The Men I Love

by Michelle Miles

There are good reasons to watch movies. Most of which involves the every-day escapism that we need to recharge our internal batteries. You know, just to veg out in front of the theater screen or TV screen for two hours and enjoy the ride. Man is always surprised when I want to see an action flick but he doesn’t know I have a secret agenda: I like hot, alpha males.

(Or maybe he DOES know my secret agenda…hm…)

My all-time favorite lead actor these days is Gerard Butler. How can you resist his hotness? He has a new movie out this month called Law Abiding Citizen. I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Even if it is a little dark. He’s just the epitome of yummy to me and it all started when I first saw him in that Beowulf & Grendel (2005) movie. It was a Canada release only and didn’t make it here to the States until it was on DVD. Which meant I had to wait and only look at his hot pictures until I actually saw the movie (which was kind of subpar, but it’s Gerry!).

Next up I’d have to pick Hugh Jackman. He sings, he dances, he acts, he has a super-sexy accent. Plus he looks really hot as Wolverine (those muscles...oh, baby!). I also liked him with Nicole Kidman in Australia. He’s rough and ready most of the time. As I was perusing IMBD for Mr. Jackman, I discovered there will be a Wolverine 2 in the near future. Sweet.

Clive Owen. I hear he’s an ass in real life but you know what? Who cares. He’s easy on the eyes and another guy who has a sexy accent.
I hated Closer but I loved him in those BMW short films. What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of the BMW short films? This is where I discovered Mr. Owen and when he instantly became the model for my hero in my time travel action adventure series. When BMW launched their new cars back early 2001, they hired some primo directors and some great actors to make these short films. I think they’re all of 5-10 minutes each. Clive was “the Driver” alongside other actors like Gary Oldman, James Brown, Madonna and even Kathryn Morris (Cold Case) made an appearance in one. If you can hunt down a copy of these short flicks, get them. They’re fun and Clive is muy caliente!

There are, of course, others. Patrick Stewart was my favorite Enterprise captain. I had a HUGE crush on Shaun Cassidy when I was a kid. Joe was definitely my favorite Hardy Boy. And Harrison Ford in his younger days when he was swashbuckling as Indiana Jones and space-pirating as Han Solo. And I couldn’t even begin to start my list for those golden Hollywood actors I love (Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart…).

There’s no way I could name them all but this is a nice start. Now it’s your turn – tell me who you love to watch on the small screen or the silver screen. And if you're a writer, what actors/actresses inspire your writing? Enquiring minds want to know! :)

Michelle Miles is an avid movie watcher, writes romance, drinks coffee and collects shoes. You can learn more about her books at Images courtesy of IMDB.Com and Michelle Miles.


  1. I loved Beowulf and Grendel! It was so different from the Beowulf I'd read in college. The only problem was (and maybe this was me not knowing how to adjust the TV settings) that many of the scenes were so dark I could hardly see GB. Still, a wonderful movie with absolutely spectacular settings - Iceland, I think. Gorgeous.

    The only actor whose movies I make a point of seeing whenever I can is Johnny Depp. He's not only beautiful to look at, but he's full of surprises.

    So far, I haven't used actors and actresses as inspiration for my characters. The closest I've ever come is cutting pics of interesting-looking people out of a magazine for a brainstorming collage.

  2. Like Barbara, I loved Beowulf & Grendel - I saw it four times in the theatre. I'm much more of an indie film lover.

    And Gerry? Check.
    Hugh? Check.
    Clive? Check.

    You've got extremely fabulous taste, Michelle!

    I've 'cast' all of my male characters (all WIPS at present). So far I've used:

    Sean Bean
    Ewan McGregor
    Robert Carlyle
    Gerard Butler
    Richard Armitage

  3. Yum. All of them yum. I'd like a mush of all of the above, please.

    My completed MS is an oddity. I wasn't thinking of anyone specific when I wrote it, but I could see him in my head. Then I was watching Grey's Anatomy on tv, and saw Kevin McKidd. I was speechless. That's him.

