by Leeann Burke:

Well summer is here and I find myself wondering what everyone will be reading this year. In the past year I did most of my reading with print books. I had ereaders but none that I truly liked, the screen were really too small. All that changed this year. How? I now have my very own Kobo. I bought it 2 days after it was released. Why not the first day? Well the Kobo was released early in Canada, while I was at RT convention. I couldn’t wait to get home and get my hands on one.

What have I read on it so far? Well I just finished a historical paranormal romance, SHADOW DREAMS by Teri Barnett and a contemporary romance, FOR A SHORT TIME by Lori Lapekes. I enjoyed both. I bought a few titles at Kobo bookstores from Harlequin before I realized I couldn’t read them on my Kobo. Oh well I’ll have to make time to read them on my computer.

So this summer my reading buddy will be my Kobo. What am I looking forward to reading? Well first off is Lila DiPasqua’s debut release AWAKENED BY A KISS, BEDEVILED ANGEL by Annette Blair, TROUBLE IN TEXAS by Roni Adams and many more.

I need to expand my “to be read pile” on my Kobo. I’d love some recommendations for my Kobo summer reads, specially from small publishers. What are you planning to read this summer?


  1. Please consider my 5 book series about the romances of the various members of a large Hispanic family living in the Chicago area. You can learn more at my website: These are contemporary erotic romances that have HEA endings, but lots of heat before and after the ending! Characters reappear in subsequent books. Hey, it's a family!

  2. I've been curious about the Kobo. Are there other books/publishers besides Harlequin that you've been unable to load? What about word documents and pdf?

    I will be reading some women's fiction in my TBR pile (I'm looking forward to a debut novel by Jane Fallon), I need a break from vampires :)

  3. I have a kobo and I love it. I recently re-read Mary Balogh's 'Slightly Dangerous' - which was impossible to find in print, but poof! I downloaded it in seconds from the kobo store. Also read one of Laura Lee Guerke's books (the name escapes me at the moment). If you're interested, I've reviewed it here:

  4. I've actually got our own Diva, Kayla Perrin's Spring Break up next for my first summer read.

  5. Fiona – Thanks for suggesting your books. I’ll definitely be looking for them on my next shopping spree.

    Tammy – I hear ya about the need for less Vampire books. So far Harlequin titles are the only ones I’ve bought at Kobo bookstore that I couldn’t read on my Kobo. Kind of a pain. I can read PDF and epub formats on the Kobo.

    Michelle – I’m glad to hear you are also enjoying your Kobo.

    Julia – I’ll have to hunt down more of Kayla’s books.

  6. eek! yet another e-reader! The thing is - I kind of want to hold off for the next installment of the iPad - so I'll wait and see. I don't want to buy one then have to buy another one. But thanks for this Leeann!

  7. I haven't brokend own and bought the Kobo yet. I likely will. I have friends with ebooks that I want to read and I hate reading from my computer. Plus it will be handy to have when traveling. But for this summer my books will be print books, though I'm still working out which titles I'll take to the cottage in July...


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