Dare to Dream

by Sarah Taney Humphreys

When I heard about OPRAH's nationwide search for The Next TV Star...well I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity. After all I've always wanted a talk show and this is an outstanding opportunity to actually get one! With childhood nicknames like 'Motormouth' and 'Chatty Cathy', it seems like a natural fit.

I'll admit, I was a bit hesitant to do it. Images of really awful American Idol auditions came flooding back to me. I wanted to grab this very cool opportunity...but I did not want to make a giant ass of myself. However, since it's affiliated with Oprah, I figured it would be done with some semblance of class.

Here's the gist of it.... Oprah has teamed up with Mark Burnett--the reality television guru--and is having a reality show contest to find the next, great talk-show host. Once your video submission is uploaded everyone in the free world can vote for it---multiple times.

So, maybe it's crazy. Perhaps I've lost my marbles completely for daring to dream that I could win it all. But if you don't take a chance....then you'll never, ever know.

So stop on by and cast your vote if you feel so inclined and don't ever stop chasing your dreams!


  1. Hi Sarah:

    Wow! Good luck. I think you're right - if you really want it - go for it! And who knows - someone has to win it right? Could be you. ;)

  2. Just voted!

    May I take my hat off to you for seizing the day?


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