  4. Excellent choices ladies! I have to go with Gerald as an all time favorite. I can not think of a single move I didn't think he was yummy in. Case in point, check out this sizzling video.


  5. Michelle - fun topic! OK I'm with Barbara and Julia re: their picks mentioned above. I haven't heard that Clive Owen is a jerk - say it ain't so! I'll have to add George Clooney who I can't say is an alpha - he's more of a beta but he's a rogue for sure. Daniel Craig - definite alpha. Aaron Eckhart - he can go either way. Jon Hamm - alpha all the way and tortured. Eric Bana - also either way. Robert Downey Jr. tortured hero, self -effacing. Oh, I could go on all day! ;D

  6. Hmm...there's Gerry. And then Gerry. And then the rest of my list is: GERRY!

    (Sorry, I'm a single-focus gal!)

    Gerry's newest LAW ABIDING CITIZEN looks awesome. And it's really a change for him, bringing out some major acting skills. W00T!

  7. I loved Gerry before he made it big... I just didn't know he was the same guy in all the movies I liked until I looked him up on IMDB after I saw 300. I first saw him in Atilla and was like wow he's cute. Then I saw him in Dracula 2000 and was like wow he's cute. And again I saw him in Phantom of the Opera and thought damn he's cute how can she not pick him :)

    Also a huge fan of Jackman. He seems like such a nice guy off screen and looks awesome on.

    Mostly I like alpha men, but my one non alpha that I really love lately is James McAvoy. Watch Atonement and you'll understand. Cried like a baby :)

  8. James McAvoy!! I LOVE HIM! I forgot about him (bad of me). He was in "Vanity Fair" with Reese Witherspoon, I believe. So hot.

    Agreed on all accounts about Gerry. I liked Beawful & Grendle and Gerry was hot throughout. But the story angle with the wtich bugged me. And I looked COLD there. Brr.

    Great choices, all!

  9. And I totally spelled Beowulf wrong. I'm having one of THOSE days. I spilled rice in my lap at lunch and tripped on the sidewalk.

    *rolling eyes*

  10. I can get next to a lot of the current stars (like Butler), but Cary Grant is my all-time fav. Others include Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, and George Clooney. I'll watch Cary in anything, but there are actors I connect to in certain roles, but perhaps not in others.

    Actors/actresses don't inspire my writing, but again, the roles they portray might. I don't tend to think of specific people as I write - other than my own characters.

    This was fun, Michelle - thanks!

    Nancy Haddock

  11. Hey Michelle

    You've got all my 'men' up here! Just read an interview of Clive Owen and he sounded like a real hot family man in there (married for 14 years, how's that? he's also got 2 tween daughters and he sounds like a great, caring dad ) Heard he's got a bit of a lashing tongue but hey, he's British!

    I'll add Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, Sam Worthington and Thomas Kretschmann in my list. Thomas K found himself cast in my latest story, as a hardened French cop.

    So far I've used David James Elliot (Light My World), Forbes March in The Other Side, and George Eads in Storms in a Shot Glass. In the one I'm currently penning, had no grip on the hero until I saw a still of Sam Worthignton in Avatar promo shots, and was like, that's him! (even if I'll have to make him a little older in the story!)

    Fun topic, loved it!



  12. Definitely Cary Grant for early heroes. Which may be why I'm so hooked on Jon Hamm today. That man has old-school-class. Like a movie hero of yore. Yummy!

    Of course, who can resist Johnny Depp? Not me. I'd let him swash my buckle anyday!

    Though I must admit, I'm not as into the alpha as the beta. For me it's all about the mind. I know! I'm crazy, right? But a muscle man will make me go ho-hum and my eyes will wander until I find that one articulate brainy type who can keep me guessing.

    Of course, in MY fantasies, he's also easy on the eyes. *grin*

    Hmmm... Guess John will always remain my favorite Beatle. :-P

    Speaking of Kevin McKidd, I think "Made of Honor" with Patrick Dempsey as the perfect 'beta' rogue and Kevin as the 'alpha' stalwart groom is a wonderful flick. Have to wonder if it was due to that movie that Kevin got picked up for 'Grey's'.

    Great post, Michelle!



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