Sports Candy!!

By Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn)

Everyone who knows me knows I love to waffle but today I don't really feel like beating around the bush. I'm feeling seriously grey right now, from lack of sleep, dreadful winter weather, too many kids at home and waiting for those damning university results.

So, what best than a dose of sugar that's gonna boost without landing one gram of fat on your hips and thighs? How's that possible?

Sports Candy, ladies!! All those yummy males peopling the world of sports!

Previously, sportsmen were just sport players. Came on a field, played, and went back to relative anonymity. I don't think people even realized they were humans behind the facade of the players. But all this has changed now, and sportsmen are celebrities, and we women say thank you for the eye candy! And we writers say thank you for giving us absolute lovely templates for modern heroes.

So without further ado, here's my own list! (alright, I watch a lot of tennis, a lot of rugby, used to watch a lot of football - soccer to you, Yanks! - and some wrestling. Again, yes, for the eye candy!)


Marat Safin - the dreamboat from Russia. Mostly famous for being a party animal in his younger days and also for 'playing the field', but hey, he guzzles vodka and he ends up looking this good, with those shoulders? My, oh my...

Rafael Nadal - the boy toy par excellence hailing from Mallorca, Spain. Much too young but gads, those arms. Those eyes. That Latin intensity. The passion! *swoon*

Novak Djokovic - the pretty boy from Serbia we'd all love on our arms. Casual, trendy, cute, young but still mature-looking - does he have anything against him? And yes, he speaks English!

Roger Federer - dreamboat? Not exactly, but every mom's idea of what the ideal son-in-law looks like! Very much snagged man though (recently married and future dad), no one can be insensitive to that calm, controlled passion he shows in his game.

Patrick Rafter - the man from down under who helped make tennis watchable during the rather big player drought years between the likes of Agassi and Federer. Gads, isn't that man a hunky chunk indeed?

Football (yeah, soccer!)
David Ginola - one of the first sportsmen to claim the famous line 'because he was worth it', if you get my drift! A Frenchman who gained fame and star status in England at the North London club of Tottenham Hotspur (retired now), he is reported to sit on one of the biggest advertising revenue fortunes where sportsmen are concerned. Last gossip heard - he was going to feature in The Young and The Restless. Frankly, who can blame them for wanting him??? And yes, silver hair can be very sexy on a younger man!

Luis Figo - the reason many women were fans of Portugal in the former Euro and World Cup competitions. Latin male beauty at its prime, this winner of the Ballon d'Or (one of the biggest European football awards) displayed a game that was as sharp and perfect as his looks. Currently being used as a template for the hero in one of my stories!

Yoann Gourcuff - From the new wave of emerging top footballers, this Frenchman shies away from the camera but there's no way the camera is gonna let him escape! With such good looks, plus the fact that he appears like the perfect arm candy and the bloke you'd proudly take to mom and dad's place, it does help that he's also considered one of the best players of his generation.

David Beckham - He wasn't gonna be in here (don't kick me yet, it's just that he does absolutely nothing to me! Too much the metrosexual posterboy, but I digress) but a friend of mine went "Oi, how can you not have Beckham in that list?" So for her and all the other women who adore him, there he is. Also on his 'up' quotient, he seems like the example of the perfect dad. So, young, rich, cute, knows how to dress, and great with kids - how can one resist really...?

Zinedine Zidane - the man who made bald hot! Seriously, that quiet confidence, that calm outlook (other than the sad incident in the World Cup 2006 final against Italy), the Marseille accent, and the fact that there has yet to be a maestro like him with the ball on the pitch! Sigh...

Rugby (now we're talking...)
Sebastien Chabal - some say this Frenchman is the poster boy for the real caveman, but check out that body! And all that hair and muscle makes you think strong, ruthless warrior of olden days... (I'm suddenly a damsel in distre-- oops, sorry!) Anyone writing a historical around here? He'd make a very good Saxon warrior!

Johnny Wilkinson - *becomes a mushy pile of goo* Need I add anything after the look being given by this England XV player who's also got a right foot of gold on the pitch? There's a seriously sexy pic of him that I didn't post here for fear it'd shock, so just Google image search him and see what I'm talking about! Also currently in the part of the hero in another of my WIPs.

Percy Montgomery - oh my, Shrek's Prince Charming actually exists in the flesh! That's what I first thought when I saw the South African team captain. Tell me there ain't a resemblance!!

Wrestling (it's really all about eye candy, innit? The 'staged' fights, the brashy talks that put you to sleep... And gads, what's it with those briefs they wear???)

Triple H - Other than the fact that he seems to need 5 yards of fabric just to get a tailored jacket, this man completely took over the screen when he was in the shot. Bitten by the movie bug too - he was seen playing a vampire in Blade Trinity.

Goldberg - Another one who makes bald sexy! Makes you think of those giant warriors who however turned to mush in the hands of their tiny wives! Very good template for Viking warrior. Also seen in movies, in, uh, the Looney Tunes: Back in Action movie, where he played a henchman of the evil baddie.

