Patience Has Never Been One of My Virtues….

by Nana Malone

I'd like to think I'm kind, generous, smart.....all those things that apparently make you a good person, but prior to last Tuesday, as I searched my soul, I couldn’t seem to find my patience gene. I thought maybe I might have been born without it. Then last Tuesday, my daughter was born and somehow I seem to have learned to grow some or perhaps build it from scratch.

Zen, Yoga, Pilates - Those might as well have been four letter words to me. There have been times in my life where being impatient has served me well. Like when I was potty training and learning to read. Oh, and track and field - It helps to be impatient to get to the finish line when you're a sprinter. And even now, in my life as a project manager, impatience serves me well as I harass poor engineers to get me deliverables on time.

Alas, my lack of patience doesn't help me in other areas. Waiting for a new episode of Lost is like torture. Driving on the 5 in rush hour traffic - Road rage and I are well acquainted. When dear hubby says he'll do something and he hasn't gotten around to it yet - I'm still working on biting my tongue. Or, how about EVERY TIME I talk to my mother - There's just something about parents that can run a truck over every impatience button you've got. And of course, impatience doesn’t seem to work on the baby…go figure. I couldn’t do anything about her delivery date. She came in her own sweet time – five days late. If I want her to go down for a nap, she does it on her time, not on mine. And don’t even get me started on the feedings or wake up times. She’s somehow completely in charge. I wonder how the hell that happened.

So, as I sit here, multitasking between baby, hubby, promo, new book, and manically checking my email hoping to hear for the all elusive publisher or agent, I wonder if there's a way to acquire more patience. Or perhaps transfer some of it from the baby to other things. Maybe it's on sale at Marshall's or something. I wonder if they offer it on lay away…

If any of you know someone who can bottle the stuff, do I have a business plan for them!


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  2. Very very cute and soooo true. Are you a Leo Nana?

    Anyway, patience is not one of my virtues, for sure, but I don't think they sell it at Marshalls either... It's only sold on idillic deserted islands where jobs and deadlines aren't allowed and food and fab clothing fall from the trees...

    Thanks for the breathing time in this hectic morning of mine. I needed it! And congrats on the new baby. How beautiful!!

  3. Congrats Nana! Hang in there! I guess you'll get into the momma/baby rhythm and then everything will work itself out. I think you'll probably become more patient as time marches on. ;) I'm sure when you're feeling frazzled or overwhelmed just pop into your baby's room and watch her sleeping and I'm sure everything will slow right down. ;) Great post!

  4. Hi Mama! Congrats on the beautiful new edition.

    Patience is magic. Some days it works and others it's elusive. Go easy on yourself.

    Having a child will definitely up your patience level but you'll still lose it once in awhile. Unless you're Super Mom, in which case, you much share the secret potion with the rest of us!

  5. Oh, Nana, congratulations! I think you're right about a baby being the closest thing there is to Zen...every moment for them is such a pure state of being.

    This is probably the only time in your life when you might be able to spend an occasional minute in that same flow -- so here's hoping you enjoy the novel sensation of patience. :)

    Laurie, wishing you and your daughter all kinds of happiness!


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