Catching the buzz for Avatar

by Cate Masters
It’s not often I get truly excited about a movie. Sure, it’s fun to watch for upcoming flicks with stars I love. But when I happened across the movie trailer for Avatar, I definitely caught the buzz—on several levels.
First, it’s James Cameron’s first movie since 1997’s blockbuster Titanic. And yep, that’s Sigourney Weaver (below with Cameron), who also stars.
Second, it’s a scifi epic that some say is a game-changer for movie production. A decade in the planning, Cameron gave ComicCon attendees an insider peek at the setting. Cameron had special stereoscopic 3-D cameras invented for Avatar that function much like the human eye, allowing for increased depth perception. The movie combines “photo-realistic” CGI (computer-generated imagery) and live action to create the rich atmosphere.
I wish I’d been one of the lucky moviegoers on Aug. 22 who caught the 16-minute free preview in theaters. Comments ranged from “amazing” to “the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen.”
No movie can achieve the stature of true greatness without a knockout plot, and that’s what really got to me when I saw this. The genius of the plot. One of those that makes you smack your head and wish you’d thought of it first.

The story follows paraplegic Jake Sully, who undergoes not only a physical transformation which allows him more mobility than he’d ever experienced, but an internal transformation when he travels to the distant moon Pandora, where he becomes sympathetic to the avatar's plight and helps battle to save their civilization. Who doesn’t love a movie about a lost soul finding redemption?

And oh yeah, Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully. An Aussie actor making a splash on his own, Avatar seems like a breakout role for him, following his Terminator Salvation role. Sam seems like the kind of bad boy any girl would love to bring home (but not to meet Mom and Dad). Sam has three more movies due out after Avatar.

Due for release on Dec. 18, Avatar will play in movie theaters and IMAX theaters. Moviegoers said the trailer paled in comparison to the preview footage, but see if you found it as intriguing as I did:

Even though James Cameron claims not to know how to tweet, you can follow Avatar updates on Twitter, Facebook or Flickr’s Avatar Photostream Check the movie site for others.

So let's hear from you - what type of plots grab you and don't let go?

Photos from Yahoo Movies, Official Avatar Movie Site, Avatar’s Flickr pages

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  1. VERY cool! My husband and I can't wait for this one. And I agree that Sam Worthington might collect a new fan after this film (namely, me.)

    What types of plot grab me and won't let go? Anything with a tortured hero like the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera. Anything where we see a superhero origin story, like Ironman, Wanted or Mad Max in The Road Warrior. And tragic love triangles always get me, like King Arthur/Guinevere/Launcelot, Scarlett O'Hara/Rhett Butler/Ashley Wilkes, and Heathcliff/Catherine Earnshaw/Edgar Linton.

  2. Sam Worthington? I'd be in line for this even if it didn't have a plot!

    No, seriously, yummy Sam aside, this movie sounds great. It's actually the first time I'm hearing about it (thanks for the heads up!) but you convinced me I need to see this. Won't have any problem dragging the hubby too for this since sci-fi is his type of thing.

    A good plot? Something that gives me unexpected twists, that keeps the tension throughout. I can think of Taken here, Wanted too really surprised me. I like stories that start one way and along the ride take you on this journey that you completely didn't expect. Can also work in comedy and love stories too.



  3. I will be right in Sam's fan line after you, ladies! He is yummy. And such a bad boy (it still appeals to me, I can't help it).
    Just saw Wanted this week and LOVED it. Inspiration and action and irony and drama packed into one - a very different package.
    Comedy and love stories are wonderful for taking off the edge, Z! Avatar includes a love story, which makes it all the more intriguing.

  4. I'll get right behind you ladies in the Sam fan line. : )

    This movie looks good. I love plots that push the characters to be more than they thought they could be.

    Thanks for the sneak peek, Cate!

  5. So you saw Wanted and fell for it! Yay, I consider my job done then! Totally loved it, I rewatch it every time with the same pleasure. Not to mention that the yummy sexy Thomas Kretschmann is in there (as Cross)!!

    Sam Worthington = total bad boy we always fall for! Is that man hot or what? Absolutely won me over in Terminator Salvation, I even cried at the end (don't laugh, he made me do it!)

    So Avatar has a love story too! Cool! Cannot wait. Thanks for letting us know about this one, Cate.



  6. If you haven't seen Wanted, then, Lynne, you will definitely want to!
    Yep, Z, you made me remember I wanted to see Wanted (I'd actually forgotten) so I grabbed it up!

  7. Fabulous! Your description alone pulled me in and the trailer is Too Cool. Looks like an incredible flick.

    I'm a sucker for "What if?" movies. What if you could travel back in time and make changes in your life? What if you were stuck in the same day forever? What if you could trade places with anybody in the world?

    What would you do?

    Those plots that revolve around a hero or heroine's unexpected chance to change their life always intrigue me.

    *grin* And the sci-fi films that take us into a new direction are right up there. This and Surrogates are on my Must See list.


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