by Leeann Burke

To some, February is the month of love because of Valentine’s Day. Well as a single gal I never really celebrate Feb 14 other than give chocolate and gifts to my friends and family. Since I’m not a fan of chocolate I can easily pass on this festive day. If I was offered cookies I’d reconsider in a heartbeat.

This year my plans are slightly different. Will I go out with someone special? Not this year. However my publisher is going to allow me to celebrate the day with romance readers. How you might ask? Well we plan on putting DEADLY SECRETS ebook up for free for one day only, Feb 14.  Yep you’ll be able to get it completely free.

What about the donation to the American Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast cancer cause? Have no fear I still plan on donating $0.25 per free download. This way neither organization loses out. I would love to make a donation of $100.

So remember to stop by on Feb 14 for a free copy. If you can’t wait until then pick up a copy today: click on LBF Books to take you to the page.


  1. What a lovely thing to do! I think you have the right idea for Valentine's Day - and you're giving it meaning. ;)

  2. I'd send you cookies, Leeann, if I didn't think they'd get eaten by the guys on the border or get really stale while getting there. Nice blog. Hannah Howell

  3. I love this. You are absolutely making Valentines Day about the heart. Very cool.

  4. Thanks ladies. I hope everyone is having a great Friday and looking forward to Valentine's Day. I know I am.


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