by Erin Quinn

I'm going on vacation in two weeks.  That's two weeks from yesterday.  Not that I'm counting.  I've been shopping like a crazy woman for the past ten days in preparation, not that I really needed anything but there's something about going on vacation that makes me go into a shopping frenzy.  Since I have two teenage daughters, that frenzy is times 3. 

Saturday my youngest (who turns 16 today), my mother (who turned 73 yesterday) and I went to the Burlington Coat Factory.  I'd always thought it was a store where they sold coats--go figure.  I live in Arizona, so I thought it was a coat store that would probably be out of business soon. 

Turns out, it's like a Ross, only way better.  You could get lost in Burlington Coat Factory.  We hit the front door not sure what to expect, but I'd seen a commercial for bathing suits advertising the "huge shipment that just arrived" so I had an inkling it would be more than trenches, dusters and down.  Was I ever right.

They had everything a crazy shopper might want to find.  A dress in every length, a skirt for every height, capris, T's, tanks and swim suits!!!  Holy Batshit, there were swim suits.  By the time we hit the check out lane, I'd been running a tab in my head that was so long I finally gave up hope that I had cash to cover it and whipped out the plastic.

Now being a crazy shopper, I'm one to feel buyer's remorse.  As we carted our loot to the car I thought, I'll be bringing half of this back once it get it home.  But surprise, surprise, I still liked it all once I got it home.

So now I will be happily and stylishly garbed for my vacation.  Next crazy shopping spree?  Why books of course.  There are a few I've been saving up so I can read them on the beach.  The Time Weaver (Shana Abé) is one (I love her poetic voice and wonderful characters)and Jennifer Ashley's Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage is another I can't wait for.  I'm also looking forward to reading a fat historical (The Mistress of Rome, Kate Quinn--fellow Berkley author but no relation) and starting a few series' that I've been meaning to read and haven't.  Patricia Briggs, Meljean Brook and Jeaniene Frost.  Thank heavens for my Kindle.  My suitcase would be so heavy without it.

I couldn't keep myself from devouring Magic Bleeds--Ilona Andrews (one of my new favorite authors) or Lover Mine, JR Ward before vacation though.  I read a review somewhere that said even when Ward is bad she's good and I so agree.

So tell me, what is your latest shopping binge? 

And by the way...that's Hawaii.  Yay!!!


  1. Erin - it's fun to indulge isn't it? esp. around vacation time! ;) Hope you enjoy it1 Have fun!

    As for my latest shopping binge - yikes! that hasn't happened in a while but I did get cool new shades - which i love and are very practical of course - also prescription lenses as my eyes are sensitive to contacts so can't wear regular sunglasses. See we're ready for summer!

    Summer reads - what a list! I've got an extensive TBR pile and Eloisa James tops my list! ;)


  2. Oh, love Eloisa James. I get in the mood for historical romance sometimes and I just can't get enough of it.

    Thanks for the vacation wishes! I think it would be hard to have anything BUT fun in Hawaii! :)

  3. Have fun in Hawaii - my cousins and my sister-in-law have vacationed there, and everyone absolutely loved it.

    My latest shopping spree was at Value Village for clothes. Just had an urge - gotta listen to those - and found the perfect blouse to wear to my sister's wedding.


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