Do You Glom?

by Christine Wells

When I was young and we'd get chocolate eggs at Easter, my brother would devour all of his in short order. I, on the other hand, having the appetite of a sparrow (oh, for those long, lost days!) would eat one small egg a day and when all of those were gone, I'd move on to my large hollow rabbit and eat it, one bunny body part at a time. It drove my brother nuts and of course, looking back I can see what an utterly irritating child I must have been.

I tend to be totally the opposite when it comes to entertainment. If I discover an author I love I want to read everything she has ever written and I want to read it NOW!

It's the same with television series. In Australia, we get the BBC series Spooks/MI-5 a lot later than our British cousins, so we usually buy the DVD series of a season before it airs on television here. I was on deadline and my husband walked in with 8 episodes of Richard Armitage under his arm. No, I said, they will be my reward for when I finish this book.

I held out for a day. And then I watched all 8 episodes back-to-back. Or as close together as you can when you have a young family and a book to write. Hey, I was writing about spies, albeit in the Regency era. It was research!

Then there was Anne Stuart, who is one of the best romance writers around but for some reason until my friend Anna Campbell introduced her books to me a couple of years ago, I hadn't read them before. Anna lent me Anne Stuart's backlist and said "Do NOT read all these in one go." I meant to savor them, really, I did! But... you can guess what happened.

So, do you savor, eke out every last drop of anticipation of the next book from a particular author, or do you glom? Is there nothing better than discovering that a great, new-to-you author has a large backlist you can devour in a few sittings? Or are you the sort of person who can tease out the pleasure, read slowly and savor? Who was the last author you glommed?


  1. Great post, Christine. I admit, I'm a glommer. When I find a great new author, I want to read everything s/he's written right away. I tend to buy a couple at once, and have been disappointed that way. If I could absorb new books through osmosis, I'd sleep with them under my pillow!
    Now I'll have to check out Anne Stuart...

  2. Thanks, Cate! Yes, I'm the same. Any recommendations? You must try Anne Stuart. I especially love her historicals and I can't wait for her next one to come out.

  3. I'm actually pretty new to romance. My gotta haves include Michael Chabon, TC Boyle, Margaret Atwood, and lately I've been trying to glom onto as much Neil Gaiman as I can. My TBR list is always longer than I can manage!

  4. Oh, I love Margaret Atwood. Must try those others you mentioned, too.

  5. Writers I have glommed include: Robertson Davies, John Irving, Anne Tyler, Anne Rice, J.R. Ward. In the process of a bit of a Laura Kinsale binge after years of resistance. I am converted.

    LOVED Margaret Atwood's Oryx & Crake and Alias Grace, but some of her books leave me cold. Not that I dislike them, more like m'eh.

  6. Oh, gosh, I'm a glommer! New to romance, I came across Jenny Crusie and read absolutely everything I could get my hands on of hers -- backlist included -- at the exclusion of everything else. Then I glommed on to Susan Eliz Phillips and did the same. Then I read the entire Suzanne Brockmann "Troubleshooter" series in one summer. ... Ayeee. ... I act like the books aren't going to be there if I wait awhile! Now I'm reading with a little more variety, but I'm thinking of starting a Laura Kinsdale glom because I really loved the first two I found. (See ya' next fall. ...) : )

  7. LOL!

    'My husband walked in with 8 episodes of Richard Armitage under his arm. No, I said, they will be my reward for when I finish this book.

    I held out for a day.' - LOL!!

    Your husband, too? Don't they have incredible patience as we devour Richard? My husband realizes it's research for me, too...ahem...

  8. OH my! do I ever GLOM! When it comes to movies, TV, books Richard Armitage - yup - when i saw him in the North/South BBC miniseries (sigh!) I just had to have more more more! So I was thrilled to see him in Robin Hood (he was baaaaad!) Then on Spooks (LOVE HIM IN THAT!) Can't wait to see more of him in anything. He absolutely MUST break through into movies. As for books - Oh yeah! Julie Garwood, Eloisa James, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Loretta Chase....great post! same goes for chocolate. what are we to do!

  9. So sorry not to get back. Handed my latest book in this morning!

    Maureen, Laura Kinsale is one of the most glomworthy authors around!

    Oh, and I LOVED Atwood's The Blind Assassin. Have you read that one?

  10. Laurie, I'm with you on Jenny Crusie, SEP and Kinsale! I'm yet to glom Suz Brockmann's series but that is next on my agenda. I've heard so many great things about those books.

  11. Julia, LOL, I don't think my husband is aware of my RA obsession. I don't know, I feel it's disrespectful to sit there drooling in front of my beloved, so I watched this series by myself!

    Hm, that sounds a bit off, but you know what I mean...

  12. Hi Jojo! Yes I wish I didn't glom chocolate quite so much!

    But Richard Armitage is a wonderfully talented actor and of course he has those amazing looks. I hope Hollywood snaps him up, but if they do, I hope he chooses his projects wisely. I'd hate to see him wasted in some brainless action movie or something like that.

  13. I go back and forth. Sometimes I glom, and sometimes I savor. For me some books make my day so much brighter, that I'll save it for Just The Right Time. *laughs* Strange but true.

    Great post!!


  14. Christine - what does it say that I literally gaze at pictures of Richard Armitage right in front of my husband. My desk is in front of the couch and he can see anything I'm doing on the computer monitor. As I say, he's very tolerant - because he knows I'm using RA as the model for one of my characters. Can never get enough research, I always say.

  15. Anna C. is like the devil, tempting us to read more, and still more. . .

    She got me going to Anne Stuart, too, and I already like Anne's books. I had only read her contemporaries, though. Thanks to Anna C., I'm now working my way through Anne's historicals -- and she's been writing those since, what? 1974? That's a lot of books!

    I'm a constant glommer. I find an author I like, I read everything they wrote. Eventually. Right now, I'm paying the price for discovering the whole historical romance genre. No matter how fast I read, my TBR pile never goes down.


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