Gerard Butler is More Than Enough Reason For Me

by Julia Smith

Gerard Butler has had two films released in the past few months:

The Ugly Truth in July - read my review HERE

And Gamer just last week.

I'm actually much more of a Gamer target audience than The Ugly Truth. I rarely see contemporary romantic comedies at the theatre - but if Gerry's in it, well, that's another story.

Gamer is a cautionary tale about nanotechnology and its unforseen applications. Gerard Butler plays a convicted death row inmate who is outfitted with neurotransmitters that connect him to a gamer. Gerry becomes the virtual soldier in a first-person shooter game. Other social implications include Second Life-type programs run amok and creeping Hitler-like seduction and control of the masses.

I knew something was up when there was no review for Gamer in the paper on opening day. Producers who don't release a film to reviewers are plainly saying that they're aware the critics will pan it. But they'd like to get their opening weekend box office before the reviews ultimately get out.

Being the loyal and supportive Gerry fan that I am, I made sure I was there for that essential opening day box office.

Suffice to say, the ending of Gamer is the reason for not releasing it to critics ahead of time. But honestly - before we get there, it's a decent action film. I can only assume that a rewrite or seven of the script and perhaps too many editing suggestions are to blame for that ending.

But no matter. I'm a very particular film goer whose normal tastes fly out the window when it comes to Gerry. If he's in it, I'm there, baby.


Hey Julia -

I've got a film coming out. Can you help me out with some box office love?

Sure, Gerry.

This one hasn't got a pre-release to critics.

You know I don't care about that, Gerry.

Can I blow you a kiss?

Already caught it, Gerry.


  1. Ok - there are certain Gerard Butler's that I adore. I adore the GB in "300" - tough, bad ass, noble, strong, willing to die for his cause. I adore the GB in "Dear Frankie" - tough, bad boy, looking for redemption. But since he broke through I think GB has been making some strange choices for movie roles. I think his manager/agent should take him in hand. He's a star now - he doesn't have to take whatever comes along - he can afford to be choosy - he should go more for the Clive Owen type roles. I'd like him to go for those hard-edged action hero roles with some gravitas. Alas, I think he's going to keep hopping between limp comedies and over the top action flicks that are beneath his talent. I worry that he'll turn into another Stallone. Someone who had great potential but didn't see it when he was on his way up. Although, he does look damn good in anything he does! ;D

  2. I am Gerry addict through and through and will see movies that I wouldn't see ordinarily because he's in them. I also didn't think GAMER was that good. Other than seeing Gerry in it, I was truly disappointed.

    However, he rocked in The Ugly Truth and I really think Law Abiding Citizen is going to be amazing.

    But if none of his new movies do it for me, I'll always go back to the tried and true Phantom of the Opera! Mmmmmm!

  3. I'm with you Gerry girls! I loved him in Dracula 2000 and Attila, so I have to love him in everything. lol. Dear Frankie is probably still my favorite. Hated what they did to him in that Tomb Raider flick. I'll go see Gamer because I love the genre, as well as Gerry. Although, now I'm worried about the ending!

  4. Count me among the Gerry fans. That crooked smile does me in every time. Reign of Fire, 300, Lara Croft, Phantom, PS I Love You, The Ugly Truth...bring 'em on. I'll probably go to Gamer, too. Can't get enough of the guy. Sigh.

  5. Joanna - Clive Owen roles would be perfect for Gerry. I agree that he's in danger of being relegated to hunkdom roles. His earlier work speaks for itself as far as breadth of talent - not only Dear Frankie but his amazing role in The Jury, a 2002 British miniseries, plus Beowulf & Grendel.

    Potentially why he's formed his own production company.

    Leslie - Hello, fellow Gerry addict! It's something for which I'll never take a 12-step program. I'm definitely looking forward to Law Abiding Citizen. He's scheduled to be on Saturday Night Live to promote it. Woo hoo!

    Kathryn - I also loved his Attila performance. I confess I skip to the all-Gerry, all-the-time scenes, however.

    Annette - Thank heavens there is enough Gerry to go around for all the addicts! ;D

    And this year we've got three films in four months. Definite sigh...

  6. I loved him in some things, but not The Ugly Truth or Beowulf. I think though that may be more the movie than the man. ;) Personally I love him in action movies, but they do have to have depth. Nope I won't go see him in everything, but I sure will go see a knock down drag 'em out fight for the world movie (where he happens to stip a lot and look all hot and sweaty , LOL). ;)


  7. I was a latecomer (as always!) to Gerard until someone recommended PS I Love You. That was it for me! He'd earlier caught my eye in Timeline and Lara Croft, but he wasn't on my radar then. Now he most definitely is. I still have a lot to catch up on, but I love that he takes diverse roles that don't pigeonhole him. Honestly, though, I am in no rush to see him in The Ugly Truth - the fluff piece seriously seems beneath his talent.

