Brand New Fantasies, Ho Ho Ho...

By Morgan Karpiel

So which one of these guys would you like under your tree? The first line-up of fantasies for our 2010 fantasy tours will be published on our revamped website next week (please feel free to visit us after the updates go live on Dec 16th at And while it might be slightly premature, I just can’t wait to hold some kind of vote on which fantasy people like the
best. So here they are, without further ado…

Bored with the pyramids? Watch this guy take off his shirt instead! This adventure has our guests primped and preened at the day spa, then fully costumed in regency attire and delivered via carriage to the Duke of Kazimierz. The Duke, as it turns out, is hosting a private dinner party in the hope of finding a woman who can afford him. He plans on using his legendary powers of seduction to discover which of his guests is the richest and which will make him the perfect bride. After he hears their stories, however, who knows where his heart will take him?

The idea here is to interact with the Duke and dive into the fantasy. Everyone at the dinner party has a goal and something to hide (guests choose theirs in advance). There’s a mystery to solve (regarding the Duke’s past) and lots of delicious games to play. I like this one a lot. Whoo hoo!

Okay, this one has some evil in it. The guests are treated to a castle tour then fitted in their costumes and brought before the Lord of Korzkiew after the fortress has fallen to his conquering army. All of the guests are ladies of title and wealth and all of them, unfortunately, come from families who have opposed the bold lord and his quest to retake his ancestral lands. Vowing revenge upon them, he is hosting a dinner to decide their fates. Some are destined for the convent, some for the whorehouse, and one for the sheets of his own bed (not really—c’mon now! It’s a game…)

The goal of this one is to convince Lord Korzkiew that you should be his mistress. Prizes are given for finding out what the secretive lord is hiding and for besting him at his own devilish games. Seeing the Eiffel Tower will never come close to this, in my opinion.

Last one of the starting line-up is the Vampire adventure. Lord Reja is on the lookout for the soul mate he lost hundreds of years ago. He’s–you guessed it--- hosting a dinner party to find her among his guests. He has a complicated history and a tendency to make people disappear around him, so the games this man plays will carry certain risks.

Guests will take a tour of the vast underground caverns of Wieliczka then will be fitted for their costumes before joining Lord Reja in his domain. They will try to uncover his secrets and not succumb to his mind games, for fear that one will end up in his arms and the rest on the menu. Careful, this one bites.

Oh such catty wit there, but you know, boss lady needs to let it out now and then. So it’s not fair for me to vote because I’m the owner (which means I’ll be serving the drinks and cleaning the toilets for this enterprise) but I’m very interested in what you ladies out there think. Which of these fantasies intrigues you the most? Or perhaps you have another one you’d like to suggest? We have a contest coming up in May for new fantasy suggestions and the winner gets to host her own tour (the cost of her attendance is on us).

Duke, Knight or Vampire? We’ve all placed our bets here in the office. Now it’s time to put it to the test. Please give us your vote and drop by on the web after Dec 16th to check out the changes. We have lots more fun stuff coming up. I love my job. I love my job. I love my job J


  1. Morgan - what a fun post! And I can totally see why you love your job ;)

    Now, as for which fantasy tour I'd choose - hmm...I think I'd have to go for the Duke - because I know how hard you worked with him - teaching him how to eat a peach...properly.

    Good luck and I look forward to reading more about your adventures (both on and off this blog *winks*)

  2. Oh dear. I have to choose? So stressful! Heck if I could, I'd take all 3! Those adventures all sound delectably wonderful, but I think the Lord and Castle tugs at my adventurous romantic more than the Duke and the Vampire. ^_^ But only a teeny little bit!

    - Nika

  3. These are fantastic! I'd have to go with the conquering knight. But that's only because I have to choose.


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