My Crazy Heart for Jeff Bridges

by Stella MacLean

I'm thrilled to be blogging for popculturedivas! For my first post - I'm going to shamelessly tell you about a long time love affair I've been having...

In preparation for the launch of my next Super Romance (A Child Changes Everything) due out in August 2010, I was cruising around the Internet and came across something quite thought provoking.

But first, let me set the scene for you, give a little background to the story I’m about to tell you.

What do Arlington Road, The Contender, K-Pax,  The Men Who Stare at Goats, The Big Lebowski and Crazy Heart have in common?

The answer’s easy.  Jeff Bridges, one of the greatest artists working in the movie business today. 

All my life I’ve loved movies, but it wasn’t until I saw The Fabulous Baker Boys with Jeff Bridges and Michelle Pfeiffer that movies became my passion.  And Jeff Bridges became my favorite actor.  Heavens!  What a gross understatement!  Jeff has shown not only how versatile he is as an actor, but his longevity in the business is clear proof of his abilities. 
If you’ve never seen The Fabulous Baker Boys, check it out!

There are scenes in The Fabulous Baker Boys between Jeff and Michelle that are every woman’s dream.  Yeah, a lot of those scenes are hot—hot—hot.  But several are also a study in understated sexual tension that is rarely seen today.  Today, it’s up close and explicit, nuanced performances are a thing of the past.  Yet, in this movie Mr. Bridges raised smoldering anticipation to an art form.

Besides the heat of this man, the way he brings his character alive is done with such perfection, such attention to detail that the character captures the story.

I don’t know about you, but for me, there is nothing more irresistible than an actor who dons the cloak of his character with ease, who seems to have been there in every part of his character’s life as if he lived it.  Take The Big Lebowski for instance—

I know.  I know.  Everyone who is anyone in the movie industry has dubbed this movie a cult classic, and I agree.  But truthfully, what it did for me was to prove how exhaustively Mr. Bridges demonstrated his character’s humanity in all its aspects.  As an aside, aren’t you just a little fascinated by a man who can put his head in the can with such practiced assurance? 

But what I loved most in that movie was its undercurrent of humor.  Ever since then, each time I see a coffee can I think of wind.  I saw that movie in the theatre and rented it, just to relive that impossible moment when the Dude looked totally ashen.<g>

But during one of those long Canadian nights, word came down from the movie world that Jeff Bridges was going to be in the movie called Crazy Heart.

What a way to warm my winter!  The buzz was that this multi-nominated actor could win the Oscar for this performance.  I was first in line for tickets on this one.

And Jeff Bridges did not disappoint.  There are few performances by actors today in which the flaws of the character are so meticulously portrayed as is the case in Crazy Heart.  By some stroke of Jeff Bridges’s acting wand, the viewer becomes completely and utterly immersed in the character.  His absolutely clairvoyant approach to Bad Blake, the studied, intentional, emotive power of Jeff Bridge’s acting ability made this movie come alive in ways few actors have ever accomplished.  He earned his Oscar!
So wasn’t I muttering away to myself about the unfairness of life, that someone that talented and gorgeous was beyond the average woman’s expectations, a man of fantasy, when out of the blue, I found this little item while doing my cruise by on the internet.

Betty White, a woman’s woman, is going the boy toy route with one Jeff Bridges.  Lightening does strike twice. Now, if this is more than simply a TV fantasy, if the show Hot in Cleveland is on for next season, this inquiring woman wants to know.  So, bring it on, ladies.  If there’s truth to this rumor, don’t keep me in suspense!

Photos courtesy:
A Child Changes Everything cover: Stella Maclean

Jeff Bridges: fanpix
The Big Lebowski: celebrity wonder
Betty White/Hot in Cleveland: E online

All for now,
Stella MacLean


  1. Fun post Stella! And welcome to the popculturedivas! I also think Jeff Bridges is terrific! So many great performances - many of which you mentioned - but I also loved him in Fearless - the movie about the plane crash survivors - he was wonderful in that! And just his general attitude about life in general - he seems like such a cool guy. Cheers!

  2. 'As an aside, aren’t you just a little fascinated by a man who can put his head in the can with such practiced assurance?'


    Two of my favorite Jeff Bridges performances are the alien in Starman and the Prince in Faery Tale Theatre's Rapunzel (with Shelley Duvall.) Also enjoyed him recently in Men Who Stare at Goats.

  3. I like him too, Stella. Enjoyed your post!

  4. Definitely loved 'Bakker Boys" - of course, that Michelle Pffeiffer scene on the piano in the red dress is my ultimate fantasy... :) Fun post - loved it!

  5. I LOVE Jeff Bridges. He is awesome. And I thought ARLINGTON ROAD was just brilliant. I re-watch that movie all the time.


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