The Yum Factor--Michael Bublé

by Chiron O'Keefe

Along with writing books and penning articles for Pop Culture Divas and my own blog, The Write Soul, I'm also a musician. Lately, hubby and I have been working out some tunes with an amazing bassist, name of Richard Cole, and a woman with exquisite voice, Anna Christensen. (I promise to get a more current photo of me with my 52-reissue Telecaster. Sweet!!)

Saturday nights, I'm known for playing a mean rhythm guitar (last week we worked out some rocking surf music—"Wipe Out" and "Pipeline"—and also nailed the harmonies for "Pretty Woman"). Late, late, late, after our fingers are blistered but our souls are still on fire, we often stumble over to my computer with wine at hand. My fingers are still nimble enough to search out music videos to entertain until dawn's early light.

Often, I accidentally discover new (at least to me) music while doing my weekly grocery shopping on Friday. Yup, that's me tuning into the local radio station when a song comes on both unknown and intriguing. That's also me trying to scribble down whatever lyrics I can remember at the first red light I hit. One week, I caught the fabulous voice of Michael Bublé. Oh, yum. You can bet I did a search that Saturday night, much to my everlasting delight.

Canadian like our very own Joanna D'Angelo, this crooner has made his mark by warbling out both delicious versions of some very cool standards and his own tasty compositions. A couple of weeks ago, I heard that one of my other faves, Jon Hamm, had hosted Saturday Night Live with Bublé as guest. *gasp* This boy proved to have the chops for comedy (along with the ever-amazing Jon), which led to this week's blog. Ladies and Gentleman, Michael Bublé!

To whet your appetite, let's begin with his live performance on Saturday Night Live. Here Michael performs his hit, "Just Haven't Met You Yet".

After a yummy appetizer, I do believe we're ready for some light entertainment, perhaps accompanied by some delicious bubbly. *wink* On Jon's first SNL appearance, he introduced us to his own product, "Jon Hamm's Jon Ham". He's expanded his horizons with an unexpected collaboration with Mr. Bublé. Here's "Hamm and Bublé":

Side Note—this really was one of the best SNL episodes I've seen, much to my surprise. If you have the time and inclination you can catch the whole show on! Here's the whole show, Season 35, Episode 13 with Host, Jon Hamm:

Ah yes, now's the time for a little mood music. Come and Sway With Me:

He really has The Voice. Plus, a delightful sense of humor and the much appreciated ability to not take himself too seriously. Here's Michael delivering David Letterman's Top Ten List of Least Popular Musical Standards:

Speaking of standards, here's one of my favorites, a song my dear friend, and fellow Diva, Kathy Holmes also digs, Come Fly With Me:

What a cutie pie! Seriously, this guy is what used to be called a classic Dream Boat. *fans self* Who can resist him? Certainly not Rachael Ray. In this next clip he charms her with an impromptu serenade:

While researching this month's blog article, I found two charming duets.

First, Tony Bennett sings Just in Time with Michael:

Jane Monheit and Michael Buble - I Won't Dance:

I'm going to leave you now with one of my favorite upbeat music standards. Sing it, Michael!

I've Got the World on a String:

Speaking of classic songs, any old favorites that you can't help but love? Do share!

--Chiron O'Keefe
Weekly Motivation for Writers at The Write Soul.

In those spare moments when Chiron isn't singing harmony, playing guitar or watching YouTube, she's perched in front of her computer, pounding the keys and lost in a dreamy world of imagination.


  1. Raising my hand as a proud Canadian!

    And I absolutely adore Michael Bublé. The clip of him with Rachel Ray is so telling - the moment he stirs the pasta to a rhythm, a song comes out.

    What old classics can I not resist? The Man I Love, All of Me, Fly Me to the Moon, Witchcraft, Our Love is Here to Stay, If I Loved You, Nature Boy and Every Time I Say Goodbye.

  2. I absolutely love Michael Buble and the skit that he and Jon Hamm did on SNL was too funny, plus we got a double dose of great eye candy! Yum!

  3. Hey Julia!

    Love the Canadians! Isn't the clip with Rachael just too yummy? Come over and cook for us too, Michael!!

    You named some of my very favorites too. Michael does a killer version of 'Fly Me to The Moon'! I also downloaded 'All of Me' which is too yummy. Mmmmmm...

    Thanks for popping in, my dear!!


  4. Hi Maria!

    Oh yeah, I'm right there with you on the 'eye candy'. He's just too adorable. The skit had me laughing so hard, my computer screen is lucky I didn't do a spit take! *snort*

    Thanks so much for you comment!

    --Chiron O'Keefe

  5. I live for your PCD posts - lol! I'm working onsite today but I can't wait to get home and play all of these videos - you know how I love Buble - his singing and his humor. And ya gotta love Canadians - it seems they're keeping the classics alive - don't forget Diana Krall, too, in that category. We Americans throw away the past and move on to the next big thing.

  6. Saw that SNL...was a delight!!! Michael made the show all the better!!!!

    Great reels, Chiron.


  7. Buble singing New York, New York is running through my head right now, Chiron. He's adorable and I love to listen to him sing. I missed the SNL skit so will catch it on reruns.

    Thanks for the afternoon break!

  8. Chiron - Fun post! We can't get Hulu in Canada. :( But I smell what you're cooking. ;) I think Michael Buble is fun. And how cool are you with your music making! woohoo! you'll have to share your own tunes with us babee! I like the darker Sinatra tunes - "It Was A Very Good Year" is my fave. Cheers!

  9. P.S. thankee for the mention in your post. hooray! ;)

  10. Hi Kathy!

    Yes, Diana Krall is awesome too. Love her version of "Walk On By"! Hope you enjoy the videos!! Thanks so much for reading, my dear!


  11. Thanks, Tessy!

    Wasn't that SNL one of the best? Amazing stuff. Yeah!!

    Thanks for taking the time to visit!


  12. Misty, always a pleasure to see you! Yeah, when you get a break you can see the skit (I have it here in the post) and have a chuckle. *grin*

    Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy day! You are such a love!


  13. Thanks, JoJo!! Someday we'll get our butts in gear and record and maybe video some stuff for YouTube. What a hoot that will be. *grin*

    Didn't know about Hulu and Canada.


    Does it just come up blank? Here's Michael and Jon on NBC:

    Hope that helps!!! It's really funny, Michael is a natural. *snort*

    Thanks so much for your comment. I'll have to check out the Sinatra song.


  14. Kathy!! Sway... *swoon* I know!! After I saw it, like you, I then had to listen to Dino sing it.

    Michael may sing like Frank but he's more like Dino with his sense of humor. Love this guy!!


  15. I love Michael's voice! Thank you for posting these videos, I can't wait to watch them, though I might be tempted to go buy a few CDs (yes, I still like my music in tangible form)
    Great post Chiron!

  16. Thanks, Cate!

    I've already downloaded a few of his songs and no doubt I'll be buying his CD's too. I also like music in a tangible form!! *grin*

    His voice just makes me happy. *laughs* He's one of those rare vocalists where you can actually *hear* the smile in his voice. Fabulous!

    Thanks so much, Cate, for dropping in and leaving a comment!



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