Cancelled Out

by Larissa Ione

What is it with me and TV show cancellations?

If I start watching a show (and liking it,) it’ll get cancelled. (I also don’t watch sports, because if I watch my favorite teams, they lose. They’ll win if I don’t watch – really my favorite teams should pay me not to watch the games.)

I just learned that Ugly Betty has been cancelled.

OMG. I love that show! It’s funny, smart, uplifting. Sure, it’s insanely stupid sometimes, but I love seeing the underdog, the people who are more beautiful on the inside than the outside, win. I loved seeing Daniel’s transformation from shallow, arrogant playboy to someone I could root for.

I’m not happy. If you’re not happy…yeah, it’s all my fault.

Other shows that are my fault for getting cancelled: The Unit. Firefly. Angel. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There are more, but I’m probably going to get stoned by angry fans as it is.

People keep telling me I need to watch Glee. Friends who know me? Threaten me if I even turn on the TV at the time Glee is on.

And seriously, what happened to the days when a show would get cancelled, and the network would allow that show to wrap things up? I’m sick of how they just yank the shows now, so there’s no resolution. I get the ones that are only on for a few episodes, but come on; when you get at least one season out of a show, they deserve to have some plot resolution so the show can end properly (The Unit, I’m talking to you.) Yeah, I’m a little bitter.

What about you? Have any of your favorite shows been cancelled totally unfairly?

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Larissa Ione is the New York Times bestselling author of the Demonica series. Her latest book, Ecstasy Unveiled, released on Jan. 26, 2010


  1. Ugh. I so know what you mean.
    I got totally hooked on Eastwick, and was gutted when it was canceled mid season. Then it returned. Yeay. But then it was canceled again, with, what I can only assume, only two or three episodes left. Now I'm left in the air with no closure. Bummer. And Hulu didn't stream the full season, either. Booo hooo.

    I loved Buffy, too, but that show was well past its sell by date by the time it was finally cancelled IMHO. And the closure offered was sucky. Seriously. I guess there comes a time when a show should be cancelled -- if only to save if from the embarrassment that might follow the same fate that hit Buffy. Don't get me wrong. I LOVED Buffy. But that last season was the worst -- except for the fact that Faith came back!

    On a plus note. Angel finished right where it should've. I was getting concerned that Angel was aging, even though he was not meant to age. (he still looks fab - but not the 21 yr old he was meant to be when he first started on Buffy) So kudos for ending that. Plus, it was starting to go wayward on the scripts. Saved just in time :)

    But closure is good. Please. No more mid-season yank outs! Ugly Betty? Cancelled? OMG! Bummer.
    Maybe, if they aren't getting the viewers they want, or need, they should just try airing it at a time where they won't be competing with another awesome show. Just a thought.
    I bet Supernatural viewers have dropped because they insist on airing the same time as Fringe. I love the boys, but got stuck on Fringe, so seeing it through. I hope this season of Supernatural will be repeated. They usually are. But what if it's cancelled because there are others like me, who preferred Fringe? That would SOOOO SUCK!

    On the subject of Buffy and Angel...oh and Charmed. Can't forget Charmed (another show that rocked, but went on a season too long.
    I know Charmed and Angel is on every morning - but I'd love to re-watch Buffy. Why don't we get repeats of Buffy. That would be awesome right about now.

  2. I'm sad about Ugly Betty too. I did hear they gave them enough notice though to wrap it up though, but took away 2 episodes.

  3. @ Alea
    Phew. Glad about that. Nothing worse than the ending of a favorite show with no closure :)

  4. That definitely happens to shows I like. Even an HBO series! Like Carnivale. LOVED that, but it hadn't finished its story arc when it was yanked.

  5. It used to happen all the time but now I rarely watch TV. I'd rather read :).

  6. As the saying goes, "Don't get me started!"

    Ugly Betty is one of my favorite shows!! The characters are amazing, the plots are always fun, and the costumes!! :-D ARGH.

    And Eastwick was loads of fun, we looked forward to it every week but the network didn't even give it a chance. *sigh*

    For further grumbling, backtrack to a post I did last summer about cancellations:

    *rips out hair* What's amazing to me is that I felt the lineup was stellar, all comedy on Wednesday, how perfect!! But nooo....

    One surefire indicator of impending doom is when the show starts getting shifted around. I think that's the equivalent to your Significant Other suddenly cancelling dates or looking distracted when you're together. I HATE when a Network says to a show I love, "It's not you, it's me." (even if it's true)

    Still sighing...

    --Chiron O'Keefe
    The Write Soul:

  7. I loved Buffy, Firefly, The Unit and a slew of other shows that have gotten cancelled. I too feel like if I get to liking a show, it will get cancelled. I too don't like that they never let shows end these days, they just pull them off and sometimes with no notice.
    Especially Fox, I almost watch no TV these days.

  8. This is a HUGE soapbox issue for me. I really liked Ugly Betty and am definitely sad to hear about its cancellation. But the show that I was most upset about was Moonlight. I thought it was completely unfair what CBS did to that show, which performed well for a Friday night drama during the writer's strike. At least the writers were smart enough to write a happy ending given little to no notice, or I would have been seething.

    You should probably still watch Glee, even with the risk. :) It's my favorite show on TV right now, and at least it's already been renewed for next season.

  9. I know about cursing my my faves

    Freaks and Geeks

    Love Monkey

    Arrested Development

    Kindred (vampire show)

    Nowhere Man

  10. Hilarious! Well, I gave up on Ugly Betty after two seasons -but I see what you mean. But you must watch Glee! It's such a great show. I have a feeling that you won't get it canceled. I promise! ;)

  11. the worst show cancellation i ever experienced happened a few years back with "nightstalker." it starred stuart townsend and gabrielle union, and not only did ABC cancel it without a resolution, but they yanked it off the air after the first part of a two episode story line. like one week we got a cliffhanger "to be continued" episode, and then the next the show was gone. luckily scifi channel picked it up and showed all the episodes they had taped so i got to see what happened for that story line, but there was no big plot resolution as far as the series was concerned and, believe me, there were A LOT of mysterious aspects and questions that needed resolution.


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