A Taking Stock Diary: A little insight into a PopCultureDiva’s thinking.

by Angela Guillaume

This month I was at a loss about what to write. And that's definitely not normal for one who spends her life penning words. It's been a dry year, though. For a while I haven’t had time to read, watch TV or movies, let alone do much writing. Life happened, and I had to stand up and listen. Not that I regret it at all, far from it--just stating facts.

But then I saw a friend’s blog about reaching or not reaching goals and it finally hit me. We’re already in March of the new year and this year, I turn 40. A milestone in the lives of many people. They say that true life begins at this age. I’m not sure about this, but I do hope that what they talk about is true. The years have slipped away fast, and I had the fortune of embarking on a couple or more of great adventures. Challenges have also abounded, the ones life is so adept at throwing hard and fast toward unsuspecting humans.

I’m sure you’re probably yawning by now and wondering where this is going. But allow a PopCultureDiva (or PCD) to muse and get philosophical—we do have those moments at times, you know. Moments when we look back at our life and take stock of what we achieved and what has eluded our grasp for the longest. And sometimes, we just might get a good chuckle or two in doing so. So I head an idea. Why not start a PCD diary with some bits and stories about what an average PCD goes through in life, her thoughts, her musings, her quirks mixed with a just hint of irreverence and a dash of (hopefully) humor? Then I’ll finish off each entry with a lesson I’ve learned. So as you can see, today’s blog is a bit different from the rest. Hope I’m not getting it all wrong.

Anyway, here we go… for all you readers out there – here’s the down low, brief-as-can-be diary entry of a typical PopCultureDiva. The entry does not reflect a day in the life, it’s more of a general overview of a particular train of thought, with associated deductions. Each entry (if you'd like more) would have two parts to it: 1) the thought(s) in question and 2) the lesson learned from a PCD perspective. Perhaps I’ll even throw in a movie quote or two as inspiration.

Readers Beware: Some thoughts may appear disjointed and bring on a headache, much like extreme head hopping in a novel. Palpitations and dizziness may occur after reading this blog. Suggest the close proximity of a deliciously sweet cocktail, preferably containing something stronger than wine, drunk by straw from a ripe, deseeded half canteloupe...

PONDERING A THOUGHT OR TWO: (with requisite raised eyebrow, upturned gaze and chin resting in palm) I normally hate resolutions but this year I finally committed to losing weight. I lost 11 lbs so far, so thankfully I look more like a butternut squash than a pumpkin, with something akin to a squeeze in the middle…hah, the beginnings of a waist. Divine, divine.

I’m also thinking now though that there’s more I need to add to the pot. After putting together my personal inventory, I need to analyze where my life is going and make adjustments accordingly. Like Dorothy, a year ago I returned back home to my Kansas, a place half way across the world, and a hurricane of change about blew me over. And that’s no mean feat for the huge pumpkin I was back then—I was a stout me plus six months of pregnancy. It’s been a whirlwind, and I’m at that point in my life that begs a bit of rumination.

Which brings me to a main point: the nature of a PopCultureDiva. A PopCultureDiva observes and learns—then she communicates all to others. She tackles the dust spots of culture and vacuums the twisting paths of life head on. She peels the mystery layers off modern civilization, with flourish, and looks in the mirror with self-irony. There I go giving us PCD’s superpowers, but it’s true. A PCD is truly blessed with superhuman creative observance, a BS radar, and analytical skills that rival that of any shrewd strategist. There is no reason why such a woman cannot apply such creativity in her personal life. And we do; albeit sometimes, we do get it wrong and proceed to make the most awful slips. But we pick ourselves up and strut our feathers, then we move on.

So I was saying, I was in the shower one morning, humming a heartwrenching aria from “La Traviata” (do I sound terrifically cultured here?), while wondering where my life was taking me and I suddenly realized: I’ve been on hiatus for months and months. Ouch! So what should I do? What would a PCD do? She deals with it, of course. Then she dissects the situation and comes up with a couple or more theories. Sounded good to me.

The next day I started doing more of what I absolutely adore doing. Writing. It did feel awesome. I suggest you try it—doing something you really love very often, of course. I’m not finished with that piece yet, but I make it a point to do a little every day, even if it’s just a paragraph. Like our beloved Scarlett, I’m now SO inspired to passionately utter, “After all, tomorrow is another day” and tomorrow, write again I shall. How’s that for dramatic effect, eh?

You may think I’m just talking nonsense but there is one lesson I’d like you to take from this, so here's...

THE LESSON OF THE HOUR: Do what you were meant to do, because only that will give you fulfillment.

Got a little serious there for a moment. But you can take it or leave it.
Now, do you think you would like to read more diary entries and find out what other lessons I learned as a PCD, or are you about bored out of your minds? Let me know!

~ Angela Guillaume ~
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  1. Hey, I say go ahead and pontificate, ponder, rant, ramble, or whatever you want. :-) It's your little slot to say whatever's on your mind.

    And yeah, find what makes you happy. Life's too short to do otherwise.

    Best wishes!

  2. I liked it, Nat. Go with it. I didn't even start writing until I was in my 40's. Oh, I wrote letters but that's all.

    Keep going, young lady.

  3. Love the idea of PCD superpowers! :) Wonderful post, Angela. I've been having a slow start to the year too (and it's already March? How did that happen?). But sometimes we need to veer off course to set our sights more firmly on what we want, I think. Just stay true to yourself, and let your heart be your guide. I'd love to read more diary entries. It feels very intimate and cozy.

  4. Hey Angela: Welcome back! And wow - I like the idea of the PCDs having superpowers! yay! And bring on more diary entries. ;) cheers!

  5. PCD superpowers, activate! I love your diary format - and your shower-opera-humming, Scarlett-quoting, writing-every-day-because-you-love-it self. I look forward to more!

  6. I tried to subscribe to this blog but got this message from Feedburner:

    "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled."

    You might want to fix that. If you do, let me know and I'll subscribe!


  7. Dear PCD penning a diary,

    Bring it on!!

    Big hugs

  8. LOL girls - you know you are all PCD superdivas, right? So my diary is really all y'alls diary too. Power to the PCDs!!!!!

    Love you all (even though I don't always show it...)

  9. I love PCD super-powers!

    Faster than a movie promo. Able to leap daunting sub-plots with a single twist. *grin*

    Share your musings, my dear, and we'll be there with you!



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