We're very excited today to have paranormal romance sensation SHARON ASHWOOD blogging with us! Sharon's new release (in stores today!) is UNCHAINED -  the third in her DARK FORGOTTEN BOOKS series - which is proving to be a huge hit with paranormal fans!

Something all romance readers have in common is our love of the HERO! Sharon is going to tell us a bit about the hero in UNCHAINED - and from what I can tell - he's a keeper!

Welcome Sharon!

Thanks Joanna! So great to be here at popculturedivas!


I've always loved the hot historical hero, but I like a good paranormal romance, too. And, my new hero Captain Reynard fills the bill on both counts! The younger son of a British aristocratic family, he made a sacrifice to save his brother back in the eighteenth century—and literally got stuck in the job from hell. 

As captain of the guards of an interdimensional prison called the Castle, he’s in charge of keeping law and order among the demons, dark fey, and other creatures too dangerous to roam our world. The Castle is a dungeon of winding stone corridors and flickering torchlight—a workplace designed by Escher by way of a B horror movie, complete with dread around every shadowy corner.

It’s enough to make flipping burgers look like a dream job. Reynard hasn’t seen a paycheck or a vacation since the 1750s, and the water cooler conversation with his half-crazed coworkers grew repetitious after the first hundred years. There’s not even a cafeteria. With no weekends in sight, immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The only time he gets to leave the Castle is to retrieve an escaped prisoner. He has to do this quickly, ignoring the outside world as much as he can. Even a small taste of freedom might tempt him to walk away from his duty—and to do that spells death.

But then a clever adversary steals his soul, and Reynard is forced to navigate our world to get it back. Things have changed a bit in the last few centuries, and he’s not sure where to start. The one woman who can help him is nothing like the aristocratic ladies he once knew—in every sense of the word. The she-devils in corsets who once shared his bed were formidable, but none of them was an ex-witch and vampire slayer with a bright red motorcycle, a ten-year-old daughter, and a history dark enough to rival Reynard’s own.

It’s a match made in monster-hunting heaven. Happily, he has no problem re-establishing his legendary lover status. Ashe Carver shows him the twenty-first century has plenty of danger for a gentleman adventurer, and she’s hot enough to revive a heart frozen by centuries of despair. 

The catch is that if they find his soul, he’s condemned to return to the Castle. If they fail, he’ll die. When he looks into Ashe’s eyes, he can’t help wondering if he’s lived long enough—a few weeks with her would be well worth the bargain of his future.

Yet he didn’t survive hundreds of years battling demons to give up now. He suddenly has a future, and it’s not all about him anymore. Things change when you have a woman and her child to live for. He’ll fight, and he’s bloody well going to win.

They don’t call Reynard the Old Fox for nothing.

CONTEST:  One LUCKY COMMENTER to this post will win an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of UNCHAINED by SHARON ASHWOOD! GOOD LUCK! Remember to include your e-mail address with your comment if you want to be in the draw at the end of the day.


photo of couple kissing courtesy of Irene Nasoni


  1. Wow. Congrats on your new release. Sounds like a fantastic read. Thanks for visiting Popculturedivas to share!

  2. Hey Sharon! Thank you so much for joining us today - and your hero Captain Reynard does sound amazing! What a great idea for a series. So glad it's going well for you. ;)

  3. This sounds fantastic, Sharon! This really made me laugh:

    'Reynard hasn’t seen a paycheck or a vacation since the 1750s, and the water cooler conversation with his half-crazed coworkers grew repetitious after the first hundred years. There’s not even a cafeteria.'


    I'm throwing my hat in the ring -

  4. Oh shoot I forgot to include my email address:
    Would love to read it!

  5. Unchained sounds like a fantastic story, after reading the description, I'm dying to know how it all works out.



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