Pop Culture Deprivation

By Jennifer Haymore

Sooo...I'm pop culture deprived. I'm aching for some pop culture. I feel it, down to my bones. What I wouldn't give for a good, old-fashioned sitcom, an issue of People Magazine, oh or even a good, sink-your-teeth-into-the-drama movie.

But I am an author under deadline. I have five days in which to finish my book. This is my fifth book, my tightest deadline ever, and the toughest book I've had to write. I want, so badly, for it to be my best, and I'm working harder than I've ever worked to get there.

Nevertheless, I can't help but dream of all the things I'm going to do when I turn in this book: I'm going to go to the movies! I'm going to take a whole night off...and I'm going to watch television! And, yes, I'm going to read a gossip magazine from cover to cover.

In the meantime, I need help. I actually did watch a movie last week. I needed a break one night, and my husband and I watched Surrogates starring Bruce Willis (it was a nice escape from the writing cave I've been wallowing in). But television? Oh my gosh, I am woefully ignorant of what's going on on TV. The last television show I watched was the finals of American Idol last spring. Sad, but true! The only show I have a remote relationship with right now is Heroes, and I'm pretty lost with that one, to be honest!

So here's where you come in: I need fall recommendations. What TV shows and/or movies would you recommend to this poor pop-culture-deprived diva? I like action, adventure, and, oh yes, lots of romance (or at least that yummy tension!).

I'm going to take all of your recommendations, hold on to them until I turn in this book on Monday, and then I'm going to have a serious splurge. Ahhh...I'm getting chills just thinking about how much fun it's going to be!

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  1. OMG! no TV since last spring? I would be mulching! One of my must see shows on TV this fall - new show is "Glee" (Fox) (LOVE IT!) follows the trials and tribulations of a high school glee club. Lots of musical numbers, romance, terrific humor and so much fun. One of my fave shows on TV. That's the only new show that I'm in love with. The rest are just old faves that are back for new seasons - "Medium" back on CBS on Friday nights. Law and Order SVU (still going strong). I've become more selective in my choice of destination TV over the years. I try to see at least one episode of as many new shows as I can but if it doesn't grab me after one ep. I move on. And Glee had me in 30 seconds. Good Luck! I'm sure you'll get plenty of great advice today :D

  2. And good luck with your new book - I bet it's going to be terrific! ;D

  3. I know all the writing-cave sacrifices are going to be worth it. Can't wait to see what you've turned in.

    The only shows I'm really into are Robin Hood (airing on BBC America & BBC Canada), Stargate Universe on SyFy or Space, and Spooks/MI-5 which is yet to air for its 8th season. Ooo, I can't wait for that one!

  4. See, I've never even heard of Glee! I'm going to check it out.

    And Robin Hood, Julia? Oh man, I'm all over that one!

    Thanks so much for the recs!

  5. I second the recommendation for Glee. The three other shows I can't miss are Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, and Flash Forward.

    When Chuck comes back next year, it is also a great prime time romp. It will be taking over the Heroes time slot, I think.

  6. I'm loving the new NCIS:LA. LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell. It's great! And just love the reg NCIS. My line up is pretty much Monk, Psych, L&O:SVU, L&O:CI, starting to watch Bones, and sometimes catch House. I used to watch NO TV, but I'm getting so I watch more and more. Drop Dead Diva is pretty good, and there is a new one coming on USA I'm interested in. I'll have to fill you in on the name, can't think of it right now.

  7. Hey, congrats on keeping focused for so long!!

    Many good shows mentioned here already! Definitely Glee is a number one favorite. It's hilarious, over-the-top, has one of my favorite actresses, Jane Lynch, and some wonderful music every week. Wednesdays at nine on Fox.

    For drama, we're enjoying The Good Wife, starring Julianna Margulies. Tuesday, 10 pm, CBS.

    For just plain FUN try Eastwick based on the novel and movie, The Witches of Eastwick. Wednesday at 10 pm on ABC.

    Of course, Castle is back on Mondays at 10pm on ABC. Some action, sizzle and comedy, and starring the yummy Nathan Fillion.

    Flash Forward seems good. We've only caught one episode so far but I did like it. 8 pm Thursday on ABC.

    Of course, I also love The Medium, Lie to Me, and The Mentalist for the crime drama fix.

    For comedy, like Jennifer, I love How I Met Your Mother and like Melissa, I'm a big fan of Drop Dead Diva.

    The latter is rather like Ally McBeal meets... um... Ghost Whisperer? Nah. It's fun though--a cute, perky young blonde model (did I mention skinny and IQ challenged?) dies, goes to the hallowed transfer station, pushes a button and is plopped into the first vacated body: a lawyer with high IQ and large hips. I was surprised at how quickly I got hooked. Now she must find her way in life while watching her former fiance (and love of her life) from a distance.

    Of course, I have to watch my other comedy faves: 30 Rock, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

    Sunday nights, of COURSE, we record the 60's set drama, Mad Men starring the yummy Jon Hamm (who is just one of an amazingly talented cast). 10 pm AMC.

    So there, you go, my current television buffet. *grin*

    Hope you find some good picks!



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