Love, Romance & YouTube

by Kelly Boyce

We had discussed at one point doing monthly themes here at PopCultureDivas - as in love for June, as it is a hot month for weddings and such. However, in the end, it was decided an entire month of one topic might become a bit repetitive.

But as I was sitting here wracking my sleep-deprived brain for a topic for this month's blog post, I kept coming back around to the topic of love. And YouTube. Truly, these were the only things I could think of. Did I mention I was sleep deprived? Granted, I've only missed two nights of sleep - perhaps three, it's all blurring together - but still. I happen to be rather fond of my nightly seven hours and miss them terribly when they go AWOL.

But I digress. My point is, the more I thought about those two things - YouTube and love - the more I realized there was a blog post in there. Somewhere. Surely. After all, I've often said you can find anything and everything on YouTube, so why not love?

To prove this theory, I went on a search. Naturally, given that I write romance novels, this seemed a good place to start. And since I just happened to pick up Julia Quinn's latest, Ten Things I Love About You, I thought I would check out the book trailer. It was a lot of fun, much like her books.

And you can find love scenes galore, but this is one of my favorites - the ending train scene from Elizabeth Gaskill's North and South, starring Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe. Don't watch it if you haven’t seen the mini-series. And if you haven't seen the mini-series, I'd highly recommend that you do if you have anything resembling a romantic bone in your body. Then come back and watch this scene. Over and over again. I always hold my breath through it.

Now everyone has their own taste in music, but for me, I could watch Gavin Rossdale all day long singing Love Remains the Same. Actually, I could just watch him all day long period. Or listen. His voice makes me positively melt. Plus, the video has a shower scene. Really, what more could a girl ask for?

And, of course, even our commercial breaks can be romantic. This one, for Old Spice, will go down in the history of commercials as one of my all time favorites.

And there you have it. You really can find love on YouTube.


  1. Enjoyed watching those videos. I need to pick up North and South, I've heard so many good things about it.

  2. What a clever post - I love youtube! :) But, yeah, North and South was a good one - remember watching it back in the day...

  3. Great choice of clips, Kelly. LOL That Old Spice one cracks me up every time!

  4. I agree, the Ten Things I Love About You book video was too fun! :)

  5. fun post! and that scene from North and South - sigh. ;) That was a great mini-series. Cheers!

  6. Thank you for the brief departure from the reality of my day. What a nice twist to a blog.
    And yes, I too, could watch that North and South scene over and over again...*sigh*. Just the way he is looking at her as she is rambling on about her proposition...*sigh*
    ...and the Old Spice commercial...too funny.

    Thanks back to work.

  7. I love that scene from North and South! Another great one is the "Look back at me" scene. I wish BBC would release a soundtrack!

    Hope you get some good ZZZZ's soon.

  8. Ah, the Old Spice commercial is my favorite. He's even on a horse. Thanks, Kelly!

  9. Hm, Blogger ate my earlier comment apparently. A reprise: Thanks for the fun post! I have to watch North and South now after that clip. Richard Armitage - yum! Love Gavin Rossdale too (in the shower, whew!)
    Lots of other great book trailers on YouTube too...

  10. I have GOT to see North and South. And I had a great time watching these videos. What a fun post, Kelly!

  11. I love the way your mind works Kelly - especially in the way it took you to these yummy videos! Delicious and fun. ;)


  12. When Margaret kisses his hand, I can HEAR his dialogue - even when he says nothing. That is brilliant. North and South is just gorgeous.

    If you like classics adaptations at all, it's a must-see.

  13. Love the Old Spice ad! Cheeky, charming and funny at the same time.
    And an absolutely brilliant advertising approach, for a product that's been around forever.

  14. I LOVE that old spice ad. The guy's delivery (not to mention his abs) are perfect:)

  15. I you might find love scenes galore,is such a interesting one and I also enjoyed to watching those videos. :)



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