Oscar n' Me

By Murissa Shalapata

As I have posted this time last year, I love the Oscars! And of course this year is no different, if not more special. As some people pine for the results of the nominees, this year I anticipated the result of the selected host. This year to my elated surprise Steve Martin has been selected, along with Alec Baldwin. This Oscar is sure to be more of a comedy oriented show than usual, or so I hope. It better be! As I have heard that they have even wanted to shorten the programme. This year the speeches are much shorter, and perhaps I suspect less inspiring.

The speech is one of the most memorable aspects of the awards. And so I list the most memorable speeches and the most inspiring moments...to me anyways, as a writer or someone who was chuckled at when I told my dreams to anyone.

10) Russel Crowe accepting his award for Gladiator.

9) Marion Cotillard who was so grateful and beautiful as she accepted her award.

8) The slumdog Millionaire Kids are so cute and it was so great they got to go!

7)Denzel Washinton winning the same night as Sidney Poitier.

6) Hilary Swanks humble speech for Million Dollar baby.

5) Forest Whitaker accpeting his award for Last King of Scotland. Beautiful speech!

4)Hugh Jackman hosting last years Oscars. The first non-comedian host and did a great job!

3) Heath Ledger winning for The Dark Knight.

2) Adrien Brody accepting his award for the Pianist

1) Obviously...Cuba Gooding Jr. accepting his award for his role in Jerry Maguire, one of my all time favorite films.

Let me know if you have been personally inspired by any speeches or moments! Who do you think will have the best speech this year? (Personally I think it'll be Christoph Waltz)

The Oscars will be aired March 7th so be there!


  1. Fun post Murissa. I enjoy the speeches as well. I remember one young woman who won for best documentary short I think - and when she went up to receive her Oscar she quipped "my dress cost more than my movie". Funny moment. And she got a good laugh. Also for me it was gret to see Scorcese finally win one. ;) Cheers!

  2. Last year was amazing - the best ever. It's bound to go a bit downhill after that. Loved the number with Byonce!

  3. Oh, Steve Martin! He's an incredible comic genius. I'm glad he'll be in the limelight, if only to host! I love watching awards shows - a chance for a sneak peek at the nominees' true personalities.
    Thanks for the fun post, Murissa!

  4. The Oscars is my second favorite night of the year, after Christmas Eve. I really love the red carpet segment of the event.

    A favorite part for me has always been the clips of the nominated performances. Last year they didn't include them. *shaking my fist at the heavens*


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