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We're THRILLED to have guest blogger Rita Herron here today chatting about BAD BOYS and why we love 'em! And read on - Rita is running a contest to win copies of her books!

by Rita Herron

Bestselling author of : DARK HUNGER (Book 2 in Demonborn series)

What is it about bad boys that we love so much?

They don’t always coddle us. Show affection. Talk about their feelings. Act considerate or romantic. In fact, they can be stubborn as hell. Selfish. Loners. Commitaphobics. They make us angry. Make us cry. Turn sullen and brooding. Forget to call us. Refuse to say those three little words we want desperately to hear. And leave us alone on a Saturday night.

Yet they still stir our blood.

Make us lust.

Make us want to be wild.

Make us hungry to feel their lips on ours, their hard bodies sliding against our flesh.

Make us ache to have them whisper our name in the heat of passion, and take us to blissful erotic places that we can only fantasize in our minds.

So again, why are these elusive hunky alpha guys so damn sexy?

First of all, the obvious -- they’re big, masculine, strong hunks. They’re raw, primal, tough, assertive, daring, drive fast cars/motorcycles, jump into dangerous situations, and do whatever the hell they want.

For the typical good girl, they’re everything we want to be.

They have the confidence to fulfill themselves. They possess the power to make choices without worrying incessantly over recriminations. Without second guessing themselves.

Without fear.

As women, we rarely do that.

We’re the caregivers, the nurturers, the listeners, the supporters, the quiet strength that everyone else leans on. There’s nothing wrong in that, but it tends to be the role we most often fall into. Call it Mars/Venus. Call it genetics. Call it learned behavior. And that quiet strength, that insight and emotional depth we have, is another fact in drawing us to these bad boys.

How often do we realize that the bad boy does have insecurities? That he’s a tortured soul? Misunderstood? That he’s sullen and brooding because he has suffered quietly himself. That he needs a good woman to save him, and tame him. And to teach him that she, too, can be wild in bed!

The heroes (Valtrez brothers) in my Demonborn series are not only bad boys, but they are part demon, part evil, so they are very very bad. Yet there’s something about those bad boys, those demons that is irresistible.

In Dark Hunger, Quinton is not only a tough alpha guy but an assassin, a cold-blooded killer. But he only kills evil beings. And a new brand of evil, demonic killers, have flooded the earth and Quinton rises to the challenge. But a tenacious reporter is on his tail, out to expose his secrets. Will she be able to tame the demon in him and save his soul, or will he succumb to the dark hunger inside him?

Tell me who your favorite bad boy characters is. What do you love about him, and how you would you go about taming him?

Leave a comment or question for Rita today and be entered in a contest for a copy of Rita’s first book in The Demonborn Series: Insatiable Desire. But don’t stop there! There’s a second contest for today’s readers. Visit Rita at her website and sign up for her newsletter to be entered in a contest to WIN a copy of BOTH books in The Demonborn Series: Insatiable Desire and Dark Hunger. And, by singing up for Rita’s newsletter, you will also be automatically entered in Rita’s regular monthly contests. You can also find extras on the Demonborn series at And visit Rita on Facebook,, and!


Multi-published, award-winning author Rita Herron cut her teeth on mystery books and television shows like Alfred Hitchcock, The Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone. More recently, she’s added Medium, The Ghost Whisperer, and Dead Zone to her list of favorites.

She currently writes paranormal romantic suspense for Grand Central Publishing and category romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue.

With her new series THE DEMONBORN, she blends her love of dark, steamy romantic suspense stories with her other love -- the paranormal.

Set in the contemporary world, she explores the age-old battle of good versus evil, and that battle as it rages within each person. And of course, the ultimate question for the romantic – can love conquer all?


  1. Blogger Joanna D'Angelo said...

    Welcome Rita! Thank you for guest blogging at the Divas! And this is a fave topic of many of us Divas of course! Gotta love those bad boys in movies, TV and books. I think whether you love historical, contemporary or paranormal fiction - we are always drawn to the bad boy/rake/rogue/ type of hero who seems like at first he can't be redeemed - except by the heroine of course! And in the end he isn't really redeemed - at least on the outside! He's still a bad ass but with a heart! And we love those guys even more! ;D Good luck with your new release DARK HUNTER! And I hope you'll visit us again soon! ;D

  2. Hi Rita! Fabulous post. I think there's something terribly about appealing about the hero who can be counted on to 'get the job done' regardless of what that is. Sometimes alphas masquerade as betas -- always a fabulous surprise when that alphaness comes out!

  3. I think one appeal of Bad Boys is that they are often rule-breakers, and so many women feel stuck within the role of the good girl.

    Permission? Who needs it! I'm taking off!! *laughs*

    One Bad Boy I truly adored was Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Welcome to the Divas, Rita! Your book looks fantastic!

    --Chiron O'Keefe
    The Write Soul:

  4. Hi Rita!!! You're so right about bad boys and how irresistible they are!

    Thanks for dropping by today,

  5. Thank you Rita!!!

    Loved reading this. And yes, we love them and hate them and then end up loving them again.

    I've found that good boys sometimes have a lot of the bad boy qualities too, it's just not in the same package and they keep them more hidden... So maybe there is a reason for picking the real deal straight up!

    Thanks Joanna for bringing this to PCD!

  6. Hi, everyone,
    Thanks for the comments. I've always been a good girl myself and it's fun to break the rules -- at least in my books! There I can be as bad as I want!
    Hey, CJ!


