Body Modification

By Jennifer Haymore

Tattoos, piercings. When I was little, these were considered extreme methods of asserting one's individuality, but they're far more common & accepted now. I joined a gym two years ago, and the first time I went in for a workout, I was amazed at the numbers of tattoos I saw. I was one of the few "un-inked" people at the gym! I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a few years, but that was before I realized I actually might be asserting my individuality by *not* getting one... I'm still thinking about it, though--I'm just taking my time to choose the perfect design...

Piercings seem to be growing in popularity too. On one discussion board I'm on, people freely talk about piercings on all sorts of interesting parts of their bodies. These aren't radical teenagers, either--they're mothers, professionals, everyday people in their 30's and 40's.

I don't think the body modifications fad is going to go away anytime soon, but I do think these body modifications are going to get more..."interesting." Why get a tattoo or a piercing when all your friends already have one? Why not take it a step further?

The newest fad I'm reading about is elf ears. That's right--have your ears snipped and sewed so they have a cute little point at the top. I guess this is for Tolkien enthusiasts and Christmas lovers...!

So what's next? I'm thinking Wolverine claws would be cool! What about you? If the technology was available, and you could modify any part of your body, what would it be?


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  1. Hi Jennifer :)
    Thank you for the thoughtful post.
    I'd LOVE to have Wolverine retractable claws. *SNICK*
    Happy Holidays,

  2. So intriguing, Jennifer. A documentary on extreme body modification on TV awhile back highlighted a person who'd had surgery to look like a tiger. It changed his entire life, which is what he wanted. Self-expression is important but careful not to pick something you'll regret later! My youngest has several tattoos, all of which have special meaning for her. As for me, I like removable forms of self-expression!

  3. Well, to each his/her own I suppose. I do think it comes down to the individual - I don't have anything against cosmetic surgery per se or body art or anything like that - it just seems as though we in our quest for "beauty" are conforming and not expressing any real individuality. Great post! ;)

  4. Thanks for your responses, everyone! Cate--I think I did hear about the tiger-man. I might have seen part of that documentary. Fascinating.

    I'm still kind of wavering on the tattoo--the biggest reason is because I change so much and so often, I do fear I might one day regret it. Although there are ways to remove them, aren't there? Hmmm...

  5. I think that was the same documentary that I saw. More power to everyone who has guts to do all those sort of things. I do not think I would want to. I find some tattooes to look real nice on ladies, but I am getting too old for that now and I do not like pain.It has to hurt :)

  6. I like your observation that not getting a tattoo these days is more radical. LOL!

    I'm allergic to ink, so tattoos are right out. Jewelry is enough self-expression for me. That can change as the mood suits.

  7. Wow. The elf ears were hard to look at while eating. *shudders*

    I want a tattoo, but I'm waiting it out to be sure. I'd like a tattoo ambigram of mine and my husband name on the insides of my wrists. But it's a big decision so I want to be absolutely positive first.

  8. Eeek, Jennifer! Although I shouldn't respond too hastily! Before I had kids, I'd completely pooh-poohed just about all cosmetic surgery as far too vain. Now I kind of understand why one might want a little bit of a lift and tuck ;) So, while I don't think I've got any other body modification wishes, I won't say never... Very interesting topic!


  9. Wow...I can't imagine what I'd modify. Definitely not elf ears!


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