Time on the mind....

by Erin Quinn

I did a blog for Fresh Fiction this week as part of the promotion for my new release Haunting Warrior.  In the blog, I asked the questions, "would you travel through time if you could and where would you go?"  The responses were so interesting!  Many people said they would definitely travel through time--which didn't surprise me.  A lot of people wanted to go back in time and meet that warrior hunk they've been reading about for years.  Again, not too shocking.

What surprised me was how many said they would go into the future.  A hopeless romantic, I always thought if I time traveled it would be to some richly historic time period but, like others, the whole hygiene thing would probably keep me from ever doing it even if it was an actual option. 

A lot of people said they'd want to go back and meet their parents when they were falling in love (like Back to the Future) or meet their grandparents as youngsters.  I know I would love to sit down with my grandmother and ask her a slew of questions that I never asked back when she was around.  She told some amazing stories and it would be amazing to hear them all again. 

Many people said no way to the time travel question.  They had no desire to muck around with the past or venture into the future.  They were having a hard enough time keeping up with today and the technology we have right now.  I have to agree that some days I don't think I can keep up with any of it but the idea of a replicator (like Star Trek) where you simply put in your order (Earl Grey, extra cream) and it miraculously appears sounds pretty darned swell to me.  And transporting from location to location instead of hassling with hours in the car or airports?  Wouldn't that be grand.

So, what I learned was that time is not the same thing to everyone and the idea of traveling through it varies from person to person.  What do you think?


  1. I've always enjoyed time travel themes - I remember "The Time Tunnel" with James Darren TV show. I'm also a history lover so it would be cool to see things for real back then. But I didn't realize until now that I'm only interested in visiting the past - not the future. But what I'd really like to do is time travel to different locations - maybe because I've lived all over the place and my heart is in several places at once. Fun post!

  2. Hi Kathy, I didn't realize this about myself until I threw the question out there and people started answering. It's interesting the different perspectives. Like you, I want to visit more than one time, one place. I want to go all over!

  3. I would definitely go back in time. Though I'm a big fan of futuristic stories, the scenes that always come to me as a writer are historical, so that's a no-brainer. The CGI scenes in films like Gladiator where we appraoch Rome always give me a crazy thrill inside.


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