Remember the Dating Game? Let's play...

by Jennifer Haymore

Do you remember The Dating Game? I thought we could have a little fun and play our own "romance hero" version...I'll be your host for this episode!

Jennifer: Welcome to The Dating Game! Today we have two eligible bachelors. Typically, we have three, of course, but when the third contestant found out who he’d be competing with, he bowed out. So let’s meet our bachelors! Bachelor Number 1 comes from across The Pond—England, to be more precise. He’s an established actor, loves romantic strolls, good books, and a fine glass of wine. Bachelor 1, please say “hello.”

Bachelor 1: “Hullo, dear.”

Jennifer: Bachelor Number 2 hails from Down Under. He’s also an established actor and shares a first name with Bachelor Number 1. Bachelor Number 2 loves hunting, wrestling, and a great bottle of beer. Bachelor 2, please say “hello.”

Bachelor 2: “G’Day”

Jennifer: Bachorette, you have three questions. You may begin!

Bachelorette (that's you!): Bachelors, where would you take me on our first date?

Bachelor 1: To my flat…(smirks and raises hand) Joking, I’m joking! I’d have you picked up via limousine, of course, and we’d have a lovely dinner at one of the finer restaurants in London. Obviously, if you don’t live in the city, I’d have the limo drive you to your local airport and have you flown to London via my private jet. Over dinner, we’d engage in charming, witty, self-effacing conversation. After dinner, we’d take a stroll through one of the royal parks and discuss further our interest and goals. Somehow we’d end up at my flat, and I’d invite you to continue the “conversation” through the night.

Bachelor 2: That sounds like too much talking, mate. I’d invite you to my ranch, and we’d ride horses for awhile. I’d drop a steak on the barbie, and we’d eat outside at sunset. Maybe we’d take a dip in the river afterward or maybe I’d take a dip in your river. Not much talking but a lot of action and fun.

Bachelorette: Bachelors, how would you describe your “kissing” skills?

Bachelor 1: Soft, passionate, and with all my soul.

Bachelor 2: Hard. Hard all over.

Bachelorette: Bachelors, what is your best asset?

Bachelor 1: My endearing smile and deep blue eyes as you hold me in rapt attention with your every move, your every word. I am a great listener.

Bachelor 2: Once you see me, you’ll know. I’m a one-woman guy who would fight off all the devils of hell to protect you.

Jennifer: Wow, what a lucky Bachelorette you are! Now it’s time to choose. Who will it be? Bachelor Number 1 or Bachelor Number 2?





Hmmm…who are these Hughs, anyway? Which Hugh would you choose? Where would you want The Dating Game to send you and your lucky bachelor for your prize vacation?

(disclaimer: These answers are purely imaginary and are certainly completely different from how the real men would answer them!)



  1. Jennifer welcome to the Divas! What a fun post! I'd have a tough time deciding this one but I'd have to go with Bachelor #1 just because I can't resist charming, witty, self-effacing conversation! and deep blue eyes! :D

  2. Thanks, Joanna! I'm thrilled to be here. Yay for bachelor #1! :)

  3. OMG, I want a combo pack. Can't I do-- I mean have--- I mean go out with both Hughs?


  4. Oooh oooh! I forgot to say where I'd like to go for our prize vacation! Hmmm. I think a city where there is a lot of culture by day and romance by night - probably Florence!

  5. Fun post, Jennifer! Hugh Grant is an adorable bad boy, granted, but can't beat Hugh Jackman for all-around talent and good-guy qualities!
    Where would I like to go? An island far away, where I'd have him all to myself...

  6. Yay, Cate! That's one vote for Hugh J and one vote for Hugh G. I don't know what we're going to do about Autumn. ;-)!

  7. Okay. It took me all day to decide. My choice is ...drumroll... Hugh G. He wears a white dress shirt and nothing else so well. I'll want him in a secluded mountain top cabin on bear skin carpet in front of fire. sigh...

  8. Ahhh...Autumn. That sounds verrrry romantic. Great choice!

  9. Yay, so it works out all around - one for each! But do we have to give them back? ;)
    Thanks again for the fun post, Jennifer!

  10. Wait...wait...! Can I go with Hugh #2, please? It sounded like he wanted me at his ranch, so I'll saddle up.

  11. This was fun. I'll be checking back often. Just don't tell my DH. He thinks Jack (24) his is only worry. lol.

    2009 Golden Heart Finalist


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