A Book Launch in Style

by Julia Smith

Our own Popculturediva, Pam Callow, held a book launch last week here in Halifax, Nova Scotia - and I thought I'd take everyone along for a how-to on doing it right.

First - write an amazing book. Like Pam's debut thriller, Damaged.

Next - find a fabulous venue like The Carleton, jam-pack it with people and feel the anticipation vibe rise into the evening air.

Have someone very dear to you, someone who knows just what it's taken for you to show your true grit, to write the amazing book, find an agent, make connections with editors and finally sell your book - have this person raise a toast to you, celebrating the magic of this dream-come-true moment.

Preferably this someone will be your husband, and your husband will say the most romantic toast. It will definitely put a glow in everyone's heart and a tear in their eyes.

Make sure there's a table filled with loads and loads of your debut thriller, as well as multiple pens or markers. Then you can begin that moment you've visualized for so long - your book signing!

Send champagne to all of the people celebrating with you, those who always believed in you when the going was tough - especially people like your critique partner and fellow Diva Kelly Boyce, shown here at right.

Be sure you've included booksellers on your invitation list, like Carolyn shown at center. Graciously mention your Romance Writers of America chapter in your own speech, a chapter which includes the three women pictured here. Revel in the mutual support - even mingle if you get a minute!

And last but not least, be sure to release your inner shining star as you give your book reading.


  1. Oh, Julia, you described my launch so wonderfully! Thank you for coming to celebrate with me. It was truly one of the best nights of my life! :)

  2. What a great party. Loved that posted so many pictures, Julia. Pam was looking breathtakingly beautiful as always!

  3. Thanks, Julia - I couldn't make the launch, but feel as I've partaked just a bit with the wonderful pictures and commentary!

    And congrats once again, Pam :)

  4. Your post and pictures really captured the magic of the night, Julia. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It was a great time - and we are so proud of her. Thanks for posting!

  6. Congratualtions once again Pam! I love your coverage of this fantastic event Julia - makes me feel like I was there (which I was, but in spirit only). :)


  7. Hooray Pam! Congratulations on your book launch! And the party looked like so much fun. You look gorgeous!

    Julia - once again - great post as usual. ;)

    Seeing/reading this gives me hope/inspiration - better get back to work. ;)

  8. Julia, that was wonderful, Congratulations, Pam. I just re-lived the night. It was truly magical. I LOVED your book and am dying to know who the love interest is in your next one! Does Kelly take bribes??

  9. Pam - You've definitely reminded all of us that introverted writers may not consider the fun to be had with a public event like a book launch. It's such a huge accomplishment - it deserves a party!

    Julianne - She looked stunning!

    Janet - Start planning your book launch now...we'll make another party of it!

    Anne - I had so much fun. Yours is next!

    Michelle - Had a ball hanging with you and Mr. Michelle.

    Lilly - I believe you've been very, very busy with new book releases of your own...

    Joanna - Trust me...when her husband started speaking, I started crying. Very inspirational and a whole lot of fun!

    Kathy - It was a great night out...perhaps one day all the Divas can have a night out together. Wouldn't that be grand?

    Bev - 'Does Kelly take bribes?' - LOL!

  10. What a wonderful book launch! Kudos and congrats. Looks like a fun time was had by all.


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