The Rock - the best for the last, you'd say? (wink at Kayla) One who proved he had as much talent on the ring than in acting. Personally think he's better in comedies, but he rocked (no pun intended, lol) as the big warrior too. A great body, a killer smile, and a sense of humour! What more can a girl want?

Now I hope I've brought some sugar and sunshine into your world! I know I've chased some of the grey here, but I'm gonna go take another peek. Do so too, and enjoy! One look doesn't hurt, right? *wink*

P.S If I've forgotten anyone in this list, feel free to let me know, and also do leave me a comment and tell me who in sports you thinks makes great eye candy!
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  1. Oh, you definitely saved the best for last. Dwayne Johnson is F-I-N-E!

    Have you ever seen American football player, Jason Taylor or tennis player, James Blake? Both are real cuties.

  2. OMG, Z I LOVE YOU! Beckham is HOT. Sheesh, how could you even stand writing this having to look at them all. Hey, that Ginola - WHEW! I'll be back and forth here today just for inspiration. I'm bookmarking this page, after I print it.

  3. Lol gals, you make me laugh!

    Chicki - yes, I have seen James Blake on the courts, and nice one indeed. Oh my goodness! jason taylor's a fine one indeed! Heavy swoon factor there! The one dark man who really makes me think of dropping husband and kids is Taye Diggs, but since he's not a sportman, couldn't add him here.

    J - I hoped you'd drop by, added Becks just for ya! How could I do it? It's therapy, darlin, sure beats having to crash all your china because the kids ain't listening to ya! And Ginola, oh yes. That man just got better and better with age.

    Thanks for dropping by, and look and enjoy all you like!



  4. Yay you have my fave tennis guy Roger up there! I loves the Federer. :-D

    I srsly need to get back to watching more football. I started cheering for Milan and then I dropped out of it for some reason but dang is the eye candy vast there! Great post, Z! :-D

  5. Don't forget my Sidney Crosby!

    He just won the Stanley Cup, the youngest captain ever to do so - at 21. He's from my hometown of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. My mom's totally in love with him!

    As for your delicious eye candy, I have to say Marat Safin, David Ginola, Yoann Gourcuff and The Rock are my favorites. Mmm...sweet...

  6. Weren't there any baseball eye candy, Z? What about golf eye candy? lol Just kidding!

    I liked The Rock the best. He's a hunk and a gentle man.

    A very fun post, Z.

  7. How odd that I never thought to look at sports candy for inspiration. The Rock, now there's something I can sink my teeth in.

  8. Rae - yup, Federer's a cutie, even if he ain't drop-dead gorgeous like the other lot. What I really liked about him is that he is a very humble, 'normal' man. A terrific player (maybe even the best!) but he hasn't let it get to his head. And at 28, he's been with the same girl for 9 years already (Myrka, the one he married a few months ago). How's that for hero potential?

    Oh gads, how could I have forgotten the Italian Serie A? Filippo Inzaghi, Paolo Maldini, Alessandro del Pierro and Argentinian Gabriele Batistuta who played at Fiorentina???

    Thanks for the comment, love! Serie A starts again in August, so clear your sked for then, eh? *wink*


  9. Julia,

    He is fine indeed! Makes me think of Joshua Morrow of The Young and The Restless. Totally understand how your mom could be in love with him!

    When I was younger, my mom and I used to swoon over Michael Owen, the England football player who was the second youngest to score for England in a World Cup (1998, he was 17 and a half then). He also played at Liverpool F.C. Not hard to imagine we got a good dose of him on the TV since my brother and dad are die-hard Liverpool fans!

    That kind of candy definitely doesn't hurt the diet, innit? It may even help it!

    Thanks for the comment!!


  10. Hey Sandy

    I know next to nothing about baseball, and it isn't broadcasted here. Golf, lol, I know only of Tiger Woods!

    Speaking about 'odd' sports, cricket has its lot of eye candy too. One of the most memorable to me is former Pakistan international Imran Khan. He's into politics now though, but seriously yummy!

    Gotta love The Rock, innit? He really looks like a real nice bloke.


  11. Gads, Annie! You've been missing a lot of good stuff then! Quick, catch up!! Want me to send you a list off-post? Lol

    Never seen so much consensus about a man before - seems like The Rock is on everyone's fave guy list. Does anyone know if he has an email add or a tweet add? We could let him know he won the top spot here!

    As for sinking teeth into him, I'm all for it! Now that's one buffet that wouldn't hurt anyone of ours' figures! Lol


  12. Oooh, thanks for the wink! LOL. You know how much I love The Rock! I would post the pic of us I 'melded' together, but I don't want anyone sending people to my house, LOL.

    Thanks for the sports candy!


  13. Oh, love your post - sorry it took me so long to comment. Thanks for the sports eye Candy! what gorgeous men! As writers we tend to look at actors even models for inspiration but - heck these guys would making fitting heroes in any romance novel!


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