R.I.P. Shows That Left Us Too Soon

by Chiron O'Keefe

After hearing of the cancellation of yet another of my favorite shows, The Unusuals , it seemed fitting to share a brief yet poignant glimpse at some of the shows that have fallen victim to the axe. Our relationship had barely begun when you were snatched from me by the cruelest of fates! A sad farewell to recent shows and to those past loves of which the memory of their parting still stings.

RIP 2009:

Life On Mars. This was the first of the heart-breaking cancellations. We loved Detective Sam Tyler who brought a special sexiness to his portrayal of the time-travelling cop who wakes up in 1973 after getting hit by a car. The powers-that-be didn't agree and our flashback to the 70's screeched to a halt.

Life on NBC. A sexy Zen cop coupled with a tough-talking no-nonsense partner with issues of her own. A good crime drama is always welcome and like the aforementioned The Unusuals, this show had good action, intriguing plot lines and characters both quirky and real. Obviously doomed for failure! *shakes fist*

Dirty Sexy Money was another casualty of the epidemic. Okay, fine. It was a trashy, sleazy, no-brainer night-time soap. And your point is? *grin* The Darlings escapades were glitzy entertaining fun, the Dynasty for a new age, and we'll sorely miss the excess.

Eli Stone suffered from more than a brain aneurism when television execs pulled the plug. Granted the premise—a lawyer with a medical time bomb in his skull endures visions that turn him into a modern-day prophet-was a little out there. Still, the episodes intrigued and entertained, doesn't that count for something?

Shows like the compelling and provocative Dollhouse, charming and sweet Cupid, and the lighthearted froth of Samantha Who? also bit the dust. Dang it! Why can't I be one of The Television Deciders? Argh!

Of course, such tragic endings are all too common. Some past loves that still haunt me are Journeyman, New Amsterdam, the incomparable 'Shakespeare in the old west' Deadwood (where's the four hour follow-up movie you promised us HBO???) and one of my absolute favorites, the always entertaining Moonlight

CBS really dropped the bomb on that as the next year HBO debuted their own vampire series True Blood, and of course, the phenomenal success of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight pretty much guaranteed a built-in audience for the hunky Mick St. John if CBS only had the wit to retain this sweeping vamp-drama. *sigh*

Check out the one minute interview with the sexy vampire, Mick St. John!

Thank the goddess summer's treats are already beginning. Tomorrow is the premiere of one of my favorite indulgences, Burn Notice. This already-a-classic spy drama is top-notch, as cool as a frosty martini on a hot summer night.

So tell me, are there any particular cancellations, past or present, that make your blood boil? Any special shows you're glad made the cut? Share your growls or your gratitude!

As always… Smiles to you all!
Chiron O'Keefe
Sidekicks, October 2009, Eirelander Publishing
The Write Soul: www.chironokeefe.blogspot.com

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As a toddler, Chiron O’Keefe knew exactly who she wanted to be—Casper the Friendly Ghost. Finding out such an option wasn't available to the living, she focused instead on creating a life filled with giggles and all things otherworldly. Her books reflect her passion for both the light and the dark. Whimsical stories with a touch of romance and shadowy tales that explore the hidden realms of the psyche. Her inspiration springs from a diverse background as a professional astrologer, singer-songwriter and comedy improvisational performer. Avoiding the glare of the spotlight, she now dances on an inner stage, where dreams come to life. In addition to her novels, Chiron also pens motivational essays for writers, posted weekly on her blog, The Write Soul. www.chironokeefe.blogspot.com When asked about her unusual name, she responded, “The name stems from Greek mythology, and very few people pronounce it correctly the first time. Phonetically, it’s Ky-ron. Don’t worry if you stumble, even my “Chiro-practor” gets it wrong!”

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  1. Great post, Chiron.

    I'd have to agree with Moonlight. I loved that show. It was so great to see vampires in prime time. Especially after Mick admitted he loved Beth. I could have cried.

    Liena Ferror

  2. I'm really bummed about My Name is Earl and Chuck, actually. Sigh. Oh well. One more season of Lost and then thats over. One more season the Tudors. What will I watch?

  3. Hi Liena!

    We still mourn Moonlight in this house. And yes!! Just when he admitted his love. How cruel is that! Argh. Grrrr....

    Sad smiles,

  4. Hi Rebecca!

    So sad about My Name is Earl. Especially since it had such a big following! We're HUGE fans of Chuck so I can tell you the Good News. Chuck did get picked up after all! They're turning it into a mid-season show (rather annoying) so it won't appear until March of next year. But still, late Chuck is better than no Chuck!

    Last season for Tudors too. Yup. *sigh* I so relate...

    Thanks for sounding off!!

    Sympathetic smiles,

  5. Actually, Dollhouse has been picked up again for another season.

    One of the cancellations from this season that really bummed me out was Pushing Daisies. That was such a great show--the network is finally airing the final 2 shows (here they're aired 1 last week and will air the series finale this week, but I think most places will air it next week) on Saturday night. I was watching it last week and it reminded me just how funny and charming that show is, though it does go off the deep end once in awhile.

  6. Moonlight...Oh, my heart still aches over that loss. In fact, I've been watching re-runs on the SciFi channel. :) Another that hurts is FireFly. At least now we have Nathan Fillion in Castle.

    And, I am counting the hours until Burn Notice tomorrow...Yum!


  7. I'm not much a TV watcher...so I really didn't see any of these! But I so enjoyed the post and the vampire interview!

    Great job, Chiron!

  8. At the risk of having rotten tomatoes thrown at me, I thought Moonlight had potential, but relied on a lot of vampire cliches, which in this day and age can be sure death. There are lots of fresh vamp stories out there, like Twilight and True Blood, and audiences expect that kind of unique take on the tried and true.

