So I Was Wrong...

by Larissa Ione

In my last post, I discussed vampire TV and all the great (and not so great) shows that have been on over the years.

I mentioned that I didn't like Vampire Diaries.

Well, since then, I've given it another chance. I'd taped about 5 episodes and let them play while I was writing (I like to have the television on in the background sometimes.)

The first couple of episodes were...meh.

And then...bam! Suddenly, stuff started happening. Elena learned the truth about Stefan and Damon. Vicki was turned into a vampire. Many of the townspeople turned out to be secret vampire slayers. Yay!

Okay, the jury is still out on Stefan -- I like broody, but he's too broody and woe-is-me. I'm loving Damon, who I didn't like originally. Plus, he's hot.

The show's still not quite as gritty as I like my vampire shows, and there's not enough humor, but it's getting better.

I now like it better than I liked Moonlight. It still can't touch Buffy or Angel or True Blood, but the fact that I'm now looking forward to each episode means I'm hooked, and I do hope it isn't canceled (because that's what happens whenever I like a show.)

So...what about you? Are there any shows that started this new season that were iffy for you but now you like them -- or have decided that you definitely don't like them?

For me, I'm still iffy on Flash Forward and Mercy. I definitely wasn't getting into Trauma, but I've heard it's been chopped, so I don't need to even try with that one anymore (I do love my medical dramas, but that one just wasn't clicking for me.)

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  1. Larissa - I had the exact same reaction to Vampire Diaries as you - slow to start but it's getting better. I still don't like Elena's sucky younger brother and you're right - Stefan is too broody but needs more edge - & more humour. Now, Damon on the other hand! He's THE ONE! He's the real star of the show as far as I'm concerned. I think - hope the writers are figuring out what the right balance is for the show - they need to up the dark humour of course and the characters need more dimensions - which is happening. I gave up on Flash Forward - felt like it was trying too hard to be the next Lost - which it is - the TV execs want it to be. But it's coming around. Normally, I give up on shows after a few eps. if they don't catch me. For some reason I didn't give up on Vampire Diaries - I think because Damon was so good from get go.

  2. That's exactly why I didn't give up on Vampire Diaries -- Damon! *g*

    And yeah...that's my problem with Flash Forward! It feels too much like Lost has felt in the last couple of seasons -- very choppy and complicated, with the mystery dragging out too long.

    However, the last episode did throw in a little twist I didn't see coming, enough to make me watch the next episode.

    I gave up on Lost, so I really hope FF doesn't try to be too much like it!

  3. I was iffy on Glee but now I love it and hate that it's not on because of World Series. I didn't try Vampire Diaries because I kept missing episodes and gave up. I was iffy on True Blood this past season and am still iffy for next season as I don't like the direction that Alan Ball is going in as I'm an Eric fan.

  4. I'm so not into vampires. Didn't like "Dark Shadows" when I was a kid and don't like any of it today. Can't wait for it to go away. :)

    About the only scripted shows I watch are "Mad Men" and "Brothers and Sisters."

  5. Maria, I was iffy on Glee...and then stopped watching it. I probably should have given it more of a chance, but it comes on at a time that something else comes on, and I just didn't bother taping it. I might hit it again during reruns.

    I do love True Blood, but I also haven't read beyond the second book, so it's possible that not knowing how it's "supposed" to go is keeping me from being disappointed!

    Kathy -- ack! Not into the vamps??? *g* I've been into vampires since I was a kid, so I'm hoping they don't go away!

    Brothers and, I have a love/hate relationship with that show. I don't even like it that much, but I still watch. Kitty is so freaking whiny she drives me nuts. But I still watch. It's weird! LOL

  6. I also had a terrible time with Vampire Diaries. I'm still not all that sure about it. I guess I'll give it the season to play out. If I haven't warmed to it by then I never will.

  7. Larissa - You HAVE to give Glee another chance! It's my favourite new show on TV. I ADORE it! Jane Lynch plus great singing!

  8. New shows that I'm hooked on are Glee (and I'm with Joanna, you should definitely give it another chance) and White Collar... yeah, I know there's only been two episodes so far, but he's hot! I'm also into Castle now. I know it's not a new show, but I didn't start watching it until this season :)

  9. I totally agree! At the beginning, I was really excited and then watched the pilot and while I thought it was good, I wasn't hooked. I wasn't even hooked after the next show and the next but then BAM! Vicki turned into a vampire and all of these questions started popping off in my head and I am now officially hooked!

    I'm more of a Stefan fan. Damon is growing on me (hated him in the beginning) but for me, it's still all about Stefan. He can brood all he wants for me. I love it!

    Now, do you guys have any thoughts on Bonnie? I find myself not caring one twit that she can make the water burst out of the water hose or start a fire on a candle. To me, it's all just...meh.

  10. I gave up on Vampire Diaries. I kept watching Dollhouse and like it now. I love Glee and Castle. White Collar didn't hook me, though.

  11. I've been on the fence about Vampire Diaries too. As a devotee of the books (they were the Twilight of MY teen years), they've gone so far away from the original plot that the purist in me wants to say Boo. BUT, I do like the show for its own thing (rather than as any kind of faithful adaptation of the books). Elena is more likable and approachable in the show than she is in the book. This whole founding families vampire hunter thing is an interesting twist (totally not from the books), so I'll be interested in seeing where it goes.

  12. OH NO! Now I have to try it! LOL ;-)

    PS - I don't know how you write with the tv on -- can't do it. Music, yes. TV - no ;-)


  13. Rowena - I agree with you about Bonnie - her character is boring. The writers need to focus more on building up the other characters or it won't be as well rounded as it should. I'm behind watching it - but I've DVRd it. Stefan is okay - needs some work. TEAM DAMON! ;D

  14. Wah! And to think I gave up on Vampire Diaries! Oh, well, I'll be able to rent the entire season soon. *grin* Good to know it picked up.

    Flash Forward is starting to get pretty interesting now. I was on the fence and now I'm hooked.

    LOVE GLEE!!!!!! 'Nuff said.

    Like Kathy, I'm a solid Mad Men fan. I'm a wreck because the season finale is on Sunday and I can't wait but I also WANT to wait because then it's probably ten months until the dang thing starts again. ARGH! Love that show.

    Castle too! Yummy funny writer man. *drool*

    A new drama that took me surprise and is now a solid favorite with both hubby and me is The Good Wife. It's been waaaay too long since we had a decent lawyer show that didn't descend into silliness (I'm talking to YOU, David Kelley!). This one is smart, slick, and real enough to keep my attention.

    Great post! Thanks for the heads up on Vampire Diaries (just realized I could NOT acronym that! *laughs*).

    --Chiron O'Keefe
    The Write Soul:


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