Everyday Movie Quotes

by Michelle Miles

It’s no secret I love movies. I was discussing the price of movie tickets one day with Man and realized that a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away it only cost me $5 to go to the movies. Tickets for a matinee were $2.50 and popcorn was $2.00. It was a cheap afternoon of entertainment and Mom would drop me and a friend off at the theater for the two hours.

Now for a family of three to see a 3D movie it costs $31.00 for tickets and $15 for AN popcorn and AN soda. I find it hilarious they charge a few dollars more for 3D instead of regular, boring old 2D. I would hope they use the extra cash to send those glasses off to be sterilized. (Hint: Stick with the Rave theaters. They DO send them off to be sterilized after use. Other places don’t.)

So with the rising cost of movie ticket prices, I think it’s only right to enjoy those movies to the fullest. I have sort of a knack for using movie quotes in everyday life. Man says I can even use it in the same tone of voice as the person in the movie. And sometimes when I say something a certain way, he’ll pause and ask me what movie it’s from. He knows me too well now.

Anyway, movie quotes can be funny or serious. I’ve even slipped a few of my favorites into my books. My fall-back movies are the Star Wars movies. I’ve found that some of the lines from those movies (and I’m talking about the original three) really come in handy.

For example, if you’re a work and something starts to go wrong, you can pull out this line: “I have a really bad feeling about this.”

In intense situations where a little levity is called for: “That’s no moon. It’s a space station.”

Man likes to refer to me as her majesty so when I get tired of hearing it: “Would you please stop calling me that.” In statement form, of course.

Another one of my favorites that can be used in almost any situation: “I don’t know. I’m making this up as I go.” Which of course comes from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Another gold mine for great lines to use in everyday life. In fact, all the Indy movies are.

I’ve used this one, too: “I always knew someday you’d come walking back through my door.” When Man arrives home from work or a shopping trip.

Likewise, great lines can be pulled from some of Disney and Pixar: Monsters, Inc. and The Emperor’s New Groove. Here are a few of great ones:

“I don’t know about you but I’m getting all funned out.”

“You did that on purpose.” (said with a whiny voice – ala Emperor’s New Groove)

“Hit him on the head!”

“That is the weirdest thing you’ve ever said.”

“I think I have a plan here. Using mainly spoons…”

And don’t forget the classic movies, too. They’re chock full of movie quote greatness. These are just a few examples of how you, too, can use movie quotes. What are some of your favorite quotes and how can you use it in everyday life? Share them here in the comments.

Michelle Miles writes romance and quotes movies with reckless abandon. You can learn more about her books and upcoming releases by visiting her website at http://www.michellemiles.net/.


  1. I too, heart movie quotes. I tend to find myself quoting a lot of Sam Jackson. Just too classic :)

  2. Fun post! My sisters and I used to quote movie lines all the time, the more obscure the better.

  3. Hi Michelle: Fun post. I tend to quote TV shows more than movies and the shows I quote the most are Seinfeld and Sex and the City. But yes - they do come in handy! :)

  4. I was such a geek in high school that I could quote entire scenes from Raiders. :) One of my favorite exchanges was between the French archaeologist and Marion, just after he's dropped her into the snake pit with Indy.

    Rene: It was not to be, cherie.
    Marion: You bastard! I'll get you for this!

  5. A favorite Indiana Jones quote for my husband and me is:

    "You do not believe me? You will, Dr. Jones - you will become a true believer!"

    Useful for all trust issues. And a huge favorite from The Princess Bride is:

    "To blave." (Miracle Max's mishearing of "True love.")

    Useful in any moment where clarity would come in handy.

  6. My favorite from Star Wars: "Boring conversation anyway." ---Use that all the time!


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