Swagger RX

Is winter getting you down?

Have a dose of S-W-A-G-G-E-R

  • All natural, pure endorphin with a secret ingredient, known by its trade name "S.A.$.$.”

  • 100% effective for the relief of dull, dry, moods and cravings for chocolate (okay, won’t guarantee the last but it got your attention, right?)

  • In a blind, random, totally uncontrolled trial (in my living room with the curtains drawn) two out of three participants (that’s myself and my two pre-teen girls) noted a significant increase in swagger when following the RX prescribed below.

How did we do that? (Warning: swagger, when properly viewed and/or listened to, is contagious. Do not read any further if you are content to wallow in listless below-zero February misery).

All right, fearless reader, if your eyes have dared to stray thus far, let me introduce myself and I'll share my favourite inspirations for becoming swagger-licious.

Hi. I’m the wallflower-nose-in-my-book-geek girl-but-you’d -never-guess-that-I’M A HOT GIRL WITH SOME SERIOUS SWAGGER.

What’s a forty-something/mother of two pre-teens/thriller author listening to? Ke$ha. Yeah, you heard me. Tik Tok. And I listen to it even when my kids aren’t around. In fact, it’s the first song on my playlist. Why? Because the girl’s got some serious swagger.

And before I continue, let’s just talk about Ke$ha’s name for a minute. First of all, there ain’t no double e in her name. It’s a soft “e.” And in case we don’t get what this girl is all about, the dollar sign inserted in lieu of the ‘s’ in her name is pure swagger. With a capital $. (And that’s US dollars, too.)

I know the song isn't going to win awards for lyrics. But the girl has attitude. And I love it. Everytime she sings, "And the party don't start 'til I walk in" I can't help but sing along, copping a little attitude along the way. Usually while I'm carpooling. In rush hour traffic. With my daughter staring at me incredulously. Sometimes, just to really show my swagger, I turn the volume up until... well, I have to admit I can't stand really loud music.

Who else possesses contagious swagger? Swagger that this geek girl-lawyer-turned-thriller author would love to emulate?

Why agent Sidney Bristow, of course. I was just watching the pilot of Alias the other night, and man, this secret agent could put on the swagger when she wanted to. It made just want to leap off my couch and kick some butt! My dog retired to her crate. She can only take so much of my swagger.

But right now, I'm lovin' it! It's my dose of sunshine, my Reese's peanut butter cup (am I the only parent who stea-- borrows them from their kids' halloween loot on the premise that they can't take them to school?), my delicious little secret that I keep snug under my long johns on these cold, dreary days.

Until my daughter turns on the radio. And TikTok comes on. And then...

Do you have a favourite artist/actor/book character that brings out your inner swagger?

-- Pam Callow is the author of a new legal thriller series for MIRA Books. DAMAGED, debuting struggling thirty-something lawyer Kate Lange, will be released June 1, 2010. When confronted with a killer, you can bet Kate gets her swagger on!


  1. Love it, Pam - absolutely love it. And this 'work-from-home-nose-in-a-book-pajama-wardrobe-fashionista-girl' also loves Ke$ha (although I didn't know that was her name until I read your post because I really am a Toby Keith/Tim McGraw kind of girl).

    And I love Alias, too - haven't watched in a long time. Think I might since I can't think of anything that gives me SWAGGER. Must fix that :)

  2. Oh my Pam, you just made me roar. I don't have teenage daughters (although I have a son from whom I pilfer hallowe'en smarties on a regular basis!) Love the swagger. My girls are Salt n' Peppa (yes, I'm dating myself) but looove their attitude. They make me wanna Shoop:)

  3. Hah! Great way to pep up your attitude with those fun songs, isn't it? I love Pink, she has ATTITUDE all the time.

    If I want a real pick-up I go to KobuJutsu class - nothing like playing with weapons to make you feel invincible, but with my shoulder out, there hasn't been much 'up' time that way and music, film and books are my only salvation!


  4. Great post Pam! And you know I'm all over swaggering like Sidney Bristow!

  5. Loved this post! Can I adopt swagger-licious as my new favorite word?

    The Bride from Kill Bill never fails to put me in a swaggering mood. But I have to say any warrior film or series will do that for me, like Spartacus: Blood and Sand, currently airing on the Movie Network. I can get swagger from either gender.

    I must confess I've not listened to Ke$ha before - but now I wanna!

  6. WOW! Love your swagger words, Pam!
    My favorite all time swaggerer is Daniel Craig as James Bond. BODy Beautiful!

  7. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for dropping by! We have so much in common . I just bought the Alias first season because I needed a little kick-butt fix!


  8. Hi Michelle,

    Salt'n'Peppa have great attitude! I'll have to add them to my playlist. Thanks for the suggestion -- and for dropping by!:)


  9. Lilly,

    Pink is another swagger-licious gal. So is Gwen Stefani. I love them both. And hope you get back to your jojutsu class soon!


  10. Kelly,

    You could give Sidney Bristow a run for her money. Just put on a pink wig.


  11. Julia,

    Swagger-licious is a word I advise all women to put in their vocabulary . Good suggestions on the movies. Those would definitely put the swagger back in!


  12. Stella,

    You hit the nail on the head with Daniel Craig! He actually inspired one of the main male characters in DAMAGED. He is a guy who personifies swagger.


  13. I have to admit that the Kesha song drives me batty. But...to each their own swagger, right? I'll take my swagger with a bit of BEP, I think.

    LOL at Sid Bristow - I think my choice would have to be Starbuck from BSG. She kicks butt and never makes any apologies for it. Not many of us could get away with that in real life, but I lurve her.

    Have had one of those days today too...my rx ended up being a double dose of Jamie Bamber.

  14. Sounds like you know just where to get your swagger fix, Donna. You go, girl!

  15. Hi Pam,
    Loved your Post. You may have S-W-A-G-G-E-R but your doggy has W-A-G-G-E-R!

  16. Love it! Laura Croft inspires swagger - at turns elegant and badass, but always graceful and composed.
    I'm with you on Gwen Stefani. And the lead singer of Garbage (though her name escapes me). And Pink - wow. That's all I have to say.

  17. LOVE your post! Welcome to the Divas! You definitely fit in with the rest of us. ;) I think for me it's Lady Ga Ga (guilty pleasure). Her music is fun and frisky. ;) But you go girl! Always fun to find our inner-divas. Cheers!

  18. Great post!! Love Alias and the swagger-licious Sidney. These days the Doll-with-Balls for me is Fiona from Burn Notice: http://www.usanetwork.com/series/burnnotice/theshow/characterprofiles/fiona/index.html That chick has serious swagger!

    For music, I have to admit Salt'n'Peppa's song, "What A Man" always gets me up and dancing!! And just recently I caught the British singer Duffy doing "Mercy" and wow, does that chick have Swagger!

    Thanks for a great read, and welcome to the Divas!!



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