    I'm a serious Burn Notice fan, Chiron, and felt great relief when it was renewed.

    Two shows I enjoyed that were cancelled are The Unit and The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Again, both had decent actors and some interesting plot lines, but fell short of being truly great. I watched them anyway, because there wasn't anything better on, so now I'm really up a creek as they say. LOL.

    Enjoyed your post, Chiron!

  9. Chiron,you are so right!
    You just listed many of my favorite shows--some I didn't know were cancelled, sigh....

  10. Joanna D'Angelo said...

    Great post Chiron! I do think that some shows work better with a shorter lifespan. "Life on Mars" originated in the UK and I think it lasted 2 seasons then it spun off into another series "Ashes to Ashes". I think that if a show with a "different" premise - like an Eli Stone or a Journeyman has an end date - and the creators have a real handle on where the shows begin and end then I think the networks and the viewers would buy in more easily and stick with it. I'm hooked on Harper's Island. I know it's going to end after 13 eps so I'm along for the ride on this blood-fest killing spree of a show. And it's a fun blood-fest killing spree! Shows like Heroes and Lost make me nuts because they're all over the map. As a viewer I am so frustrated with shows like that and I don't even watch Lost. But I did watch Heroes and it made me daft after 2 seasons. I had to let it go. Procedural dramas like CSI and Law and Order are the only ones that can last and last. I did love Eli Stone - I thought it was a clever show that really grappled with modern day morals. And it was a musical!

  11. Hello Heidenkind!

    That's great to know about Dollhouse! They kept going back and forth and it truly is a cool show. I hear you about Pushing Up Daisies. A unique show with a lot of devoted fans.

    And I hear they're going to run out the remaining episodes of some of the cancelled shows, which is a good thing!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  12. Hey Ree!

    Yes, we loved Moonlight. Very much the graphic novel, and I couldn't resist Mick!

    Ooooh, Castle is fantastic! Love, love, LOVE Nathan the bad boy novelist. Yum-yum!!

    So glad to see you here!


  13. Tessy, thanks so much! You're so sweet. The interview really was a hoot, wasn't it? *grin*


  14. Hello there Misty!

    *gathers rotten tomatoes* *grin*

    Just kidding! I realize with Moonlight, not everyone would get into the same vein of humor. *wink* Although we thought the characters were good and the show improved with each episode. It would have been great to see where it might go.

    Sorry to hear you lost two of your faves too! Sarah Connor was beloved by many people. *sigh*

    Ah, well, Burn Notice tomorrow night and maybe the new show following will be good too! *fingers crossed*

    Thanks so much for jumping in, my dear!


  15. Hey Joanna!

    You make a good point with a start and end date with concept shows. Though Quantum Leap lasted quite awhile (at least I think, it's been so long now!). The days of allowing a show to grow has passed, I do believe. There's too much revenue at stake. Dang it.

    The procedural shows can go on and on, though it always just depends it seems. The Mentalist got picked up, Life did not. Seems to me with DVR's now being such a part of our daily lives, the TV Execs might realize that many shows are no longer being watched live.

    Perhaps 'product placement' will replace commericals as the primary indicator of success. Then it will be a whole different show! (pun intended. *grin*)

    Thanks for throwing in some great points!


  16. Oh great, Chuck is coming back!!

    I was really sad to see Journeyman go. It was a good show, but like someone once told me, the guy is committed to his wife and wants to make it work with her. How long can they hope to make that last without turning him into an arse?

    Dirty Sexy Money, yeah, exactly, who cares that it's silly, trashy and over-the-top? We need some big family over-the-top of this kind, and I always had a good laugh to find out what Jeremy, Karen or Bryan would cook up to get Nick to come bail them out of their money-induced troubles.

    Life, not so bad, hubby is sad to see it go. It was actually a good show, and did anyone notice the striking resemblance between the main actor and Steve McQueen?

    I aso agree with Joanna about Lost and Heroes, no sense at all upon the second season.

    Great post, Chiron!



  17. Thank you for the rant, Chiron. I'm right there with you when it comes to most of those shows. I miss many of them.

    Mega thanks for the Mick St. John interview. That man is to die for. He's so sexy. I could just eat him. lol

    I'm glad Burn Notice is back, too.

  18. Chiron, Yes! You hit a hot spot with me with Deadwood. It ended so abruptly. I want me some Sheriff Bullock and Swearingen. I heard contract negotiations broke down with the actors and that's why it stopped so suddenly. Yes, still waiting for that Deadwood movie....

  19. Hello CJ!

    I'm so sorry to have been the bearer of bad news! Wah! It's always heartbreaking to me when my favorites get yanked. Grrr....

    Sympathetic smiles,

  20. Hi Z!

    Yup, I was relieved to hear about Chuck. One of our faves actually skated by!

    I did hear ABC is going to run four more episodes of Dirty Sexy Money this summer. A consolation prize for us, I guess!

    Heroes... I gave up after it started getting too convoluted too.

    Yes, about Journeyman. Maybe that's why it lost the audience simply because you couldn't root for both his quest AND his life!

    Thanks so much for jumping in!


  21. Hello Sandy!

    So glad you liked the interview with Mick. Sexy Vampire Detective, yum!

    And tonight we celebrate Burn Notice! Yay!

    Thanks for being here!


  22. Hi Carol!

    Man, we sure did love Deadwood. I didn't hear that about contract negotiations but I'm not surprised. Too often people lose sight of the bottom-line and their project goes belly-up as a result.

    At this point, I'm no longer holding my breath about the movie. *sigh* But then Hope Springs Eternal. *crosses fingers*

    Thanks for visiting!!


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