Living in the (Virtual) Future

By Rae Lori

I’m so excited to join popculturedivas with such a great group of ladies. I figured for my first post I’d chat a little about the future and introduce myself.

I’m an author, artist, dreamer, reader and avid visual lover (my shortcut term for a movie and TV addict ;-)). I grew up on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres so the speculative catches my eye pretty easily. I loved all the awesome inventions that imagined what a cool future would have. Flying cars, vast cities with everything at your fingertips, advancements in artificial intelligence to make our lives easier. Much of this is already available considering how much stuff we can get on cell phones and how easy it is to order almost anything from our computers. Not to mention communication which is just a click away.

With all these advancements in every day life, it got me thinking about how it’ll integrate into publishing, reading and new authors sharing their work. We can already attend book discussion groups via forums, share snippets of books to check out before we buy and now book tours can be conducted in the comfort of one’s own home. Not blog tours, but actual book tours.

The virtual world of Second Life hasn’t quite caught on as mainstream as other social networks but there’s a growing community for readers, writers and other creative types in-world. I hold a weekly class for aspiring novelists and I’m also a part of the many writing communities who share their work and talk about other books in various discussions. I just received a newsletter the other day from an author whose reading I attended a few months ago. She’s holding an in-world salon where she’ll spotlight an author per event. The author will then come in and read some excerpts then answer questions from the audience. As a lover of audio books, I really enjoyed this. Shortly before attending that I went to an October bash where one sim (simulator world, that is) had a hostess who read Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and it was great. There used to be a wonderful sim called October Country (inspired by Ray Bradbury’s story of the same name) which featured Science Fiction, Fantasy and horror audio dramas on constant rotation.

I wish I had all the time in the world to go everywhere in Second Life but between writing, catching up on the towering TBR pile and family life, the time just zips by.

At least there’s the weekly creative writing class meetings and the big events that occur monthly. And NaNoWriMo SL is just around the corner…


Rae writes in multiple genres including science fiction, fantasy, romance and suspense, sometimes all meshed together in one story. Currently she is at work writing short speculative stories as a break from her larger works. Recently she has contributed to the world-building chapter for the upcoming The Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal, to be released this fall from Dragon Moon Press and is gearing up for the release of her futuristic A Feast of Shadows from Eirelander Publishing in March 2010.

Check out more of her work at her website where you can sign up for her newsletter, check out her blog and see what’s coming up for new releases and free reads.

Photos taken on location in Second Life


  1. I have to admit, until just now I hadn't realized that Second Life featured virtual book tours. How cool is that?

    As for time zipping by with all the writing, TBR piles, family, friends, stuff - could be worse. Could be bored. I've heard rumors of boredom. Haven't encountered any yet...

  2. Great point, Julia. I'd definitely rather have lots of stuff to do than be bored.

    Definitely! Second Life has some good things in store for writers and readers. I'm excited to see what other goodies come out of it. :-)

  3. Hey Rae

    Your first post!! Congrats, and welcome to the Divas!

    Gotta say I've always been intrigued by Second Life, but never took the plunge. It sounded more to me like, it'd become my first life itself, lol!

    Exciting to know that authors are making their presence known on a virtual community like this too.



  4. Hi Rae: Welcome to popculturedivas! What a unique perspective you bring to us. I've never tried Second Life but know it has quite a healthy following. I guess when it comes down to it it's a matter of time and commitment and what you want the social network site to do for you. I know that HQ for example is on Second Life - so who knows as e-publishing becomes bigger and more widespread it'll no doubt take on a larger role for the romance world - which certainly is open to new and imaginative ideas - if one can only judge by the gazillion sub-genres that exist in romance :D Looking forward to reading more about it in your future posts!

  5. Welcome to Popculturedivas, Rae! Great post. I'd never heard of Second Life but will definitely check it out, though I feel a bit stretched as far as social networking. Great that authors have such a resource, though. Like you, I'm usually too busy writing to conquer my TBR pile, and it grows weekly.
    How does NaNoWriMo SL differ from the original?

  6. Hi Rae!

    Great post about Second Life. Quite a unique world. I've heard about many creative gatherings in that world.

    I used to work for EA/Maxis, and was a Beta player for The Sims Online. A fabulous gig, as eventually I was a MaxisMod *laughs* and an inworld reporter, visiting cool properties and doing write-ups for the monthly newsletter. How cool is that??

    Although I'm drawn to Second Life, I suspect I'll never have the time that I once did to wander through virtual halls and chat with folks from around the world. Ah, well. As the saying goes, "We'll always have Alphaville." *grin*

    Great post! Wishing you many successful book tours, virtual and otherwise. *wink*


  7. Congrats on joining the Divas - how fab!

    Sims - I remember them. But then one day I thought, why create virtual characters on a computer when I could start creating characters in a novel?

    You're right - so many demands on our time and we must set priorities. But interesting concept - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  8. Congrats on your first posting, Rae! I look forward to following this blog and see what else you ladies dive into. Second Life is a wonderful thing to experience, even if you don't stay, and does hold many opportunities for those in the writing community. I love the classes you give and hope to make it next week. But you know how life gets busy with those other things (the writing, TBR piles, family, friends, stuff..LOL) Thanks for sharing!


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