"You're a mean one...."

by Joss Ware

It's that time again! I always love it when December hits and we can dig out the Christmas music without feeling guilty. Harry Connick, Jr., Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, here I come! The house is filled with festivity.

But even more than the music, I love the movies. Those animated classics we used to gather around the TV to watch with popcorn and Coke.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Year Without a Santa Claus

and my all-time favorite favorite movie....

How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

I'm talking about the original, with Boris Karloff. Forget the Jim Carrey version. (Ugh.)

I know that it's really near Christmas time when we build a big fire, open a bottle of wine, turn on the tree lights and put in that favorite movie. (The wine is for me and Music Man...not for the kids. Juuuuust to clarify.)

Unlike when I was little, when we had to plan to watch it when the networks showed it, now we can do it on our own time. I think I miss it a little, though, because when we were little, everyone watched the Grinch (or Charlie Brown or the Heat Miser) together...but now, it's random.

My favorite part is when the poor dog Max actually gets a ride on the sleigh. Love that he outsmarts the Grinch...even if it's just for a minute.

What about you? Your favorite animated Christmas movie? Why?

Do you have the Mr. Grinch song in your head yet? ;-)


  1. You read my mind. You really really do. He's been in my head since December began. Thanks for making such a delightful post!

    Penny Bloom

  2. I must agree that the grinch is the best animated xmas movie. However, Rudolph is always great too.
    Non animated has go tot be a tie between Meet me in St louis or Christmas Vacation with chevy chase

    Merry xmas!

  3. To be honest I still like watching them on TV - I feel like it's more of a holiday experience that way. Feels more nostalgic. Def. The Grinch and Charlie Brown top my list. But there are a couple of animated versions of A Christmas Carol that I like. Always love to watch the usual movies that everyone loves - I'll even watch the cheesy made for TV Christmas movies - the ones starring Lifetime ladies like Nancy McKeon. ;)

  4. I still love the Heat Miser and Cold Miser or whatever their names are, too. Second favorite.

    Little Drummer Boy still makes me cry, too. I can't watch that one.

  5. Original Grinch rules.

    And I love that part, too, when Max gets on the sleigh! I also love all of his asides to the audience.

    My big favorite is Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Sometimes my sister breaks out into song: 'My world is beginning today...' That's the love song Mrs. Claus sings 3/4 of the way through. Whenever my sister does that, I'm in tears of laughter.


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