The Soul of Music times Two

by Chiron O'Keefe

YouTube is truly a phenomenon for a dedicated music lover. Not only can I catch beloved videos from the past, my eager eyes feast on concerts I've never imagined could exist. After our very own Joanna D'Angelo introduced me to an unlikely but fabulous pairing of two singers with soul, I thought it a fine idea to highlight some of the more unusual and amazing Musical Duos.

First off, with thanks to Jo, the amazing Boy George and Dionne Warwick, singing a sweet and lovely version of Say A Little Prayer:

I grew up with the sounds of Motown, Chess Records, Atlantic Records, Sun Records and many others. As a child I still remember hunching in front of the family television, thrilling to the dance moves on Soul Train. Speaking of dance moves, Michael Jackson credited the Godfather of Soul as one of his biggest influences. Check out sultry soul singer, Joss Stone sharing the stage with the one and only James Brown doing, It's a Man's World:

On my previous music blog, I shared a video of the unforgettable Janis Joplin. Anyone who's heard this lady rock the house will swear not a singer alive could do her justice. Until now. At a tribute to The Pearl, Joss Stone and Melissa Etheridge capture the heart and soul of Janis:

What singer could share a stage with Janis and do her proud? I'll tell you who, Mr. What's New Pussycat himself, Tom Jones. Stopping by to appear on his show, Janis and Tom rock the house with Raise Your Hand:

Tom continues to sell out concerts and no wonder. That boy can sing! Here's Tom Jones and the Welsh rock band, Stereophonics, playing Mama Told Me Not To Come:

I think now's a good time to introduce some of the more unusual pairings I've come across during many a late night. Pull up your comfy chair, pour your favorite beverage and enjoy the show!

First off, this next video is a must see. I've long been a fan of Paul Simon and like others, believe Graceland is one of his best songs. Most everyone knows he wrote the tune after visiting the estate of Elvis Presley, but when I caught this next performance I found myself wondering if it was an unconscious tribute to one of the greatest balladeers of all time.

Some trivia—a famous example of a National Guitar is the silver dobro. Leading to one of the best lyrics ever: The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National Guitar…

For a special treat, here's Willie Nelson and Paul Simon performing Graceland:

One of the most unique pairings of all time. The infamous Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards singing with the ethereal Norah Jones.

Here's Love Hurts:

Speaking of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger is never shy about sharing the stage. Here he rocks the house with The Queen of Rock and Roll, Ms. Tina Turner:

Just recently, I discovered what a busy boy Bruce Springsteen is! Here's Bruce singing Bad Moon Rising with a clearly delighted John Fogerty:

Competing for one of the most distinctive match-ups of all time, Bruce again, this time performing REM's tribute to Andy Kaufman, Man on The Moon, with Michael Stipe:

To wrap up our concert tour, I'm sharing a couple of clips of two prolific and genuinely twisted musicians. I first caught this duo on their HBO show, Flight of the Conchords. Imagine my delight and surprise when YouTube gave me access to the boys performing their songs live in concert! Not only are they flawless in timing and tempo, the songs these two compose will leave you gasping for breath. Please be advised of a Spit-Take Warning and avoid spewing liquids when seized by an uncontrollable urge to guffaw.

Presenting Brett and Jermaine:

Business Time:

The Humans are Dead:

I hope you've enjoyed our musical tour and found at least one video that caught your interest. It's such a pleasure to share the treasures I've encountered over the months. Thanks to YouTube for providing such spectacular performances to a devoted music lover. Till next month!

--Chiron O'Keefe

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  1. WOOOO HOOOOO!!! You made my day. Thanks for bringing these recordings to my attention - love them all. Wow, that Joss Stone is amazing. And I do love Tom Jones - saw him in Vegas not long ago and he still has it. He even made it into my wip. LOL!

  2. And Melissa Etheridge - mustn't leave her out - WOW!!

  3. Pretty fabulous, eh? All I can say is, I KNOW!!!! So many of these songs just give me chills. Wow.

    Thanks so much for popping over, Kathy! We'd have such fun at a concert together. *grin*

    --Chiron O'Keefe

  4. Too cool, Chiron. I watched the two Springsteen videos, but will bookmark this post for after NaNoWriMo. Thanks so much for gathering these amazing duets together!

  5. Oh boy! Thanks Chiron for the nod **g**! I love duets too! And you've given us some wowee combos here! I adore Melissa Etheridge. She can sing the phone book and it would sound amazing ;D Thank you so much for sharing your love of music with us ;D

  6. Woo wee!! The motherlode.

    ('Business socks...')

    My best friend was just in NY to see the rock and roll Hall of Fame concert with Bruce (her reason for living) and John Fogerty. Magic of You Tube - me, too!

    Tom Jones and Janis *shakes head at amazing moment in time*

    Thanks for posting these. What a concert you've aranged for us.

  7. Thanks, Cate!

    The Springsteen videos are amazing, aren't they? Everytime I find one where's he's singing someone else's song that dude OWNS it. Makes it his very own. I'm truly in awe.

    Keep rocking that NaNo! The videos will make a nice treat when you're celebrating your astonishing level of productivity. *wink*


  8. Hey Jo!

    Thanks to you for providing the inspiration for this month's musical tour. *grin* I loved the one you sent a link to. It truly inspired and I quickly made notes that day, knowing this would turn into a fun blog!

    You're so right about Melissa. That woman just plain rocks. I laughed about the phone book comment! *snort* As Homer Simpson would say, "It's funny 'cause it's true." *heh-heh*

    Thanks so much for jumping in!


  9. Oh, Julia!

    You're so welcome! It's such a blast to share these with music lovers. And yes, that IS why they call them 'business socks'. *falls over laughing* Jermaine slays me.

    WOW, to actually be at that concert in NY. *faints* That would be too freaking cool. But you're right, thanks to the magic of YouTube we have a front row seat.

    And I'm with you on that amazing duet with Joplin and Jones. Just blew me away. Awhile back we watched some of the Dick Cavett shows and seeing her chatting with Dick and then jumping up and wailing away without so much as a blink of hesitation was like nothing else.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the concert! It was fun picking and choosing the exact right videos to present. Makes me feel like the luckiest woman ever. Woo-hoo!!


  10. Bruce RAWKS, Chiron. I'm so glad you included him in your concert footage. I also enjoyed Melissa Etheridge and REM.

    Great way to spend my afternoon break and now I'm off to listen to some Bruce.

    PROOF OF LIFE available now at Amazon and MBaM!

  11. Thanks for the Friday night concert, Chiron. Tom and Janis were amazing (love Tom's version of Prince's "Kiss"). I remember that Melissa Etheridge/Joss Stone moment when it was on TV the first time - totally blew me away. Keith Richards? Well, that's why Mick sings and Keith plays the guitar! I had actually heard before that Mick studiously copied several of Ms. Tina Turner's stage movements for his own concerts! Have to tell you while we're on the subject of music, I came home from work the other day - husband was working late, kids were at friends' houses doing homework. I was in a great mood and put on The Best of Sam Cooke. By the time my older son came home, I was dancing in the middle of the living room to "Twisting the Night Away." He already knows I'm nuts, so he barely blinked an eye. Then he reported to his dad later that "Mom was home alone dancing by herself to really loud music." LOL


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