Everything I Learned About Life, I Learned From Star Wars

by Michelle Miles

For a while, I’d had a hankering to watch the original 1977 version of Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope. Back when this movie came out, it was revolutionary. It changes science fiction forever and it gave us characters that have endured for more than 30 years. Now my son, who is 8, is a Star Wars fan. He has toys and games galore. It still amazes me that this movie that started as a space adventure has turned into this giant franchise.

But I digress.

There are valuable lessons to be learned from these movies. Allow me to illustrate.

When trapped on a frozen tundra, your tauntaun makes a good shelter. And – hey – it’ll keep you warm by slashing open the belly and crawling in. Handy trick.

Using sarcasm will insert a moment of levity into a dangerous situation. Because we all know that while hiding out in a trash compactor to get away from the bad guys, cracking the joke that “we’ll all be a lot thinner” will help alleviate the stress of trying to get out.

And speaking of…

The trash compactor is the perfect place to “disappear”. Because no one will find you in there!

When trying to hide your rebel friends from the evil Empire, giving them a false location will save your home planet from total destruction. Well, okay. Not always. But it’s a good cover, so go with that.

Believing there is ‘good’ in someone, will keep you from having to fight them. Unless, of course, you’re provoked by a wrinkly guy in a hooded cloak that continues to berate you about your choice in friends. Then, yeah, beat his ass.

When stranded in a forest, make friends with the cute furry bear-like creatures. Then they’ll take you back to their home high in the trees so you can wait to be rescued by your friends. Works every time.

Hanging upside down will cure hibernation blindness. All while you try to save your friend from the tentacles of the Sarlic. It’s true.

Relationships are hard, especially in space while leading a rebellion. But taking time out to play kissy face while making repairs to the ship is a total must.

Blood is thicker than water, so embrace your dysfunctional family. So your dad is the evil head-honcho of the Empire and your brother is someone you thought you might be attracted to. It’s all water under the bridge now. Hug your dad and tell him you love him anyway and maybe he’ll change his evil ways.

And last…

Always follow the advice of some dead guy telling you to go to some humid creature-infested planet, because even though you’re about to freeze to death, it sounds like a great vacation getaway.

Michelle Miles writes romance and loves movies. You can learn more about her books at http://www.michellemiles.net/.


  1. Now that's funny. It's like when I watched "The Wizard of Oz" for the first time as a kid, I studied just how you get rid of a witch - throw a pail of water on her - lol!

    But I still remember the long line waiting to see "Star Wars" when it first came out - never forgot where I saw it.

  2. Michelle you're hilarious! Thanks for sharing your philosophy about life. ;)
    I really should have paid attention more to Star Wars. Cheers!

  3. *heeheehee* Thanks for bringing a smile to my day with this hilarious post! :D

  4. Ohhhh Michelle, thanks for the laugh! This has to be one of my faves of yours. Even Stu laughed out loud! Hilarious, I'm SO tweeting this.

  5. Thanks, ya'll for stopping by!

    AND WOOT! Thanks for the Tweet! :D

  6. Thanks for giving me a laugh on a boring Monday Michelle! Great job.

  7. Those are excellent and vital points, Michelle, thanks for helping spread the word!
    I have always loved Star Wars and not just because I think it's the perfect hero's journey, but because it's got Han Solo and a wookie. I mean, come on!!!

  8. What about taking battle advice from a swamp troll who reaches your shin? Little green people can kick your patookis with a thought, young Jedi.

  9. Thanks, Jen. I do what I can. ;)

    and LOL KAK! I love the way you think! haha

  10. Thanks for the laugh! Those were great. Who knew I learned so much for Star Wars?!

  11. 'Always follow the advice of some dead guy telling you to go to some humid creature-infested planet, because even though you’re about to freeze to death, it sounds like a great vacation getaway.'

    LOL!! I'm a lifelong fan of Star Wars, Michelle, but I'm not sure I realized where all my life-coping skills came from...

  12. Too funny Michelle! Though there is always truth in humor. :)

  13. Hi Michelle,

    This is a great read! You spoke to me on so many levels.

    I think you may have missed one, though. It's my favourite piece of Star Wars advice for the real world, to do with making sure you seize the moment and live for today, one must always remember: "Always in motion, is the future." :-)

  14. Great post, Michelle. I still remember going to see Star Wars for the first time and not knowing what to expect.

    I still remember that garbage dumpster...



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