  7. It's hard to narrow down a favorite bad boy, so I'm going to have to go with a genre. I am NOT a fan of human alpha males. They seem so entitled and annoying to me. But when a vamp or were exhibits those same alpha characteristics, I am HOOKED. Is it bad to say that to tame the right alpha I would do whatever he wanted me to?

  8. I'm with you Rita and Jennifer! Bad Boys in real life - generally mean a broken heart or worse! And many of us have been there! But a bad boy in romance -well that's where we - as women can play out the fantasy. ;D

  9. LOL, Jennifer. I so agree and actually in some of the earlier Harlequins with alpha guys, I thought the guys were total jerks. But with demons and vamps, it's sexy.
    And Joanna, I so agree. I think bad boys are great fantasy lovers, but my real guy is more beta (although very masculine and athletic.)

  10. Great post, Rita! Nothing like a bad boy to spice things up. Your novels sound like fantastic reads!

  11. Rita, nice article. There's a lot of truth in what you say. And women know if those hot bad boys make a commitment, allow themselves to be tamed, she's got a winner.

    Annette Fitzgerald and I were talking about you Saturday night. Did your ears burn? She thinks you're not only wonderful person but a fabulous writer. When she found out I hadn't read your books, she about had a heart attack. She knows para and I like realistic characters that act and react true. And I like them layered. It's okay, she's taken it upon herself to educate me on the joys of your books.

    I have to say, after reading the blurbs on them, how come I hadn't seen these? I won't be able to say that next week. :-)

  12. Hi, Cate,
    I hope you'll give them a try - definitely edgy and suspenseful but romantic, kind of a mix of Karen Rose and Larissa Ione.

    LOL about Netti - she is totally fabulous! I wish I could clone her and then maybe everyone would know me!
    If you like dark and gritty and erotic and suspense, hopefully I'm up your alley!

    Please keep in touch and let me know what you all think. I love to hear from readers.

  13. Hi Rita!

    Don't enter me -- I already have a copy of your book (loved it!) and I wanted to let readers know that I'll also be giving away a copy of Insatiable Desire on my blog starting tomorrow afternoon.

    Good to see you here!

  14. Rita, Netti is wonderful. I can't wait until September. I'll be visiting with her after I do a conference.

    Yes, I do want to read your books and for sure, I'll let you know what I think. :-)

  15. Rita,
    What were you doing reading my lists of regrets and then posting them. I am such a 'good girl' that it kills me. The way I break out is with the books that I read and your books are definately going on the TBR list.

  16. Hi Rita:
    The thing about bad boys is that they are such a temptation. And, we all think we can change them!
    Your brothers are such tortured souls, the ultimate in bad boy attractions. I think I like them safely within the covers of the book, LOL!
    (No contest entry, please)

  17. Hi Rita,

    Enjoyed the post. Bad boys? Well, we like our men to be strong enough to do the things we might hesitate to do ourselves. (taking the risks that we might deem just a little too far out there)

    I liked Val Kilmer in The Saint. A daring bad boy who had a tortured past, yet we ended up loving him in the end of the movie.


  18. I have heard so much about Rita Herron and her books from Larissa Ione, whose recommendation I definitely trust. Bad boys are my ultimate favorite. I would love to read the Demonborn series!

  19. Fave Big bad boy? Erm there is too many to choose. Pulling one off the top of my head is Nick Gauthier Dark Hunter I would prob have to zip tie him to the bed like I have my sons wolverine and Casey from the ninja turtles figures and have my way with making him submit... lol

  20. Hi Rita: I just wanted to thank you once again for joining us today at popculturedivas and giving us such a provocative topic to sink our teeth into! ;D So we hope you'll come back again soon! Take care and good luck with your bad boys! ;D

  21. Hi Rita - great post! Bad boys are just, well, bad boys. Images of motorcycles and leather jackets and eyes that have seen too much come to mind. Married my bad boy and he turned out to be much nicer than I am! LOL!

    Congrats on the new series!

  22. Hi, Rita!!!
    Great interview~~~and HUGE congrats on Dark Hunger!!!!

  23. Hi Rita

    Welcome to the Divas! Loved the topic.

    Love the bad boys, and I think on of the factors that makes me love 'em so much is the depth you don't necessarily credit them with at first glance. But once you as the woman start getting closer and looking deep inside him, you're amazed at the complexity, the utter maelstrom of feelings and emotions inside him that aren't apparent on the surface.

    I dunno if he'll qualify as a bad boy per se, but Jack Bauer of 24 wins for me hands down!



  24. I am not sure what makes us women like Bad Boys but I married one 46 years ago and now we are both older and remember all the bad things we USED to do. Living on the edge so to speak, I was rebellious and he was wild and bad. Talk about a combination. A few years ago a country singer had a song out that just about fit our lifestyle when we were younger. ha ha Just keep the Bad Boys Books coming as you have a long list of readers wanting them, Rita. Have a good day and glad to join in on your site or spot here today. Susan L.

  25. Hi Rita. Great post. The Demonborn series sounds great. I love bad boys. :)

  26. Hey Rita,
    I cant believe I have been in the dark about your books...I have to now run out and pick up what I can at the bookstore and then find the start of the series online...danget!
    I love love love a tortured hero, there is nothing better to read about! Great stories!

  27. I too manage to eventually like some of the bad boys. As someone else mentioned, Spike, from the Buffy and Angel series, is probably my favorite followed by Cole on Charmed.

  28. Hi Rita - your bad boys sound positively primal.

    Favorite bad boys...? I think my favorite bad boy of all is really Rhett Butler. I also loved Ares from the Xena series. And currently, the Divas know I can't get enough of Sir Guy of Gisborne from BBC's Robin Hood.


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