A man on my mind

By Erin Quinn

With a new release on countdown (just 3 weeks until HAUNTING WARRIOR hits bookstores), I've had a certain man on my mind quite a bit.  His name is Rory MacGrath and he is the twin brother to Danni MacGrath--heroine of HAUNTING BEAUTY.  Rory carries a lot of emotional baggage due to the night his father disappeared but he's not the kind of man to ever feel sorry for himself.  He simply shoulders his load and perserveres.

When I was writing HAUNTING WARRIOR, the second book in my HAUNTING series, I didn’t just fall in love with Rory MacGrath—I plunged head first. And I hit hard. What makes Rory so special is the fact that he begins so completely broken. He’s disconnected from his past, his family and even his heritage. He’s convinced himself that he doesn’t mind being alone and that he doesn’t long to be loved. Of course I knew better. I felt his pain. I could see into his heart.

Rory has been punishing himself for crimes he thinks he committed, for circumstances he had no control over, and for a loss that was punishing enough. Tough on the outside, lost on the inside, Rory needed a woman who would help him see his own strengths—a woman who would challenge him to rise above the past that has crippled him emotionally and step back into the circle of the living. She couldn’t be just any woman and she certainly wasn’t easy to find. In fact, Rory had to travel through time to reach her.

Thrust back in time to ancient Ireland, Rory opens his eyes in the body of another man who is about to marry the very woman Rory has been dreaming about for weeks. Suddenly, Rory is fighting for his life—and the life of his new bride. Their enemies are everywhere and the odds of surviving dwindle with each passing moment. But now that Rory has met the woman of his dreams, now that he has touched, tasted, and made love to that woman, he realizes that he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. He will fight to protect her. He will fight to free them both from the fate the future feels determined to deliver. He will be the warrior she needs him to be and he will win for love . . . or he will die trying.

So yeah, Rory MacGrath has been on my mind quite a bit.  I hope you'll find him on your mind too.  Stop by and learn more at http://www.erinquinn.info/.  Don't forget to enter a contest while you're there!


  1. Great book trailer, Erin! And I can well imagine why Rory is on your mind. He's certainly on mine. The problem is I STILL HAVE TO WORK! ~Judy

  2. Hi Gram and Judy--yes, I hate the way that day job interfers with important matters, ha ha. I have to go on a business trip the day Haunting Warrior releases and I'm thinking, hello? what's wrong with you people? don't you know I have more important things to do then work. 'course, can't say that but still....

  3. Hi Erin! Awesome post! I just love Rory's cover. So sexy! I've got the date on my calendar. I can't wait!

  4. Thank you for the post and trailer, Erin. The trailer looks great.

    Couple of questions: What's the music in the trailer? And who paints your cover art?

    Looking forward to reading more of your books, once I get through with the novel of yours I'm reading now. Good luck!

  5. Hi Sarah--I know--that cover model is da bomb! I wuv him. :)

    Mary Anne, the publisher takes the author's concept and develops a cover art. The author doesn't have a lot to do with it--or a lot to say in the matter. I've been very, very fottunate to have such beautiful covers on my books.

    The music is called...argh...I can't remember. I'll see if I can find it.

    Hope you enjoy Whispers!

  6. Hi Erin: - Rory sounds like a true tortured hero! And aren't those the most appealing one? ;) Good luck with the new release. Cheers!

  7. I had the pleasure of reading this book and just stopped by to let everyone know how absolutely fantastic it is! You will not be able to put it down once you get started. Bravo Erin!

  8. Thanks, Joanna! And thanks for letting me be a popculturediva :)

    Kathryne, you are so nice! I was thrilled when you told me how much you loved HAUNTING WARRIOR.

  9. Isn't it great when you really connect with your characters? BTW, I dated a "guy" named Danny McGrath.

  10. Love your book trailer! And your hero is just my kind of guy.

  11. Wonderful trailer! Yay, Erin! Wishing you much success and many sales.

    --Chiron O'Keefe
    The Write Soul: www.chironokeefe.blogspot.com


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