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From CJ:
I was all set to write a post about Heroes and what makes a Hero, a Villain, and those wonderful characters who live in the grey in between, but then last week the earthquake in Haiti hit and I dropped my plans.

During my years as a pediatric ER doc, I served on a Disaster Medical Action Team. We were known as the Masters of Disaster and were primed to respond to catastrophes like the earthquake.

But of course, now I'm "just" a writer, no longer an official part of a team. Reading the accounts of what was going on with the various teams in Haiti and most especially what Doctors Without Borders (my favorite charity) were doing, gave me the urge to try to get down there to help.

Which I can't--not only is it a foolhardy thing to do, one where the volunteer, no matter how good their intentions are can do more harm than good, tying up valuable resources; but I also have obligations that I can't fail in. If it was just me, I'd ring up my old buddies and try to cage a seat on the C-130 with them, but I have to think about the others depending on me.

But it's not in my nature to sit back and watch from the sidelines, so I've begun a new program called:


In order to support their continuing good work, I will be donating the royalties from the sales of four of my Kindle titles from now until February 29, 2010 to Doctors Without Borders.

The titles, all romantic suspense novels, are: NERVES OF STEEL, BORROWED TIME, CHASING SHADOWS, and LOST IN SHADOWS.

Here's more info:

“A perfect blend of romance and suspense. My kind of read.” –#1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown

Dr. Cassandra Hart is fighting a war. And losing.

A deadly drug epidemic, a killer stalking her hospital…meet the ER doctor who never gives up. Cassie’s Pittsburgh ER has been deluged by patients who have overdosed on a new drug, FX. After Cassie discovers that the source of the FX is her own hospital, her best friend is killed, and Cassie's life is threatened. She is forced to place her trust in Detective Mickey Drake.

Drake's irascible charm eventually penetrates the barriers Cassie has built around herself, and their relationship progresses from professional to passionate. After Cassie discovers the truth behind the thefts, she and Drake must confront a killer. In the end, their only weapons are their newfound love and the courage that it gives them. Written by a pediatric ER physician, NERVES OF STEEL combines gritty realism with the adrenalin rush of the ER.


National Bestseller CJ Lyons has been praised as a "master of the genre" (Pittsburgh Magazine) for her "breathtakingly fast-paced" (Publishers Weekly)romantic medical thrillers. Pittsburgh Police Officer Kate O'Hern is on the trail of a killer targeting cops. Only problem, he's already killed her once... Trauma surgeon Joshua Lightner saved Kate's life, only to have her awaken suffering from an unexpected side effect: visons of other people's deaths. As a doctor, he refuses to believe in "psychic mumbo-jumbo" but as a man, he can't deny his feelings for Kate. When the killer targets them both, are they living on BORROWED TIME?


Going undercover is easy for Chase Westin--until a Christmas Eve mission takes him back to his hometown and face to face with his estranged brother. When KC, an undercover FBI agent, flies into Chase's life with her purple, punk-rock hair, Hollywood-hype leather and chains, and Doc Martens, Chase realizes that falling in love is more dangerous than catching bullets.


A West Virginia mountain, the middle of a blizzard, killers on his place for a city boy like Lucky Cavanaugh, an ATF explosives specialist. Out-manned, out-gunned and shot, he takes Forest Service Wildlife Biologist Vinnie Ryan hostage until he convinces her that he's one of the good guys.

Vinnie heals not only his injuries but also his broken heart. But when they uncover a terrorist plot, Lucky is forced to choose between duty and passion, risking the life of the woman he loves in order to save the lives of thousands.


If you don’t like romantic suspense, you can still make a difference! Make a donation to a worthy cause of your choice and pass this offer on to your friends and family. Here's the direct link to Doctors Without Borders:

And now back to your regularly scheduled program....As always, thanks for reading!


About CJ:
As a pediatric ER doctor, CJ Lyons has lived the life she writes about in her cutting edge suspense novels. Her debut, LIFELINES (Berkley, March 2008), became a National Bestseller and Publishers Weekly proclaimed it a "breathtakingly fast-paced medical thriller."

The second in the series, WARNING SIGNS, was released January, 2009 and the third, URGENT CARE, October, 2009. Contact her at


  1. Hey CJ: what a lovely thing to do! Good for you. I love Doctors Without Borders too - they are amazing! I can understand your dilemma - but what a tremendous experience you must have had - on your Disaster Team. Masters of Disaster - sounds like the makings of a great TV show. Blow Grey's out the water. ;)

  2. Great idea, CJ! I'm heading over to Amazon...

  3. Thanks, Joanna! DWB are really unsung heroes, often the first in and last to leave (kind of like the marines) during any kind of humanitarian crisis.

    I think someone actually tried a TV show a few years ago based on a DMAT team and it failed--probably too grim for entertainment. I loved the show on last year, The Philanthropist, about a rich guy troubleshooting various crises, but not sure if it got renewed.

  4. Great way to give support. I'd already made my direct donation, but hope you've opened a lot more eyes.

  5. Heading over to the Kindle listings right now.

    Great idea, CJ...


  6. Thanks, Terry--and thanks for supporting such a worthy cause!

  7. It must be excrutiating for you to watch footage of the littlest survivors of the Haitian earthquake. I know it is for me - I was once a nanny, and one Canadian news report that haunts me showed a woman looking after 120 orphaned pre-school-aged kids all collected together on a tarp, but out in the open. The CTV reporter flagged down a DWB truck as it was about to pass them by.

    Thanks for offering your experience that well-intentioned volunteer heroics can be less effective than donations to the pros who are in the field and need supplies.

  8. Julia, Thanks for stopping by! I wonder if that footage was of the two sisters from Pittsburgh that had 150 orphans in their care?

    The PA Governor was on the mission yesterday that was able to bring 50+ of them out of Haiti and into Pittsburgh--they should be arriving anytime now.

    It was a wonderful thing to see even the bureaucrats get behind a rescue mission!

  9. What a great thing to do..I am ordering and I am sending this to other reader friends who I am sure will do the same. Thanks for kind people like you. You do make a difference in all you do. susan L.

  10. Thanks for helping out a great cause, Susan!

  11. Wonderful idea, CJ. Here's wishing your sales go through the roof! Wish the cruise ship had the sense to stay out of the way. Unbelievable.

  12. Thanks, Cate! I was surprised by the cruise ship--seems a strange way to try to help like the company said....


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