Guilty Pleasures

By Jennifer Haymore

Hi, my name is Jennifer Haymore, and I am an American Idol watcher. It's one of the only television shows I watch religiously. I occasionally get mocked for being an American Idol fan, but who cares? It's fun to watch! It's relaxing! It's altogether stress-relieving, in my opinion, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Ellen DeGeneres will add to the show.

American Idol is my guilty pleasure, but I don't care--I figure there are worse things to feel guilty about!

What about you? Do you have a pop culture guilty pleasure?


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  1. I wonder if American Idol's days are numbered given Simon Cowell's departure. If they can get a big name to replace him perhaps not. I used to watch it - then got tired. I feel like TV shows after about 5 or 6 seasons lose momentum - people start to lose interest as well.

  2. Hi Jennifer

    I'm more in tune with the French version of Idol, but like Joanna said, to me too it loses its freshness after a few seasons. To me it seems like the quality is just not there anymore.

    I'm also concerned about Simon Cowell leaving there. The same thing happened in France when jury member Marianne James left and the show just lost most of its peps and energy even when another jury member with credentials came in. It just wasn't the same.

    But still, guilty pleasure is a guilty pleasure! :)



  3. My guilty pleasure? Vampire porn.

    (aka - JR Ward's vampire romance novels. And I kinda hate romance. And really hate vampire-type science fiction.)

  4. I just wrote a blog post about this very thing -- I agree totally -- pure escapism -- as long as I can avoid having another Adam Lambert send me over the top...

  5. My tastes are too cult/fringe to feel any sort of guilty pleasure - most people would wonder 'what the heck?' if they saw an episode of The Venture Brothers, but my husband and I split a gut over it.

  6. Even though I love music and reality TV, I could never get into AI. I love the Andrew Lloyd Weber theatre competition shows on BBC America, though. They seem much more supportive and genuine.

  7. I like watching the auditions but after that I lose interest. I'm more a Biggest Loser watcher myself. And, much as I hate to admit it, The Housewives of Orange County. There. I've said it. :)

  8. Interesting how varied these guilty pleasures are! ;-) Thanks for the responses, everyone!

  9. Never did get into A.I. though I have friends who have succumbed. *grin* What I find most fascinating about reality shows is how everyone I talk to will say, "Ah, but this one isn't really a reality show because..."

    It's also fascinating that for many the show is more about Simon than the contestants. Wonder what will become of the show without him?




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