The Entertaining Side of the Publishing Industry


By Pamela Callow

It’s been a crazy week, as my debut thriller DAMAGED hit the stores yesterday.

In the past eight days, I've done three book signings at Expo America in New York City and two signings in Toronto. In addition, I’ve done three radio pieces and one live TV interview. It has given me a bird’s eye view on the crossover between the entertainment industry and the book industry.

Let me start with Book Expo America. What is it, you ask. Well, my friends, it is the biggest, baddest book fair in North America. It’s where celebrity and books collide. This year, Barbra Steisand gave a guest interview to launch her new book. One needed a ticket to attend. Jon Stewart introduced John Grisham and Condoleeza Rice at a special breakfast.

But it was more fun was on the floor of the Jakob Javits Convention Center. There, you could squeeze through the crowds and stumble across noted celebrities like soccer superstar Pele, signing copies of his new soccer book for kids in the Disney/Hyperion booth. I managed to get a picture of the back of his head for a soccer coach I know.

The next day, I walked right past Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear, signing his new book at his publisher’s booth.

I silently thanked the higher powers that I was wearing my book signing clothes. I missed Nigel Barker, of America’s Next Top Model fame, who was also signing his new book The Beauty Equation.


I had a very small taste of what their lives must be like during some of my media appearances this week. First up: a live radio interview for The Book Club, a syndicated show with 100,000 viewers. I met the host as we walked into the booth and then we were on air, where I proceeded to blank on the title of the first novel I ever read – The Secret Garden. Fortunately, the rest of the interview went well. Next up: a live podcast at BEA. I was warmly greeted by the host, who thought I was someone else. No sooner had my bottom touched the chair then the host said, “You are live on three-two-one…”

At my third radio taping yesterday, the host asked, “Did you know that you are doing The Third Degree today?” “No,” I admitted. I’m sure I had a deer-in-the-headlights look in my eyes by then.

Yesterday, I had a live TV interview on CTV’s Live at Five. It was the appearance I was most nervous about, but the host, Starr Dobson, was wonderful – she asked some great questions.

I have a whole new appreciation for the skill of interviewers and for the stamina of celebrities!

To celebrate the release of DAMAGED, I am giving away a signed copy of DAMAGED each day this week to a randomly drawn FB Fan!


  1. Book Expo America sounds like you'd need a head that swivels 360 degrees!

    Thanks for taking us along on your hit-the-ground-running introduction to promotional tours, Pam. Can't wait for the book launch party tomorrow night!

  2. Thanks for sharing the fun, Pam! Book Expo America (so that's what BEA stands for)sounds like the place to be.Congratulations!!

  3. I'm living vicariously through you, Pam! Sounds like you had a blast. Hopefully soon we can show up there together and stalk celebrities at will. :)

  4. Wow! Sounds like a whirlwind of fun though. ;) I'd love to go one day. But how wonderful for you! Congratulations. So happy for you. ;) PS Love Clinton!

  5. Holy Cow - I'd be exhausted by now! You are definitely living in the fast lane!

  6. Wow! It all sounds so exciting and a whirlwind. Keep up your stamina, girl as I think it will get busier. You are destined for stardom as you have great talent. Can't wait to see you at the launch on Thursday.

  7. Thanks for the fascinating peek into this exciting, but exhausting world. The title, alone, had me. :)

  8. Pam, your life is a whirlwind! Great article, and we'll all cheering for your success.

  9. I'm with everyone here - cheering you on and applauding the way you are handling this fast paced stage! Congratulations again Pam!


  10. Hi all,

    Thank you for dropping by and for your well wishes. It's been a whirlwind and I'm so grateful for all of you!


  11. Congrats on the release of DAMAGED! How exciting to have all of those media opportunities!

    Your account of BEA made me miss it all the more this year. I love it. And what my brother wouldn't give to have been there and met Pele! He's a soccer coach, like your friend. I would have loved to have gotten to see Nigel Barker!

    Congrats again! I look forward to reading DAMAGED.


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