By Murissa Shalapata

Cheers to all of us!

I would like to thank Joanna D'Angelo for giving me the honor of posting on this special day which marks our 100th posting under the popculturedivas blog. I am always amazed with the talent that has been demonstrated and the wide range of unique women that post fun and interesting thoughts and perspectives every day.

Well done to all of us and welcome to our new contributors who I'm sure will not only help this blog flourish and expand even further but also be apart of an amazingly fun group of girls from all over the world! I am excited and proud to be apart of a blog with a wide range of talent and I, a novice writer working towards a Major in Creative Writing, hope to learn from all of you who know what it takes to live the life of a writer, novelist, screenwriter or even blogger. Thank you Joanna and cheers to the next 100 posts!

As for myself I am still currently struggling with my first novel. I have a couple of ideas down and now just have to force myself to sit down and start writing. I am hoping that I will have it prepared for October so I can share my experience and process with all of you in my next posting.

At the moment however, I am counting down the minutes until an incredible 4 course line up of television starts for my family and I. Sunday is a night of guilty pleasures and indulging a
bit with some good wine paired with some delectable story lines and delicious characters and even some explosions of bitter sweet reality television.

For our first course, one reality T.V. show I have been watching since it began in 1997. Big Brother is such a guilty pleasure, I almost feel embarrassed to watch it at times
with all of the battles and blowups...
but not enough to make the addiction stop. The viewers don't really care who gets the money in the end, what the people at home enjoy is the conflict between the unlikely pairings of bold personalities who are likely to clash. It is a seriously addictive hour of television that keeps you coming back for more 3 nights a week.

Our second course is full of 'fang bangers', vampires, gore, sex, Jason Stackhouse, a man who can change into a dog and now a woman who is...Satan? Yes, it is True Blood that I was scared to admit that I enjoyed. At first I though I was the only one who was trying to see through the bad acting, and (at times) corny lines. But then I noticed the huge response to the show by fans and I was relived I too could admit my guilty pleasure. This series is based on the Sookie Stackhouse books written by Charlaine Harris and occasionally deals with some gritty material as the vampires fight for their own rights within society and strive to fit in and even inter-marry between vampires and humans. I have always enjoyed vampire movies and books, especially those by Anne Rice and True Blood is an HBO series that you are sure to love if you enjoy the supernatural. It is unpredictable so just sit back and sip your red wine and pretend it is Type O negative True Blood.

Our third selection is a new show that has the potential to be hilarious and
surprising. Hung continues our HBO lineup and is about a man, Hank, struggling through life much like any financially strapped American but to make this tragic story (oddly) more enjoyable Hank decides to take up the age old occupation of prostitution in order to make ends meet more easily, with the help of a struggling poet as his pimp. It is screwed up and so refreshing! I just hope the writers bring out its potential greatness.

Finally, the perfect dessert for the most enjoyable evening of the week, Entourage graces my television set glowing with the colors of Los Angeles, the richness of Hollywood life, and the smooth texture of Jeremy Piven's acting. These three intriguing ingredients makes up my favorite comedy on HBO. Now on it's 6th season if you have not yet watched this show you probably think it is just tits and sex since that is how it is presented on the previews but I assure you if it was simply that - the show would be too bland for my preference.

I hope sharing my Sunday indulgences with you will inspire your Sunday nights to be equally as fun, delicious and sexy as mine tend to be! ;D



  1. Hooray!!! Happy 100th post! Thanks Murissa for sharing your fave TV Sunday night line up with us! And what a great line up it is! Is it any wonder that you're a Diva? ;D good luck with your novel and I can't wait to find out what it's going to be about!

  2. Woo hoo! Go divas! Tossing my tiara in the air in salute.
    Man, I really have to get better cable channels. I'm missing all the good stuff!
    Best of luck with your novel, Murissa!

  3. Hello Murissa!

    Wonderful post. Doesn't HBO have some great shows? We still need to rent the first season of True Blood because we missed so many that we didn't dare start the second season. Argh.

    However, we do LOVE Entourage and the truly crazy new series Hung. Great stuff there!

    I'm also a fan of the new show on network television, Defying Gravity, and Criminal Intent on USA so we have a complete Sunday line-up. It's a wonder we ever leave the house. *laughs*

    Good luck with your novel! I'll be rooting for you!


  4. I'm a massive True Blood fan. No guilty pleasure for me - just unabashed vampire lovin'.

    Happy 100th post, everyone! It's such a pleasure to be a Diva with all of you.


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