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I'm aware the title may make you think of a brand of candy. I know I went on sports candy last time I posted, but it's not my fault if my brain keeps veering towards sugar-related stuff. I'm down in the dumps with a bout of flu that's going around like a bad commercial jingle and hitting everyone with no distinction. So bear with me coz I'm sure I'm not gonna make much sense today (if ever I made sense in the first place...)!

So, telly tag - what's that about? When you're sick, well, the TBR pile calls to you but you cannot focus your eyes on a word long enough to decipher it without getting a splitting headache. And the flu medication makes you so drowsy that even your usual chick-lit or women's mag starts to resemble that dreary psychology textbook. So the thing to do is park yourself in front of the telly and doze on and off between all the shows on there.

That's what I've been doing for the past few days, and it made me wonder - what about all those tag lines in those TV shows? In a way, don't they kinda tell you something about life? (Flu medication also makes one loopy, in case you're wondering, hence the heavy metaphysical/philosophical thinking).

Let's take the House M.D tag line. Genius has side effects. How true is that? I personally don't know any genius, but ask a man this question and I'm sure he can give you an affirmative answer - women do have side effects. Of course, we women are geniuses, putting up with bear-like hubby, brat-like kids, monster-like mother-in-law, and Bedlam-like family!

But the biggest line in this show has to be this one. According to Gregory House, everyone lies. How's that as a good guideline in life? Your kid may be lying about how he ended up with all those sweets wrappers in his bag when you don't give him any sweets (for example, his friends mistake his bag for the bin). Your man lies when he says he remembers your anniversary ( a classic). Your MIL lies when she says your house is lu-ve-ly! Yes, everyone lies, and now imagine being a singleton looking for Mr. Right - if everyone lies, how do you find the elusive one who will be telling you the truth? (Hmm, good point to start a story, this one...)

Now, let's go to another show. According to the CSI: Las Vegas tag line, sin never sleeps. All too true when you watch what's happening in the world. Violence is everywhere, and here you wonder and start to worry in what sort of apocalyptic world your kids will grow in... Not exactly brilliant line of thought, innit? I thought so...

One that always made me wonder, was the one of X-Files. The truth is out there... How many of us have hung on to this line, fuelling our imaginations and making us come up with far-fetched theories of conspiration and 'otherworld-ers'?

But closer to reality, you have the tag line of Ugly Betty - Ugly is now the new beautiful. When you watch fashion, and all the hoop-la around it, one can really understand how this line can be applied to reality. Some of the things on those runways, shudder...

So there you go, some tag lines about TV that can really apply to reality. But then again, you need to be watching too much TV to really give these words such weight... Right? What's your take?

I head back to the couch, to wrap myself in the fluffy quilt and cure my separation anxiety from the remote, all while wishing someone somewhere would bring me some chicken soup...
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  1. Great post Z! If a TV tag line is memorable and becomes part of the pop culture zeitgeist then it means that the marketing dept for the network has done a great job! Whenever I'm working on developing a TV show - I'm always thinking up great possible tag lines ;D

  2. P.S Hope you're feeling better :D - even on flu meds - you knocked it out of the park LOL!

  3. Great post, Z! Ah, if only we writers can come up with great tag lines for our books, we'd all be bestsellers! It takes a certain kind of genius to encapsulate a story in one line.
    If I could send you some chicken soup through the Web, I would! Hope you kick it soon.

  4. Hey gals

    Thanks for the comments. Lol, yeah, still loopy but getting there slowly. cate, thanks for the cyber chicken soup!

    I'm always amazed at how much work and thought has to go into the tag line. It encapsulates everything, and should be the show/story in a nutshell. Quite a lot to lay on that frail string of few words, innit? Scary...



  5. ((())) There you go, Z, some hugs. Get better. Sounds like you've found a fun thing to do - watching TV in a medicine induced state could be a blast. Hmmm!

  6. More cyber chicken noodle coming your way, Z.

    Get well soon. We can't have you in that drug induced state for long. lol

    Great post, Z.


  7. Loved the post, Z.

    It's amazing how those taglines reach out and grab you.

    I'm glad you're on the mend. Haven't had the flu in years and knock on wood, hope not to get it for a long time.

    Finishing getting better.


  8. Great thoughts there on tag-lines. What popped up for me as I was reading it:

    "I want my MTV!" *laughs*

    Hope you're feeling better!


  9. Hey gals

    Thanks for the hugs and soup and get well wishes. Feeling slightly more human, at least the throat doesn't feel like sandpaper rasp today. And it only feels like a donkey walked on my back, and not an Arabian horse! Lol. Ah, the joy of being sick, and the highs of drugs, bliss! Not!

    And yeah, watching TV with drugs messing up your mind makes it kinda warped. I mean, I was finding Grissom kinda cute, and then I went, wait a second, cute goes with Nick, Warrick and Greg, not Grissom! Just imagine the dreary state I'm in!

    Coming back to the tag lines, yup, lots of power there, and they really draw one in. That's their purpose, and the people who really coin a good one get the viewers hooked.

    Chiron, I haven't watched MTV in ages. But then again, in the state I'm in, I could even find Jackass entertaining!




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