Thursday Thirteen - 148 - 13 of My Favorite TV Shows

by Julia Smith

Every Thursday for the past 148 weeks, I've taken part in a meme known as Thursday Thirteen. What's that, you say? A what?

Memes are formats that multiple bloggers can use to create posts which will be repeated by other bloggers, yet each version will have its own twist. Generally there is a central blog where the meme originates, and everyone who plays that day will sign in so you can find the other bloggers also taking part. Memes generate a lot of traffic, moreso if you take the time to visit the other participants.

Because my Popculturedivas post fell on Thursday, I decided to bring my Thursday Thirteen over here. Simply put, Thursday Thirteen is a list of thirteen things, of whatever subject matter you so desire.

Today, I've got thirteen of my favorite TV shows.

1 - Faces of America

2 - Family Guy

3 - Legend of the Seeker (scenes of violence)

4 - PBS's Masterpiece

5 - Merlin

6 - Spartacus: Blood and Sand (scenes of violence)

7 - Spectacle

8 - Spooks / MI-5

9 - CBS Sunday Morning

10 - The Colbert Report

11 - The Ricky Gervais Show (language warning)

12 - The Venture Brothers (scenes of violence)

13 - True Blood (scenes of violence)


  1. I too love True Blood and I always watch CBS Sunday Morning.

  2. My ds loves to do an imitation of the Family Guy episode. Drives me up the wall.

    I love Venture Brothers.

    #7 is great.

  3. True Blood is the only one of your 13 that I've watched.

  4. WOOT for nos. 3,4 and 5. They're my kind of TV shows :)

  5. Some of them I don't get in the UK, but others I do, and are good.

  6. Hi there! I've only seen three, over here in the UK, but I also do know who Ricky is LOL Great fun though!

    Here is my Thursday 13

    Hope you can drop by and say hello!


  7. Of all you listed only Masterpiece on PBS has been watched at our house.

    Here is my T-13 Notable Irish
    [scroll down below my Thursday Thunks]

  8. Another great Thirteen, Julia! Haven't seen a lot of these, but isn't Spectacle great. Glad to see it's been picked up for a second season.

  9. I enjoy Legend of the Seeker. I saw that Merlin show when NBC showed it last summer and didn't realize it is on the BBC. I will have to look for it.

  10. I haven't watched most of these, and I can't for the life of my understand what anyone (my kids included) sees in Family Guy.
    Fun list!
    Happy T13!

  11. Hi Julia!

    Interesting to note how many of these have that particular tag - scenes of violence. Like me - you love stories that get your heart pumping!


  12. Colbert kills me in that video.

  13. Hi Julia! 143 straight weeks if very impressive.

    'Gladiator' being one of my very favorite moves, I gave an episode of 'Spartacus' a try. Sadly I thought it was much more '300' than 'Gladiator' - they could make a drinking game out of the obligatory half-dozen close-ups per episdoe of slow-mo flying blood fountains, I think - so i'll go back to watching my Russel Crowe DVD.

    I will admit that seeing Lucy Lawless again was kind of cool though.

  14. Love this, Julia! The Family Guy kills me. Spectacle is wonderful. Our cable used to carry BBC America, but dropped it, so I miss those great shows! Now I have to find Legend of the Seeker...

  15. I haven't heard of most of these shows. Out of the ones you've listed, I have watched and liked True Blood and Family Guy.

  16. Hi Julia - ah - you have some of my faves on your list as well! I've started watching Spooks again. Don't get too cozy with Mr. Richard Armitage! ;)


  17. Wow, great list, Julia. I'm going to watch more clips when I have time, but for now, you've sold me on The Many Faces. Brilliant!!

    I'm a long-time Colbert fan. He's not only the fastest thinker I've ever seen (wow!), he does so much good it's really rather astonishing. Go Colbert Nation!

    Spectacle with Elvis is fantastic too. We actually saved the Police one because seeing them do Cream was freaking amazing.

    So, I'll definitely check out more of these (at least the ones that aren't too violent, I'm a wimp)!!

    Thanks for yet another wonderful article. You rock!


  18. Great list as always! I haven't seen most of those as I don't have cable but I am chomping at the bit to see the new Emma - wondering if it was very good!

    I used to love "The Tick" when it was on. And I was a MASH freak of the highest order. And Star Trek.

    My name is Michelle, and I am a nerd:)

  19. Janet - I love listening to the musicians speak so intensely about their life's passion.

    Lilly - LOL! Yes, I'm attracted to scenes with violence - what can I say?

    M - I don't mind the graphic blood slo-mo shots. They're very graphic novel-ish, and I like those, too. Meanwhile, Gladiator is one of my favorite films evah. Can never get enough of it, or of Maximus.

    Cate - I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when we increased our cable package and got BBC Canada.

    Jojo - Mr. A. is very sharable. I've really enjoyed his character development through season 8. You know me...I'm a sucker for the tortured hero. Can't get much more tortured than Lucas North.

    Chiron - I would give anything to see Stephen Colbert match wits with Rick Mercer. Now that would be something to see.

    Michelle - The Tick! My husband and I LOVE The Tick! Spoon!

  20. Yay! A fellow Seeker fan! The show doesn't get enough promo and I'm always jazzed to see a commercial for it. Even if it was just for the season 1 dvd. Excellent characters, great writing and cinematic action and cinematography. I hope they go on for 11 full seasons to cover all the books.

    And Colbert is just too awesome. He always has me rolling on the floor! Lol.

    Great list, Julia!

  21. Rae - I think fantasy fans have a strong enough culture that shows like Legend of the Seeker get word-of-mouth promo among the devoted.


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