“Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues…”


I know we are supposed to be talking about pop culture here, but I just had to bring this up. I get excited about these things!

Yay, it's summer again! I am so excited, because it is my favorite season of all! Sunshine, swimming, cookouts, the smell of suntan oil (well, for me and my 40 year old skin, sunblock. My suntan days are long over!) and the lazy dog days of just hanging around….sort of. Why do I love summer so much? I guess it is in my blood! I love the heat of the sun, being born in Florida and now living in California. The sun is like a magical God to me, being the sun worshipper that I am. I believe that is has special powers and can literally suck you in….well I think so.

I also believe that summer is the sexiest of all the seasons. All you "Eastcoasters" out there can argue that wintertime and a romantic fire blazing in the fireplace in hot, and you are right! However, there is nothing more sensual that a couple of hotties on the beach. Were we live, the pool is constantly surrounded by beautiful people….and they say California is one of the worst places for single people. Well, as a happily married woman with two beautiful children, I have to say that may eyes may have wondered to the left or the right when a tanned and buff Adonis is stretching lazily on a plastic chair next to the bubbling Jacuzzi. Well, just because you can’t order doesn’t mean you can’t read the menu, but I digress.

I happen to find Summer the most magical of all the seasons. My 6 year old daughter started summer school yesterday, and she loves it! No sleeping in for this family this summer. However, when you have small children sleeping in means waking up at 6:30 instead of 6:30.

Why is summer the most captivating of seasons? Because it is just that – captivating! The sun is at its brightest, the sky its most bluest and the air is warm and wonderful. Ask any kid what he thinks of summer vacation, you will get your answer! As for me, I don’t get the same vacation as the kids do, although I have the fond memories of summer vacations with my family. The unmistakable scent of the salty sea ocean and the smell of suntan oil, oh that brings back memories to me. I guess that is why I chose to hang my hat in Southern California – it is like summer everyday here. Oh, there are a few rainy days here in the winter time, but nobody takes them seriously. I know I don’t!

So, my friends, since summer officially starts on June 21st, which is also Father’s Day (I light a candle for my dear daddy, who made his transition to the afterlife on my 36th birthday) I wish you all a happy and wonderful season! Now, break out your bathing suits, fire up that grill and have the time of your life! That is what summer is for!

Until next time:

Lindy S. Hudis


  1. Happy Summer, Lindy!

    It really is a lovely time of year. Though in Oregon there aren't quite as many pools around. *grin*

    I just mentioned to hubby that it's time to break out the grill. Yum-yum!


  2. Well, so far we've had more rainy days than sunny ones in my neck of the woods - but anything is better than 5 feet of snow -40 brrr!

  3. It's quite cold here today (east coast, Canada.) You'd never know it was June...


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