by Jessica Brody

It's finally here! The release of my second novel, LOVE UNDER COVER which is currently in development as a TV series by Marina Grasic, the executive producer of the academy award winning film, CRASH!

I'm so thrilled! Please enjoy the book trailer below and an interview with the author (that's me!)

Book Trailer

About the Book

In her job, she’s an expert on men…
In her own relationship, she doesn’t have a clue.
Boyfriend behaving badly? Suspect your husband of straying? Jennifer Hunter can supply the ultimate test. She runs a company which specializes in conducting fidelity inspections for those who suspect their loved ones are capable of infidelity.

An expert on men, Jennifer can usually tell if they're single, married or lying... Unfortunately, her new boyfriend, Jamie, is one of the few men that she's never been able to 'read.' Has she finally found the perfect man or is he too good to be true?

A captivating new novel from the bestselling author of The Fidelity Files.

Available NOW! Wherever books are sold.

Author Interview:

1) What was your inspiration behind Love Under Cover?

As soon as I finished writing my first novel, The Fidelity Files¸ I knew that Jennifer’s journey wasn’t over yet. Although she had seemed to find her happy ending there was so much more fun stuff I had in mind for another book. Setting Jennifer up with an entire agency of fidelity inspectors was definitely the first and foremost on my mind for the next installment.

Plus, I really wanted to explore what a fidelity inspector would be like in a committed relationship. After everything she’s seen—all the cheating, dishonesty, and betrayal—would she really be capable of settling down herself? So that’s what I set out to focus on in this book.

2) Which scene (or scenes) in your novel did you love writing? Why?

I love writing any of the scenes with Jennifer’s friends. They’re all fun in their own way. Zoë has a terrible road rage problem and she has a habit of talking on the phone while driving so those conversations with Jen and Zoë on the phone are always really entertaining for me. I get to channel my inner turrets patient. Sophie is totally neurotic. I love going over the top with her.
And John is the flamboyant gay boy from West Hollywood who is always quick with his sarcasm and wit. Sometimes I don’t know where his remarks come from. I must be chanelling my inner gay man because I’ll write something that he says and think, “That’s really funny. Where the hell did that come from?”

3) If you could be a superhero, what would you superpower be?

Calorie Immunity. That would definitely be my super power. The ability to eat anything I want and be completely unaffected by the calories contained within. That would be really awesome. And I guess that would automatically make my nemesis cupcakes. Although, if this were a comic book, he would be called “Dr. Cupcake” and his side kick would be called “Sprinkles.”

4) What's the main thing you hope people take away from your book?

Entertainment. That’s all I seek to do. Entertain people. The reason I started writing was because of Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding. I read that book in college whenever I would go to the gym and I remember looking down at the elliptical and thinking, “Seriously? I’ve already been exercising for thirty minutes!?” The time would FLY by. I was so inspired and awed by the fact that a book could take me away from my life like that. I knew from that day on that I wanted to be a writer so I could attempt to do the same. So if my book can help pass the time of a long flight or a boring workout then I’ve accomplished my goal. And if some of the issues about relationships and love and trust that I’ve delved into get people thinking, than that’s just icing on the cupcake.

5) Which fictional character would you most like to have dinner with?

Um, Edward Cullen, of course! Although after dinner, I’d probably ask him to stick around for a drink, a movie, coffee, and then who knows where it might lead. I’m not to be held responsible (or accountable) for fictional dinner dates with hot vampires.

Click here to read a sample chapter from the novel!

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Jessica Brody is the author of two commercial fiction novels, The Fidelity Files (available now) and Love Under Cover (Nov. 10) and an upcoming young adult novel, The Karma Club which releases in the Spring of 2010. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she is working n her next book. Visit her online at:


  1. Hi Jessica :)
    Congratulations on the release of LOVE UNDER COVER yesterday. And Congratulations on it being in development as a series! Thank you for the trailer - I loved it. Also thanks for the fun & informative interview. I really enjoyed learning more about you & your writing. I love how the characters come up with such great things to say too!
    Love & Best Wishes,

  2. Congrats Jessica! woohoo! And so excited about your development deal. Please keep us posted on that! Esp. when you get to casting stage! LOL. Bridget Jones' Diary - what a treat that book is and the movie is one of my fave comedies EVER! Although I don't think I could ever read it on the elliptical. I would probably end up laughing too much and fall off as Bridget did in the movie. ;D Enjoy your success sweetie!

  3. Happy release day, Jessica! Hope you sell a ton! How exciting it'll be made into a TV series. I'd love to know who gets casted too!

  4. Happy Release Day - and woo hoo on it being in development!! You rock!

    'Those conversations with Jen and Zoë on the phone are always really entertaining for me. I get to channel my inner Touretts patient.' - LOL!


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