  8. I was too, Cate! PS I Love You got me hooked on Gerard. I thought The Ugly Truth was funny - once you caught the tone of the movie and I liked the Gamer, but I tend to prefer him in romantic movies...although 300 was good to. :)

  9. Yeah, I am a Gerry fan. I happened to love him in Timeline and will re-watch his parts of the movie. Um, maybe a few times. ;)

    Unfortunately, I'm guessing that part of the problem actually *is* Gerry's management team. A lot of the big agencies "package" films--they try to pair up the screenwriter / director and actors all from their own shop so that they (a) get the film made "Hey look, we have all of these attachments" and (b) get a much bigger cut of the film because they will pull a package if one of the components is rejected. I don't know where Gerry is repped, but clearly, someone else at that place is getting the choicest scripts before he gets them. (You would not believe how much the gatekeepers do not give to their clients... and the clients get so sealed in that environment, they don't really know what they're missing.)

  10. Absolutely love Gerard Butler! Just this morning was trying to doze off again since the kids were up and not killing each oher and hubby wanted to talk, then he went, ok will leave you to dream of Gerard Butler!

    Absolutely loved him in PS I Love You, I cry every time I watch that movie. First discovered him in 300 actually and that bod, wow!

    Also liked his adventurer part in Nim's Island. Strikes me as the ultimate 'good guy' you'd bring home to mom any day...

    I'd so hate to see him lose his potential. Clive Owen type roles would suit him well, indeed.

    Gotta add Gamer to the TBW list now, if only to see that ending.



  11. First, I'll add my voice to the chorus and say that I'm a HUGE fan of G. I would pay to watch or listen to him read the phone book.
    Toni McGee Causey's insight into the process behind how actors end up in certain projects, is probably very close to the mark. I remember hearing a comment from him, during "Nim's" promotions, that his agent "was fired" and considering how long it takes a movie to be made, perhaps this will impact what he's given to read and accept from now on. How he makes his choices has definitely been something I've wondered about often. He's an intelligent man. There has to be something in the scripts he chooses that speaks to him and I admire his determination not to be pigeonholed, (probably why Hollywood hasn't known what to do with him for so long) but something must happen in the translation from page to screen that he is unable to control. I agree with Julia Smith that this was probably a major factor in his decision to form his own production company.
    Absolutely,he deserves projects worthy of his talents, (while watching "State of Play" recently I kept thinking he would have been great in the role Russell Crowe played or that of Clive Owen in "The International" or "Duplicity") something that Law Abiding Citizen promises. I have extremely high hopes for that one!!

  12. Lilly - I'm so much more of a Beowulf & Grendel type person. I paid to see it four times at the theatre. I liked the whole thing - not just Gerry. I especially liked the performance of the troll, which I hear a lot of people weren't into.

    Cate - I first saw him in Reign of Fire, but only fell for him with Phantom of the Opera. It's great when you can then settle in and catch up on all his other roles.

    Del Rae - I quite liked The Ugly Truth and the discovery that it's actually told from Gerry's character's POV. And the scene where he dances with Katherine Heigl...sigh...I could watch that for hours...

    Toni - There are so many times when audiences wonder 'why the heck did he do that film?', and if we only knew...if we only knew... I like what you said about the gatekeepers. If they think there's money to be had from pushing Gerry into the Hunky Action Flick Ghetto, then that's where they'll try to put him. Let's hope he can storm that battlement.

    Z - My mom and I went to see PS I Love You a few weeks after my gram passed away. You talk about cry. As for Nim's Island, I have a fictional character I'm writing who is based on Gerry's voice & appearance, and when he shows up as her fictional character talking her through things, well...

    weetiger3 - 'Something must happen in the translation from page to screen that he is unable to control' - There are hundreds of factors during the entire process of making a film that impacts the actor's performance, and over which he has zero control. I'm always impressed by how brave actors are to trust that the integrity of their work will be respected once they've signed for the role. Because so often that trust is not exactly respected.

    I personally admire Gerry for always honoring his commitment to each of his films when it comes time to promote them. Regardless of whether he likes how it turned out, he is there for the director at least (in my opinion.)

    By the way, I popped over to your blog. I love your Moments of Zen and your opening day review of Gamer! This was me exactly:

    'Opening Day, 2nd row center, impatiently and excitedly tapping my toes. C'mon! It's 4:30! Whatever happened to the big promise movie theaters made a few years back to start movies on time, the time printed in the paper or posted on the web? Pffffft. Anyway...' - weetiger3

  13. Hi, Julia! Cute post! Wow, I need to get out to the movies more often! I see too few movies and, sadly, have missed Gerard in EVERYthing, but I do like his picture! :) And I've been eager to see him in something because I asked recently on my blog who should play "Jamie" in Gabaldon's "Outlander," and Gerard Butler was the overwhelming choice! So now I need to catch him in something. (Reading all these comments is helping me decide!)


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