scratch. “The Trouble With Tribbles” was a natural favorite. “A Piece of the Action” another. I loved seeing Kirk & Co. in 1930s Chicago-esque clothes toting real guns.

When the ST movies came, we were disappointed in the first one and riveted with the second. Kahn, that old Space Seed, came back to haunt us! It was the first time we saw our heroes in real peril. And Spock’s self-sacrifice actually turned out to be quite logical.

After The Next Generation came on strong, the Star Trek Conventions started up. Anyone remember these? They were solely devoted to us Star Trek Fans. Yes, I admit it. I went. I toted my Star Trek Compendium and had some of the original crew members autograph it. (I still have it!) I got to meet Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, James Doohan, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart.

My friends and I played the Star Trek RPG game. I wrote fan-fiction.

Ah… those were the days.

I wasn’t much into DS9 or Voyager or Enterprise. By then, my interest in Star Trek had waned some. I was busy with my life, raising a kid, starting to write books again.

So when I started seeing previews for this year’s remake of Star Trek by Lost Gods J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, I knew my interest would spark again. It looked awesome. It looked amazing. It looked like I needed to beat a direct path to the movie theater.

Of course everyone had seen it before me but I finally managed to get to the theater this weekend to see it. It didn’t disappoint. There were a few things in the movie that bugged me as a die-hard Star Trek fan. But overall, it was probably the best sci-fi flick I’ve ever seen. It tops out anything the previous Star Trek films did.

I hear they’re making a 2 and 3. You better believe I’ll be in line at the theater to see them.

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  1. I am not a DIE HARD "Trekkie" but I loved the original show as a kid. Watched it religiously. I think this newest cast has spunk and a charisma that rivals the original! Can't wait to see more!

  2. We are going to see it this weekend and I cannot wait!!!!

  3. I saw the movie yesterday. It was fantabulous. I think I know what part of the storyline bugs the most diehard fans but I think they are making another one and making room for new characters and alien races. :-)

  4. There were Star Trek conventions long before ST:TNG came around. I attended one when I was 5 or 6...

  5. Can't wait to see the newest movie. Like you, I'm a diehard fan from way back and the Tribbles epi has always been my fav. Great blog today, Michelle!

  6. Michelle, you've rekindled my interest, now I have to go see it. Awesome blog!

  7. Hi, Michelle!

    I've been a Trekkie since I was in grade school. There were so many good episodes... Balance of Terror, where the Romulans were revealed, was one of my favorites.

    There was one summer that I went to a flea market, and someone was selling a huge bunch of Star Trek books -- the entire series written as short stories by James Blish and a bunch of the novels (remember Spock Must Die?)... My mom bought them, and I spent the entire summer doing chores around the house to earn the entire lot, one book at a time. Naturally, the chores came to a halt as soon as I got my hands on one, because I had to read the whole thing in one sitting. :D

    I love the new movie! I think the actors did a fabulous job of capturing the personalities of the bridge crew and the chemistry of their relationships from the original show.

    And Karl Urban is SO YUMMY as Dr. McCoy!


  8. Hi Michelle!

    I'm such a huge Star Trek fan!! I've watched all the old epis, I fell in love with the cool rakishness of Captain James T. Kirk and the cold calculations of Mr. Spock. And Chekov had the sweetest weird accent.

    I've watched/own all the movies. I even taught my kids to be Trekkies. I loved DS9 and TNG, Captain Janeway and the Maquis rebels in Voyager. (I've even watched the Enterprise prequel, but I didn't find as enjoyable as some of the other series.)

    I can't wait to see the new movie, I'm hoping to go this weekend.

    Thanks for the great post!

    Dottie :)

  9. Hey Michelle!
    Wow, talk about the memories----do you know that when I first started watching Star Trek there was no such thing as a VCR! I'm waiting for the hubby to get a night off so we can go see the new one :)

  10. I did enjoy Star Trek, but didn't become 'die hard'' until ST:TNG. *grin*

    Although, I do remember The Trouble with Tribbles. It stuck in my mind because of the similarity from a great Heinlein story, The Rolling Stones.

    Great post! And now I can't wait to see the movie!


  11. Hey all! Thanks for stopping in today. I love reading all the comments; they bring back a lot of nostalgia for me. haha

    I love the ST films, shows, etc. They're great fun. I can only hope I can instll the love of ST in my son. I'm going to see the movie again this time with him. I think he'll dig it.

  12. I watched the original Star Trek, and enjoyed it, but was never a Trekkie. Which doesn't mean I won't see the new movie. It's just not a major pull for me.

    I AM glad to hear good things about the movie!

    Nancy Haddock

  13. Great article, Michelle. I can't wait to see the movie. Sometimes when I see one of his commercials or reruns of "Boston Legal" I can't believe that's Captain Kirk. LOL My favorite ST was the movie where they captured a whale. Of course, in San Francisco, no one noticed Spock.

  14. Saw the new Star Trek Movie!!! it explains a lot and I love the twists and turns in the plot.... I love the evil dudes!!!... I am a die hard Star Trek fan and this did not disappoint...

  15. My sister and I used to write ST: TOS fanfic back when it was in its first episodes (I was 7-before I knew what fanfic was.)

    I went to the movie last night - loved that there are laugh-out-loud moments. But there were times that I thought "that's straight out of Galaxy Quest/StarWars/whatever" Still I wouldn't have missed it. They even managed to kill a red-shirt, LOL.

  16. Love the new Star Trek movie - I think the cast is wonderful and I'm sure we'll get to know them better - in the next film - as this one focused more on Jim and Spock. Not only is it a great sci-fi action flick but it also has that wonderful combo of humour and poignancy - that made the shows so enjoyable to watch.

  17. I, too, confess that I am and always have been a Trekkie. Or Trekker. Or geek.

    I loved the original series and the Next Generation. Deep Space Nine was pretty good, but then I had my son and lost track of the show. Well, and pretty much everything else that didn't involve purple dinosaurs and blue dogs!

    I went into the new ST movie skeptical, but came out an enthusiastic convert. The cast is great and I am crushing on Mr. Spock all over again. Looking forward to those sequels too.

  18. Lynn, that's what happened to me too! I lost track of the show(s) after I got married and had a baby (and then got divorced). It was too hard to keep up with it after that but I do still love ST:TNG and ST:TOC. I haven't gotten around to getting them on DVD but they're on my wish list for sure!

  19. Hahaha. Before DVDs? I watched them before VCRs! When they first ran on TV. And I had to watch them at my in-laws because they had a color TV and I didn't.

    Loved the Tribbles episode. Don't know why I've never gone back and watched them again. Long overdue.

    Will also look forward to the movie when it gets to Netflix. That way I won't have to pick the chewing gum off the bottom of my shoes or sit in someone else's stale popcorn.


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